Big Bud Outdoor – Marijuana Strain Review

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The name of this particular strain sort of betrays the outcome you can expect. With Big Bud marijuana seeds, you’re likely to end up with some big buds. But, it’s not enough to just have big buds by harvest time. You also want something that has some major effects while smoking, and Big Bud delivers on that as well. It is derived mostly from Skunk #1, meaning it is an indica-dominant hybrid.

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    Big Bud smoking effects

    Big Bud

    Because of the heavy nature of the indica characteristics, you might expect Big Bud to produce the well-known “couch-lock” effect. In reality, the smoke is smooth and the high strikes a nice balance between physical and mental. Many people are able to continue doing difficult tasks while high on Big Bud because it isn’t a debilitating stone. It also lasts a relatively long time, for those looking for an extended high. The smell and taste of the smoke both have a lot of fruity or grape flavors to them. If you use Big Bud marijuana seeds, you’re going to end up with a smoke that’s unique and relaxing.

    Big Bud plant features

    Big Bud plant features

    Again, the name of strain should give away the fact that you’re going to get sizable buds. In fact, many growers have reported that the branches can barely hold up the buds without dipping over themselves. Both the size of the bud and the amount of bud that you get make the ultimate yield the stuff of legends. It’s not uncommon to get over 21 ounces of bud per plant when growing outdoors. For a plant that only grows to about 15 to 20 inches, the yield is certainly impressive.

    Big Bud plants are generally harvested in October and it takes them about 9 weeks to flower completely. You can also expect a decent level of THC at 17%. The plant itself has kind of a skunky, musty aroma mixed with the sweet scents you achieve through smoking. You can get Big Bud marijuana seeds that are feminized and/or autoflowering.

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      Big Bud medicinal use

      Big Bud outdoor grow medical use

      The medicinal effects of the Big Bud strain are very basic, but can be beneficial to certain individuals. It is commonly used for ailments like depression or anxiety because it can produce uplifting feelings in its users. It can also be used as a basic pain reliever. Some growers have noted its ability to induce sleep for insomnia sufferers.  Go to our webshop to buy outdoor big bud marijuana seeds.


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