Doc’s OG Strain

Doc OG, aka Doc’s OG, is an indica-dominant hybrid from Rare Dankness Seed Bank in Colorado. In 2012 the Doc OG strain was the High Times’ Cannabis Cup winner in Amsterdam, and she has lived up to this coveted title ever since.

Doc OG strain cannabis contains a potent level of THC ranging between 17% and 28%. Most strains will test at around 24%. 

Rare Dankness Seed Bank created this sanative masterpiece by crossing Face-Off OG (50/50 hybrid) and Rare Dankness #1 (75/25 indica dominant hybrid), which is where Doc OG inherits her 75/25 indica leaning genes. 

This is most present in the Doc OG strain cannabis plant, which is medium-sized, with broad leaves and dense, resinous buds.

The plant captures her potency beautifully, with a striking contrast of neon green leaves and rich yellow pistils, smothered in a frosty layer of amber trichomes to create a psychedelic appearance. 

The terpene profile of myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene is well-suited to a strain named Doc OG. Some reports indicate the presence of terpinolene, carene, humulene, sabinene, and ocimene as well.

This strain is almost overqualified due to its therapeutic and potent, long-lasting high that takes her time to hit all the right places. You can read more about these effects next in this Doc OG strain review.

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Doc’s OG weed strain attributes:
ORIGINFace-Off OG, Rare Dankness #1
FRAGRANCETrodden soil, fresh herbs, earthy
FLAVORSSpice, wood, ammonia, herbs
ADVERSE REACTIONSDry throat, dry mouth, dry eyes
FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORHarvest will be ready in late September to early October
THC CONTENT %17%-28%
INDICA / SATIVA %75%-25%
INDOOR YIELD1.3 oz/ft2
OUTDOOR YIELD18 oz/plant

Doc OG Strain Effects

The doctor is in, so to speak. First, a dreamy haze overtakes your brain, replacing unwanted thoughts with uplifting happiness.

Your introspective thoughts will turn away from negative themes until anxiety, depression, and stress is quite literally the last thing on your mind. Your creativity will return and may even inspire you to partake in some whimsical conversation, often leading to giggles. 

Once Doc OG has successfully soothed the mind, she finds her way to your body, where she settles in for the night.

A tingly stone creeps through from head to toe, quelling all aches and pains until you’re fully relaxed. Pain is a distant memory, and your appetite will return. Soon your mind and body will welcome sleep like an old friend; however, you may feel aroused. 

Doc OG packs a therapeutic punch, appeasing even the most tightly wound users.

The high settles into both your mind and body, leaving no stone unturned as it rids you of any and all discomfort.

Doc OG Strain Fragrance
Doc OG Strain Fragrance

Doc OG Strain Fragrance

The dream-like haze of the high begins with the fragrance, which enters through your nose and ignites memories you didn’t know you had.

Images of your past life as a gatherer come to mind as scents of trodden soil, fresh herbs, and earthy sweetness fills the air. Notes of pine and citrus linger in the backdrop beneath the spice and wood. The nugs burn with the pungency of diesel, but the sweetness is never lost in the aroma.

Doc OG Strain Flavors

The flavor profile is primarily earthy elements, offering a bouquet of subtle but memorable flavors. With each inhale you’ll recognize spice, wood, ammonia, and herbs, but it’s the touch of sweetness that catches you off guard.

On the exhale, the spiciness just barely comes through, with sweet, fresh wood dominating the aftertaste. You’ll also detect notes of citrus, florals, pine, and fuel.

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Doc OG Strain Adverse Reactions

Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of underestimating the pure force of Doc OG. If this were Kung Fu Panda (the early days), you would be Po, and Doc OG would be the Furious Five. It sneaks in with the stealth of a trained ninja, delivering a knockout high that is as long-lasting as it is potent

Approach with caution and take it slow – there is plenty of time to reach master level, but too much too soon will see you flat on your back, wondering what just happened.

Novice users are most at risk for side effects like anxiety, paranoia, and concern, although anyone who overindulges is more likely to experience these reactions. 

The Doc OG marijuana strain is high in myrcene, and you may find yourself couch-locked, especially if you already have a lower tolerance to THC.

Steer clear of this strain if you have a busy day ahead, as the last thing you’ll be is productive.

You’re almost guaranteed to be left with a dry throat, mouth, and eyes, so get your water and eye drops ready before you indulge. And snacks to curb those munchies. Most importantly, pace yourself – take a drag, count your Mississippis, and enjoy.

Growing Doc OG Strain
Growing Doc OG Strain

Growing Doc OG

There is limited information online regarding growing the Doc OG marijuana strain, but that doesn’t mean it’s a difficult feat. Quite the contrary, this one is moderately easy to grow – if you can get your hands on some seeds. 

Sadly, the Doc OG cannabis strain is listed as “retired” on the Rare Dankness website, and even when retailers do manage to stock up, they sell out very quickly. If you manage to get your hands on this popular, sought-after strain, here are a few techniques to help you get the most out of your Doc OG strain yield. 

Doc OG enjoys warm and humid conditions with a 12/12 photoperiod. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, although outdoor yields will be considerably greater. The plant is reasonably mold and pest resistant by nature, but it is still an indica-leaning strain that grows quite dense and bushy, so you’ll need to watch it. 

Experienced growers recommend regular topping and pruning to prevent a build-up of excess moisture. These techniques also increase airflow and light exposure, especially toward the middle and lower areas of the plant, which are most at risk. These simple efforts on your part will have a great positive effect on your yields.


Under the right conditions, your Doc OG strain yield will be above average to large and harvests within 50-65 days of flowering.

Indoor Yield

Flowering is generally between 50 and 65 days but can take up to 77 days. Yields are around 1.3 OZ/FT2.

Outdoor Yield

Yields are about 18 OZ/plant and will be ready for harvest in late September to early October.


  1. Face-Off OG
  2. Rare Dankness #1

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Doc OG sativa or indica?

Doc OG is an indica-leaning hybrid which means, while it includes both indica and sativa genes, the indica genes come through stronger (75% of the genetic makeup is indica). You’ll notice this first in the way the plant develops. Indica effects are more calming and relaxing than sativa effects which are primarily energizing.

What does the Doc OG strain look like?

Doc OG is moderate in size and stature. It has large, broad leaves and dense buds loaded with resin. Doc OG’s color palette is psychedelic with a combination of neon green leaves, sun-yellow pistils, and a thick coating of crystalline amber trichomes.

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