The 25 Best Grow Websites

Nowadays, just about everything can be found online. And that’s for a good reason – websites are where even the strangest questions can be answered, including any questions related to growing marijuana. There are thousands of marijuana growing websites out there, but which ones are the main ones that you should peruse? Check out this list for a bunch of excellent online resources for you to use during your grow season.

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I Love Growing Marijuana

how to grow marijuana

This website is dedicated to everything surrounding the cultivation of marijuana. It is by Robert Bergman, which means that one of the best things about it is that you can get a completely free Marijuana Grow Bible, simply for entering your email address on their website. If you are a beginner marijuana grower, this is an absolutely essential guide that will take you through all of the basics.

There are other resources found on this website, too. For example, harvesting tips are one specific guide, which is absolutely crucial since the harvest is both one of the trickiest and one of the most important aspects of growing marijuana successfully. Seeds, forums, and other grow guides can also be found amongst the pages of this useful website. Visit I Love Growing Marijuana Website Here!

Marijuana Growing

marijuana growing is a massive resource that is useful for anyone wanted to grow marijuana, whether for the first time or for the fiftieth time. You simply enter your question, and it will take you to thousands of different relevant articles, videos, and other educational material on that topic.

The website’s purpose is primarily to provide users with free, high-quality information so that everyone has access to the same useful materials and therefore has an equal chance of getting a successful harvest. There is even a forum where the experts (or most experienced growers) can answer any questions you might have.

Green Bud Guru

Green Bud Guru is a small but passionate cannabis blog run by James Alexander, who has close to a decade of growing experience under his belt. The blog is packed full of easy-to-follow grow guides, strain advice and in-depth equipment reviews, making it a very useful resource for newbie growers.

Our favorite articles include the grow room equipment checklist and the grow room electricity calculator, which makes budgeting for electricity consumption a breeze.

Grow Weed Easy


As its title suggests, Grow Weed Easy has one main purpose: to ensure that growing marijuana is easy and accessible for all. It’s an extremely simple resource that just gives you all the information you need, right there in front of you without any extra bells or whistles.

One of the best features of this website is its easy navigation on its start page. If you are having specific problems, for example, and need to quickly learn what is wrong, you can simply select “problems & symptoms” from the drop-down menu to find what you’re looking for.

High Times

high times

As one of the best-known marijuana magazines in the world, it’s no surprise that High Times has its own tips for growing marijuana. Right on its home page, you are immediately greeted with various links to different articles specific to marijuana growers.

Of course, there are also their event description, strain awards, and political posts, but there is a huge focus on growing marijuana and the different aspects of doing that. The articles are more than your everyday basics guides, making them unique and interesting for any level of grower.

How To Marijuana

how to marijuana

How to Marijuana’s home page starts off with four simple options: Growing Indoors, Growing Outdoors, Germinating Seeds, and Harvesting & Curing. You can click one of these options to jump right into the main concerns you have or areas of learning you are interested in.

The website is mostly geared towards beginners or someone who is looking mainly for the basics, but it could be especially useful for people who are switching from growing outdoors to growing indoors, and vise-versa.

Grow Marijuana

grow marijuana

Grow Marijuana has a huge variety of topics for you to choose from right off the bat, providing users with a variety of colorful badges and icons to click into. If need to know about which nutrients to give your plants, for example, simply select the pink “Nutrients” button and it will take you to a page starting with the very basics.

Grow Marijuana is the perfect website to use as a reference after you have already acquired some of the basics, or have already grown marijuana for a season or two. The colorful icons and topics make it really easy to quickly brush up on your gaps in knowledge for specific topics.

Weeds That Please

Don’t be deceived by the lime green writing on the forest green background: Weeds That Please is a very useful and up to date website when it comes to growing marijuana. It includes marijuana growing tips, serves as a marijuana seed resource, and helps you learn how to buy marijuana seeds safely online.

It also has a list of topics right on its homepage, down the left side under “Growing.” This allows you to go into whichever topic is most relevant to you, or else you can click on them to give yourself the perfect tutorial before growing marijuana for the first time.

Green Rush Daily

green rush daily

Green Rush Daily is a website that includes a whole bunch of different cannabis articles – politics, cooking, health benefits, and so on. That said, it also includes a lot of very useful articles that discuss the different things you need to worry about when growing your own marijuana.

Whether it’s controlling the humidity of your grow room, knowing which nutrients will have the best effect on your marijuana plants or other growing topics, Green Rush Daily is a great place for marijuana growers and weed appreciators to check out.

How to Grow


This website is, just as its name implies, dedicated to everything that has to do with growing marijuana. It has sections for growing marijuana indoors, growing outdoors, or even growing your marijuana plants in a hydroponics setting (information that can’t be found on every grow website).

In addition to all the information you could ever need for growing marijuana, it also has a Growing Forum that is designed to get people to connect with growing veterans so the same mistakes need not be made over and over again.



