Where to buy marijuana seeds?

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A lot of growers used to struggle with finding good quality seeds for their cannabis gardens; however, things have changed. You can now get marijuana seeds from local dispensaries, although even that process leaves a lot to be desired. 

For one, while many dispensaries sell good quality marijuana, but seeds don’t come cheap. There’s also not a lot of variety to choose from.

This is why many growers choose online seed banks for quality cannabis seeds. Not only are they more affordable – there’s also an entire catalog to choose from. So now the question is, where is the best place online to buy marijuana seeds? You’ll need to know more about seed banks and what to look for in a good one to answer that question.

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Why Many Cannabis Growers Choose a Seed Bank

With the popularity of marijuana growing, many aspiring cultivators – both big and small – are looking into where to buy great marijuana seeds. Unfortunately, the supply is too limited and the demand too great for many local marijuana dispensaries. It is speculated that dispensaries will have a seed shortage in the coming years. 

As a result, many growers are looking into different avenues to get their seeds. It’s also why many marijuana seed banks have appeared with the promise to supply growers with a reliable source of seeds. This means growers no longer need to worry about seed shortages due to an abundance of supply. It also means there is a large variety of cannabis strains to try.

high yield marijuana seeds

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However, seed banks aren’t just seed repositories that can meet the demand that marijuana dispensaries couldn’t. They are companies at the forefront of developing cannabis strains and improving existing ones through either hybridization or feminization. This is why they can offer a variety that is greater than local marijuana dispensaries.

To summarize, many growers choose online seed banks because of the reliability and variety they offer. Seed banks have also made it much easier for growers to find customized seeds with qualities such as greater yield, higher THC level, higher CBD level, and faster growth. Additionally, popular strains are also a lot easier to come by.

Marijuana seeds
Marijuana seeds

Selecting a Seed Bank: What to Look For

Now that you know the value of cannabis seed banks, here are a couple of key things that you as a grower should look for when choosing an online seed bank.

High-Quality Marijuana Genetics

It should be no surprise that you should check whether the seeds have good genetics when considering a seed bank. The genetics carried speak to the general quality of the seed bank’s stock, and quality is something to look out for in seeds.

If you use low-grade or subpar quality seeds, it will show both in the plant through its yield and its quality as a product. Low-quality genetics on seeds will yield smaller buds with weak effects. It could also result in a bud that has a terrible taste and an undesirable scent. Of course, this all hinges on the fact of whether or not the seed will even germinate.

marijuana plant
Marijuana plant

How To Grow Just One Marijuana Plant At Home

There are a number of reasons why growing just one plant can be extremely beneficial. checkout our amazing guide on how to grow just one marijuana plant.

Germination Guarantee

Germination occurs when seeds are introduced into the ideal conditions that seedlings will thrive in. However, with seeds, some will not germinate.

Germination isn’t as cut and dry as a lot of people would have you think it is. There’s more to it than having the ideal environment. Factors such as the quality of the cannabis seeds and their age can affect their chances of germination. 

In particular, age is one of the main things that makes germination much more difficult, as the outer shell of the cannabis seed begins to harden over time while it is dormant.

There’s no fix for old seeds. However, a seedbank can minimize the impact of old seeds through proper storage. With minimal light, cool temperatures, and the right humidity, they prolong their viability. If you don’t want to worry about the possibility of your seeds not germinating, ILGM offers high-quality seeds with guaranteed germination.

stealthy shipping
Stealthy shipping

Stealth Shipping

We’ve all lost packages one way or another at some point in our lives, and it can be frustrating. However, losing your cannabis seeds during shipping because someone took them is especially frustrating, especially if you’re running a business.

This is why many online seed banks offer stealth shipping, which essentially means no one knows you’ve ordered cannabis seeds. Stealthy shipping helps you avoid many problems that arise when shipping internationally or even to your front porch. Nosy neighbors love free stuff. 

Guaranteed Delivery

Of course, stealth shipping is one thing, but guaranteed delivery is another. Not many seed banks offer guaranteed delivery, and for good reason. Transporting something as delicate as seeds can lead to a lot of costly problems. 

For one, your seeds have a chance of getting crushed during delivery. Stealth shipping won’t answer for that, but seedbanks with guaranteed delivery will.

ILGM offers guaranteed delivery, so if your seeds do arrive crushed, they’ll prepare replacement seeds. Additionally, if your order doesn’t arrive, you can contact ILGM for a replacement order.

payment options
Payment options

Seed Bank Payment Options

Due to the complexities around marijuana, paying with a credit card can sometimes get you nowhere—however, many seedbanks offer alternative, easier payment methods.

One tried-and-true method is cash. Paying with cash is simple and straightforward. It also doesn’t involve having to explain to your credit card company about your legitimate purchases. You can also pay for your purchases through your bank account with a wire transfer, bill pays, and online transfers via email address.

