Grow Strong Marijuana Plants Ready To Transplant

November 11, 2020

All cannabis plants start as seeds, and they all require water to germinate properly. Each seed contains a full, little plant that has a root, stem, and a couple of leaves. But you might want to know – how deep to plant marijuana seeds and how to grow strong marijuana plants ready for transplant?

There are enough nutrients in the seed for it to survive the first portion of its life. During germination, these vital nutrients (proteins, carbs, etc.) are transformed into glucose, which all plants need for growth.

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Soak marijuana seeds in water
Soak your seeds in water

Placing your seeds in water ensures that they have achieved the proper moisture level for the process of germination to begin. The seeds will not take on excess water and drown until about 2 weeks after they have cracked open (you will have already transplanted them into soil by then).

When you fill your glass with water, simply put it in the living room so that it shifts to the temperature of the environment. Tap water is fine, but don’t give the seeds any extra nutrients because they already have everything they need. The seeds will crack open in between 2 and 7 days. Make sure to replenish the water in the glass every other day. Start transplanting when the roots reach  0.1 to 0.2 inches (3 to 5 mm) in length. Download my free marijuana grow guide to learn more about marijuana seeds at this link.


2. Place your seeds in a ½-inch hole in small pots with seedling soil
The nutrient level of the seeds is already adequate, so you should use a soil with fewer nutrients to start. Soil made specifically for seedlings and clones that has low quantities of nutrients is ideal. Plants are very susceptible to nutrient burn at this stage if you give them too many nutrients.

plant cannabis seeds in soil
Plant your seeds in soil

The pots should be filled halfway with the seedling soil. To make the half-inch hole, use your finger tip or a pen. Each seed should have its own pot. Since the roots will always grow down, you don’t have to worry how you place the seeds in the soil.

Place the seed in the hole, and cover it up with the soil. When you spray the soil with water, it will tamp down on its own. Avoid pressing the soil. The germination process will continue until the plant starts to surface within a week. The taproot will produce other root offshoots so that the system is strong.


3. Use a plant sprayer to moisten the soil
Water is responsible for both life and germination, making it the most vital component early on. It is extremely important that you give the plants plenty of water and keep the soil moistened.

Moisten the soil with plant sprayer
Moisten the soil with plant sprayer Images powered by

Plants that don’t receive enough water will compensate by not growing to full capacity. This is largely to increase the plants’ chances of survival. Of course, too much water can cause the plants to lose out on valuable oxygen. Leaves will start to wither and the marijuana plant and growth medium will become more susceptible to diseases and bacteria.

The soil needs to stay adequately moist (not too dry and not over-soaked). The seedling won’t use much water, but a lot of the water evaporates fast. This is the major reason why seedlings should never go on a windowsill or near a heater. Spraying the plants 1 or 2 times throughout the day should be plenty.


4. Put pots 2 inches below CFL tube
Other than water, light is another vital component for the plant’s growth. Light and water help convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose—necessary resources for plant growth. This is referred to as photosynthesis.

Place marijuana pots 2 inches below CFL tube
Place marijuana pots 2 inches below CFL tube Images powered by

When plants don’t receive adequate light, they will form fewer side branches and will elongate abnormally. This stretching helps marijuana plants grow taller to grab enough light in nature. Plants that receive adequate light will grow wider (not taller) and produce a flurry of side branches with a ton of buds. Light should be kept on 24 hours per day and the room should have a consistent temperature of around 72° Fahrenheit.

The pots should be placed under a cool white CFL light at a distance of 2 inches. These tubes don’t create that much heat, they’re energy efficient, and they use the ideal light spectrum for seedlings. Seedlings require about 3 to 5 watts each. When the plants surface after 5 to 10 days, they will need all the light they can get to grow optimally.

Optimized environment

5. Keep the environment optimized
Creating the ideal climate is also important for germinating the marijuana seeds under ideal conditions. CFL tubes don’t produce that much heat, but they will keep the soil warm. You can keep the distance between the plants and the bulbs to a minimum, but if the temperature exceeds 77° F, then you should move them farther apart or cool down the area.

