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Meet Robert Bergman and all other authors

Meet our authors

Below a list of all our authors who have each their own specific expertise on every aspect of growing marijuana.

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Ms Jenny Bloom

Editor-in-Chief at ILGM

Jenny is ILGM’s unstoppable force when it comes to quality control for all the content on the blog. In the meantime, she mana… SEE PROFILE

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Mr Robert Bergman PhD

Founder at ILGM

Robert Bergman is an Amsterdam-based marijuana grow expert who has years of experience from small grows to massive operations… SEE PROFILE

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Mr Herbert ILGM

Content director at ILGM

Starting out in the EU cannabis industry as “bud reviewer” Herbert M. Green quickly dived deeper into all facets of the indus… SEE PROFILE

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Mr Rob Sanchez

Cannabis Cultivation Expert at ILGM

Rob started cultivating in 2011 and worked in Colorado’s medical days as a cultivator and hash maker before getting involved … SEE PROFILE

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Mr Jason Bird

Cannabis indoor cultivation expert at ILGM

Jason Bird has been cultivating organically-grown cannabis in Portland, Oregon, since 1996 and graduated with an AAS degree i… SEE PROFILE

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Mr Nigel Deez

Cannabis Cultivation Expert at ILGM

Working in America’s legal cannabis industry for the past 6 years, Nigel Deez bring various experiences to the table. Startin… SEE PROFILE

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Mr Chris Gardner

Botanist and academic at ILGM

Chris Gardner is a botany buff with years of experience in agriculture and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Science an… SEE PROFILE

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Mr Roach

Cannabis reviewer, canna-culture specialist at ILGM

Roche, aka ‘Roach’, is a South African-based musician, spoken word performer, artist, and cannabis activist. Being an avid ca… SEE PROFILE

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Mr Chad Westport

Independent Marijuana Breeder at ILGM

Chad Westport is a lifelong grower and cannabis educator. He specializes in controlled environment agriculture and has a degr… SEE PROFILE

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Mr Spenser

Cannabis Cultivation Expert at ILGM

Spenser has grown cannabis in every state on the west coast of the USA but has primarily been in Oregon. He’s currently the a… SEE PROFILE

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Writer at ILGM

Need to know the latest and greatest of marijuana news? Alice has you covered! She loves to travel all around the globe and m… SEE PROFILE

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Anthony BSc

Writer at ILGM

Testing products related to marijuana is a task in itself. There are so many of them, we need a dedicated person to review th… SEE PROFILE

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Writer, Grower at ILGM

Bob knows a thing or two about growing at home. He’s not as experienced as Robert, but he has a knack for keeping his gardens… SEE PROFILE

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ILGM is one of the world’s leading marijuana seed companies since 2012. Our mission is to bring a high level of service and support along with our premium quality seeds. One of our services is our very comprehensive blog about growing marijuana.

It is a site where ILGM shares in-depth details, all people need to know to grow marijuana crops that produced better bud and much bigger yields. ILGM is a company that creates valuable content and guides for every type of grower.

Creating correct and reliable info is one of our company goals and key factor in continuing our lovely company. We are proud of a dozen authors across higher education to create high-quality content together. And we are committed to delivering our authors’ content through highly-engaging, consumer-grade experiences that today’s growers expect.

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