There’s also digital currency. Many seed banks accept cryptocurrency as payment. However, the type of cryptocurrency accepted depends on the seed bank.

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Type of Weed Seeds

When purchasing cannabis seeds, there are plenty of options to choose from. In addition to regular seeds, many seedbanks sell feminized and autoflowering seeds.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds produce female plants, hence the name. These types of seeds are    highly valued by many growers simply because they only produce females since female plants are what they’re hoping to grow in their cannabis gardens.

But why is that? Female cannabis plants produce buds, the smokable part of the cannabis plant.

Female plants are also desirable because male plants impact the quality of a marijuana harvest. Cannabis plants reproduce when male and female plants come together. If you do not purchase feminized seeds, there is the possibility of accidentally growing a male plant in your cannabis garden. 

If those male plants pollinate your females, your plants will produce seeds instead of THC. Of course, you could learn how to identify male plants and remove them before they can pollinate your females, but why do that extra work? Start with female seeds, and you do not need to worry about it. 

cannabis seeds
Cannabis seeds

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflower seeds are a taste of what the best selective breeding can do for cannabis. They’re popular among home growers due to their size. Autoflowers grow up to half the size of a standard cannabis strain. 

While this may lead to a lower yield, these types of seeds redeem themselves because you can easily grow them year-round. Three lower-yielding autoflowering plants grown indoors every four months can easily match the yield of a monster-sized regular seed grown outdoors in the summer. 

Growers also like autoflowers because of how fast they grow. Unlike standard seeds, autoflower seeds take less time to fully mature and be ready for harvest. Standard autoflower strains can shave off an entire month of growing, resulting in quicker harvests. 

sativa strains
Best Sativa Strains

Best Sativa Strains: Our Top 12 Choices

Have you been thinking about new strains to try? We’ve collected our twelve favorite sativa-dominant strains to give you some place to start. Here are some of the best sativa strains for growing and enjoying. 

They grow faster because the flowering phase of these cannabis plants is not light-dependent. Instead, they flower based on a set schedule- making them incredibly convenient for home growing.  

Autoflowering seeds are the result of selectively breeding cannabis ruderalis with sativa and indica strains. Cannabis ruderalis has a peculiar trait of flowering on a schedule rather than light. This trait is unlike sativa and indica strains, which are photoperiod – meaning they need a change in light conditions to flower. 

Ruderalis plants are native to Siberia, and as a result, can withstand very tough conditions. They are also shorter than other cannabis plants and contain more CBD. 

The first-ever large-scale marketed autoflower was Joint Doctor’s Lowryder, leading the way for autoflowering strains. Now, a growing number of autoflowers fill online seedbanks today. 

Quality Marjuana seeds
Quality marijuana seeds

ILGM.com includes filters that let you browse seeds by your qualifications. Whether you are looking for popular seeds, autoflowering seeds, or something that can grow as fast as possible, our seedbank is the source of the best feminized seeds.  

But what good is quality if the seeds don’t arrive? That’s why we offer both stealth shipping for fast delivery of your seeds and guaranteed delivery to ensure that you get your marijuana seeds no matter what.

This is what makes ILGM one of the most reliable online seed banks in the United States, and why it should be your answer on where to buy marijuana seeds in the United States.

What about paying for those seeds? We understand credit card payments can be -challenging-, which is why we honor a variety of different payment methods. That includes cash, wire transactions, and even cryptocurrency

Partner this with our helpful customer service team, and you’ll find that paying for your marijuana seeds will be as easy as ordering them.

Whether you’re new to growing marijuana or a seasoned grower looking for a unique strain to try out, all of it is available at ILGM.com. 

quality cannabis seeds
Quality cannabis seeds


When it comes to buying marijuana seeds, online is the way to go. However, finding a reliable seed bank can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re looking for, especially if you’re new to growing

When reviewing your options, consider the quality of the seeds, read online reviews, and look for guarantees. You’re not just spending money on a seed; you’re going to spend plenty of time growing it as well.  

It’s also important to know the type of seed you’re looking to grow in your cannabis garden. What you end up purchasing will affect how you will grow your marijuana. If you’re new to growing marijuana, you’ll probably want to do a bit of research. 

This is why choosing ILGM.com as your go-to online seed bank will save you a lot of time and thought. Between an easy-to-navigate website and plenty of marijuana growing tips to help you through the process, the only thing you’re left with is choosing your perfect cannabis seed.

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FAQs About Buying Cannabis Seeds

Is it safe to buy marijuana seeds over the internet?

Buying marijuana seeds online is no different than buying anything else online. Simply focus on finding a reputable website with good customer service and some form of guarantee, and you have little to worry about. 

How do you grow marijuana if not from cannabis seeds?

You can also grow marijuana from cannabis clones. Clones are copies of existing plants that carry all of the traits of their mother plant. Learn more about clones in this article comparing clones versus seeds

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