Keep the marijuana grow environment optimized
Keep the grow environment optimized

Proper soil moisture is essential, but the soil only needs as much water as the seed can absorb (which isn’t much). Avoid adding more water or nutrients until the first true leaves emerge. This should occur after 5 to 8 days. In the meanwhile, be patient and simply monitor the moisture.


6. First signs of the seedlings
As soon as the seedlings pop their heads out of the soil, it’s vital to inspect the distance between the plant and the light. Adjust the lights if the temperature goes past 72° Fahrenheit or the leaves start receiving excessive light. The soil also needs to stay moist. The leaves on the plants can absorb water, so continue spraying them 2 times per day.

Cannabis seedling sprouting
Seedling sprouting

Again, this early stage in life makes the plants susceptible to damage from negative conditions. Don’t use a lot of nutrients and make sure the lights stay on 24 hours to produce a reliable climate. Avoid touching the plants and do not take away the seed skins from the leaves

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The plants need to grow and develop sturdy root systems. Big green leaves are capable of absorbing ample light and converting it into energy. Healthy root systems allow plants to take in plenty of water and nutrients. The plant is just starting to form the base for the remainder of its life, so it’s important that they receive proper, diligent care.


7. First two internodes
When the initial internodes start to form, you can feed your plant with root-stimulating foliar nutrients. Start the plants off with a small dose as the developing roots can’t withstand higher concentrations just yet.

Foliage growth cannabis plant
Foliage growth plant

The plants will start to grow rapidly (about 0.5 inches per day). Inspect your plants each day for signs of nutrient surplus (e.g. burned leaf tips).


8. Transplant into bigger pots when roots grow out of the bottom
The roots will start to grow out of the bottom of your smaller pot at which point it’s time to transplant. The plant will become rootbound and stop growing if you do not transplant.

Transplanting cannabis

To recognize the roots, look for white tips poking out of the bottom. Check for the roots each day and start giving your plants grow stimulator, which is high in nitrogen. More about nutrients on this link.

Once the plant is fully grown you will need to start thinking about flowering and harvest time. Our free little Harvest Guide will help you determine the best moment to cut your plants. Download it here.

Growing outdoors

9. Grow you plants outdoors or under MH/HPS lights
If everything went as planned, then you have strong, healthy plants that will eventually produce high yields. A good start in life means that the plants will be less susceptible to bacteria, diseasespests, and the effects of harsh weather extremes. Plants that are healthy can better absorb water and nutrients and will develop a faster metabolism for better yields. If you email me a photo of your seedlings, I will publish them on my site.

Cannabis growing outdoors
Growing outdoors

These plants can now grow outdoors and will thrive in a wind-free location that gets a lot of sun. The plants will also do better in a big container (15 gallons) on a stool. This keeps away any interference from animals like rabbits or snails.

As you have seen, it’s not very hard to grow healthy marijuana plants. If you want to start growing yourself, download my free marijuana grow bible and order some marijuana seeds. All top quality marijuana seeds are available in my marijuana seed shop. We ship seeds to the US, Australia and many other countries. For any grow related question please visit the marijuana support page.

Kickstart your marijuana grow journey by buying high-quality seeds from my seed bank.


FAQ About Growing Strong Marijuana Plants

How to germinate seeds?

To germinate your seeds, you can soak them in water that is 65°F/18°C until they split open.

How many seeds do you need to grow a plant?

You only need one seed to grow one plant.

Can I get a grow journal from seed to harvest?

Yes, you can. ILGM offers a grow calendar and plenty of other useful online resources to help you with your growing endeavors. Click here to check out the grow calendar.