Much like other big names such as High Times or Green Rush Daily, Leafly is a website that stocks its pages with accurate and useful information about marijuana. Luckily for us marijuana growers, this includes a huge set of marijuana growing articles as well.

Perhaps more useful than the growing information, however, is the strain information provided by the people at Leafly. Anyone who has growing marijuana before knows how important it is to choose the right strain, so you should definitely start here if you are looking to buy seeds anytime soon.

Medical Jane


Medical Jane is, as you likely already guessed, all about medical cannabis. Its goal is to provide free and accurate information to visitors so that they can safely and thoroughly understand marijuana, how to grow it, and what its benefits for people actually are. It includes a vast list of diseases and ailments that could be helped with medical cannabis.

One of the best things about this website, besides its useful “getting started” grow guides, is the fact that it helps you fully understand the processes behind the various plant behaviors. It helps answer the why as well as the how.

420 Beginner


This website focuses on educating the public about all sorts of aspects of marijuana, but especially about growing it and using it. One of its most useful parts is the Setup Guide, where you can learn to plan your own grow setup and will have a more successful growing season because of it.

Whether it’s the lights, the nutrients, the grow tent, or anything else, 420 Beginner is good at showing you exactly what you will need to prepare for an indoor growing season of successful marijuana plants.

Honest Marijuana


Honest Marijuana is all about growing marijuana organically. Marijuana growers are often interested in the organic methods for growing marijuana since they often lead to higher yields and it is always a good thing to know exactly where something you are consuming (whether it’s food or weed) comes from.

This website includes a free downloadable PDF version of their organic grow guide, making things extremely easy to use for the organic grower. On the homepage, it includes a list of specific items you are going to need, without including absurdly expensive pieces of equipment.

Pot Guide

potguide calls itself the “comprehensive guide to the world of marijuana.” It includes not only the details of how to grow marijuana successfully but also what the specific laws are that surround growing marijuana. It turns legal jargon into layman’s terms that are easy to understand, making the entire process of growing marijuana a much more manageable and accessible endeavor.

If you are someone who is quite concerned with staying within the legal limits of the law while you grow your marijuana plants, this is an absolutely crucial website for you to check out.

Download the Free Harvesting Guide to learn more about when and how to harvest your Marijuana plants.

420 Expert Adviser

420 Expert Adviser logo with cannabis leaves in the background is a highly valuable and famous blog in the arena of cannabis cultivation and consumption. This blog is all about the detailed information, guides, how-to’s, tips, genuine product reviews, benefits, and consolidated suggestions of various products.

The ample products of ‘’ include grow lights, grow tents, seed banks, strains, nutrition, and much more. Our primary intent and purpose revolve around helping out the growers and smokers seeking information related to cannabis. Growers, right from beginner to expert level, can refer the rich information, grow guides, and product reviews for enriching their grow space, treating medical ailments, and achieving the ultimate harvest dream.

420 Magazine


This magazine is well known throughout the world, and its website can be particularly useful for people who are interested in growing marijuana. One of its best features is its forum, actually, where more grow guides from experienced growers can be found and commented on or discussed.

The website itself has plenty about other aspects of growing marijuana, giving you information about why your marijuana growing endeavors are relevant in our world today. That said, the “Grow Room” is especially useful – it includes grow journals (one of the best ways to prepare yourself for a grow season before you have actually tried it), a Grower’s Lounge, plant photos, grow supply product reviews and more. What more could you want in terms of information about growing marijuana?

Stuff Stoners Like


Stuff Stoners Like may not sound like the most helpful growing website out there, but it actually has a really useful section called “How to Grow Weed 101” that is quite helpful when learning how to grow marijuana. It links to a variety of outside resources, including how to make a closet grow room, how to choose the best soil for your plants, and information about how to ensure a root system that is as healthy as possible.



Rollitup is actually a forum that provides details about marijuana, not exclusively growing details but one of its bigger and more frequented sections is the General Marijuana Growing section. There are posts regarding DIY marijuana growing, nutrients, cloning, and more.

There are also posts with people’s specific questions, making it the perfect platform to get some feedback on your specific questions or problems that have occurred but you have no one to talk to for fear of exposing your operation. Rollitup has an excellent community where you can actually learn from other people’s experiences.

420 Evaluations Online


On this website, you can apply for a medical marijuana permission to treat your specific symptoms. A doctor’s recommendation is sent to you after applying and being approved, and then you can get medical marijuana.

Luckily for us, that’s not the only thing that this website has to offer. It also includes articles about actually growing marijuana, such as its “How to Grow Marijuana Indoors at Home – Guide for Rookies Part I” and other such articles. There are other posts that are more specifically about certain elements of growing marijuana as well. You should definitely check out 420 Evaluations for some helpful tips, tricks, and the basic rundown of growing marijuana.

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