The founder of I Love Growing Marijuana, Robert Bergman, is a marijuana growing expert that enjoys sharing his knowledge with the world. He combines years of experience, ranging from small-scale grows to massive operations, with a passion for growing. His articles include tutorials on growing... [read more]

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  1. By travis ,29 Mar 2014
    Shorter season varieties tend to have smaller seeds.
    1. By medMUser ,17 May 2016
      I take a small issue with how to place seeds in the soil. To maximize results & reduce stress on the seedling, the pointed end should always be up, towards the surface of the soil. When a cannabis seed sprouts, […]Read More
      1. By Me ,26 Jun 2017
        I wish i knew this before i am new and i just noticed my first seed is doing just this, its growing 180 degrees but I didn't know why. UGH is this ok to keep growing or what do i […]Read More
      2. By Tony Z ,18 Apr 2018
        I beg to differ brother. The root comes out of the pointed end and goes straight down! No turns. Just straight down.! If You put pointed end up then the root has to turn. You can prove it just by […]Read More
      3. By Doc Rob ,15 Jul 2018
        I like to start them on a paper towel, and move them into soil once the taproot takes a direction, with the tap root pointing down.
  2. By Leonard V. Vourazeris ,30 Mar 2014
    Raise for medical use
    1. By Deb ,19 Aug 2015
      I have MS I have decided to grow it freely in the sate of VA where it is outlawed even medically. My aim is to get arrested so I can sue the state for denying me my rights and freedom […]Read More
      1. By Mike ,20 Apr 2016
        Go girl I'm with u all the way.Were riding on the same boat,stay in the wake.
      2. By dgara ,20 Aug 2016
        Jesus gave you the plants and the bible, inspired by Him is only book you can trust. Do what it says and repent of your sin and receive His free gift of forgiveness and eternal life. Ephesians 2:: 8-10 Nowhere […]Read More
          1. By hammer088 ,17 May 2017
            they're everywhere, looking for any edge
        1. By Fuck off faggot ,03 Jul 2017
          Shut up you autistic retard. No one gives a fuck about your jesus obsession
          1. By Proud mom of autistic boy ,02 Feb 2018
            Talk about a jerk!!!!! have an autistic son... first you are a bullshit talking more on and you second your uneducated the worst thing about having an autistic child is the public and their uneducated rude ass comments why because […]Read More
          2. By Gannicus ,02 Feb 2018
            Look you need go let him What say what want to name calling only showed me your immaturity this is a free country remember regular careful what he has to say but I'm not gonna sit here and read his […]Read More
          3. By Raymond F Brightwell ,27 Oct 2018
            One thing I've learned in 65 years is Karma, You sow what you reap in this life!
        2. By Torpedox ,10 Dec 2017
          You have no idea what you are talking about! The Bible was NEVER a book that Jesus had ANYTHING to do with! If you "Believe" in the teachings of Jesus, then you MUST be a Jew. Remember that Jesus was […]Read More
          1. By Matthew ,28 Jan 2018
            The bible has everything to do with Jesus and I fully believe the teachings of Jesus and I am not a Jew my friend
          2. By BBN ,01 Feb 2018
            We're called gentiles. I'm not a Jew. I think God gave us cannabis to use but this also isn't the place for this kind of talk
        3. By The One ,23 Aug 2018
          I thought this was a cannabis website, not a "religious" one. Whichever ancient stories that people choose to believe is their own business, I'm just not really sure what any of that has to do with caring for cannabis seedlings. […]Read More
        4. By Lori ,10 Jan 2020
          AMEN! ..............beautifully said, god all the glory, Pastor Lori Firestone FirestoneInternationalMinistries
      3. By James Reid ,18 Mar 2017
        I live in Virginia, it is not illegal to cultivate marijuana in VA. It is illegal to possess certain amounts, "Whereas, historically, there were laws for growing marijuana, there are currently no laws against growing marijuana in Virginia. There is […]Read More
      4. By Bobby ,19 Mar 2017
        I see that this was posted year and a half ago, What is your status? Hoping that all is well.
      5. By Minei Kiefer ,21 Mar 2017
        Good for you. Exercise your God given right. If by chance you end up in court, tell the judge you were growing Indica. The law books read, it is illegal to grow Sativa. No mention of Indica. Good luck and […]Read More
        1. By hammer088 ,17 May 2017
          For sure , semantics have always been the best defense. just have a number of well concealed 1\2 oz stashes.
      6. By landlord ,22 Mar 2017
        When did Terry (your Governor) become a member of the GOP????????????????????????????????
      7. By Tam ,30 May 2017
        I totally agree with your frustration and the fact that when you are in constant pain and riddled with nerve damage, stress, depression & all that goes along with being in daily torture, that person, should have access to a […]Read More
      8. By Torpedox ,10 Dec 2017
        MANY, believe that Cannabis IS the "Tree of Knowledge", and that, THAT IS the reason it should be ILLEGAL. Just saying, as an argument point, that is treading on thin ice! And yes I realize that these are old as […]Read More
      9. By Taylor ,25 May 2020
        Massive amount of respect! Make changes and fight for what you deserve.
      10. By Brad ,11 Jun 2020
        you are a fucking idiot and a racist
  3. By Mark Newman ,08 Apr 2014
    Where is the best location for a thermometer in a small 4x5 grow room? Up high, down low or halfway up? My thermometer is in with the seedlings and I get a high reading with the lights shining directly on […]Read More
    1. By Phil ,17 Mar 2017
      You want the thermometer right where the plants are. That tells you what temperature the plants are getting.
  4. By Chet ,10 Apr 2014
    Mark, you could make a small aluminum foil tunnel (open for air flow) to hide the thermometer from the direct lights, and it would also be beneficial to have a room thermometer as well as the seedlings area monitoring.
  5. By Canna Bus ,11 Apr 2014
    With the lights shining directly on the thermometer you're getting a thermal reading, what you want is a reading of air temperature so your thermometer needs to be shaded and be at canopy height. Another way is to hang your […]Read More
  6. By Mark ,13 Apr 2014
    Awesome. Thanks for the advise. I thought being directly under the MH lamp was going to give me a false reading.
  7. By bob ,29 Apr 2014
    How you doing I've been growing for about a month now indoor an it's still only about 6 inches an it look like it stop growing an the leaves at the bottom turn in if you can help with anything […]Read More
    1. By Meghan ,19 Mar 2017
      Classical music. I had one where the leaves started to burn and stopped growing after 3 weeks of no growth I decided to start playing classical music and you wouldn't believe it all my plants even the seedlings that I […]Read More
    2. By Annie ,20 Mar 2017
      I had this happen too. I was growing autos for the first time, started them in a paper cup (not advisable. I've now learned autos are best started in the pot in which they will finish, to save shocking them […]Read More
      1. By MoteMan ,20 Apr 2017
        Yes, I too have heard that playing classical music is very beneficial to the young plant-lings. Thanks for sharing that.
      2. By hammer088 ,17 May 2017
        If you start your autos after germ in 5-6 in Jiffy Pots (peat pots) when they're ready bury the whole thing. punch a few holes if it makes you feel better.
  8. By Kirkboy45 ,23 Oct 2014
    My plants drooped overnight I growing them in 4.0 cash crop cabinet and they fine last night and got up and hey fell over what happened
    1. By robert moore ,01 Mar 2018
      how to stop plants from stretting to much.they are outside,should I bring them in at night as long as it stays above 50 degrees
      1. By Raymond F Brightwell ,27 Oct 2018
        Yeah if you want them to live, LOL!!!
  9. By Kirkboy45 ,23 Oct 2014
    Please help me just a little. Please leave advise
  10. By terry208 ,17 Nov 2014
    Does anyone have experience with the octo-pot hybrid growing system?
  11. By KRONIK701 ,23 Nov 2014
    Have you ever seen leaves like these
  12. By paul listro ,05 Dec 2014
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  13. By icebox ,01 Jan 2015
    Novice grower here! I have T5 grow lights for seedling starter. Can I use the T5 lights for putting my seeds under once they are planted in soil for getting them to root? Thanks!
    1. By Bernie ,02 Mar 2017
      I used four T5 tubes for the entire grow cycle. My last plant was 22" tall and yielded 3oz of dried bud. I used Fox Farms nutrients. In other words, T5 fixtures can do the job from start to finish.
      1. By Kevin burggren ,17 Mar 2017
        I also use 4´ t5 lights,4 bulbs. My fixture is equipped with t8 blue or red led bulbs. In the flowering stages I put 4 t8 blue bulbs in. I keep the lamps 16 in away from the tallest plant,and […]Read More
    2. By hammer088 ,17 May 2017
      T5s are great, 54W 6400 K for veg and 2700k ( or a mix of 2700/4100) for flower and with a light rail you'll get more coverage = 25% more yield, but you've gotta stay close. Hence the rail.I still […]Read More
  14. By The Farmer ,08 Jan 2015
    Icebox: Your T5's are gust fine. If you have a high wattage your concerned with you can always raise the height of the lighting to accommodate. I use T5's for my seedlings until transplanting to vegitatate. Then they go to […]Read More
  15. By fredt40 ,15 Jan 2015
    After I germinate my seeds in early march can I plant them directly into their prepared locations outside? Will they be just as strong if I don't grow inside for the first 3to4 weeks? If not after the first 3to4 […]Read More
    1. By CD ,17 Mar 2017
      I am in the Southern hemisphere and only grow outdoors in Spring and Summer. I found that your LIGHT period must always be about more than 2 Hours of the dark period. After about 2 months I select the plants […]Read More
    2. By Jakerake ,19 Mar 2017
      Yes Fredt40 , any time you start your plants indoors , you must temper them slowly to get used to the powerful light coming from the sun. Typically I'll put them outdoors for the first couple of days in a […]Read More
  16. By MrCouchLok ,27 Jan 2015
    Fantastic website Robert I prefer germinating my seeds in a damp paper towel for three days in my warm grow tent (covered from the light). I also prefer to plant my germinated seeds (about a half inch of root) directly […]Read More
    1. By Robert Bergman ,27 Jan 2015
      Thanks MrCouchlock. I always plant into smaller pots because I start with a mildly fertilized potting soil (TDS of 500 ppm) before transplanting them to a more heavily fertilized soil. Robert
    2. By hammer088 ,17 May 2017
      as well as moisture control, you are adding water/nutrient that isn't being used by tiny plants and evaporating into your grow space atmosphere raising your humidity to no practical purpose, and potentially causing problems associated with high humidity . more […]Read More
  17. By sophiaperry ,28 Jan 2015
    Since Marijuana Plantation is legal now days one need to have to be known to the various attributes to know Create Strong Marijuana Plants. I think the above post quite good and reliable to know the same better. One can […]Read More
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    […] Learn how and when they grow, and use this to your advantage. It will help you grow healthy, strong marijuana plants, and will allow you to have a successful crop without any theft or loss of your plants. Any […]Read More
  20. By WaitingRichardforittobelegal ,15 Apr 2016
    Hi, looking foreword to more info on amendments. I have not grown cannabis seriously, but I have grown other stuff. I have grown a 750 lb pumpkin, in giant pumpkin growing we use a lot of (to name a few) […]Read More
    1. By ignatfoo ,17 Mar 2017
      I haven't done it with cannabis, but I have put fish heads or what's left over after filleting a fish in the bottom of a hole, add some dirt, plant whatever on top and whatever goes crazy.
  21. By latewood.ILGM ,16 Apr 2016
    waitingRichardforittobelega Well...I would say that you already have a "clue" I advise you to join our grow support forum. I think this will op-en up your avenue to knowledge from growers all over the world, and in different climates. I […]Read More
  22. By NanaDisney ,18 Feb 2017
    I was wondering if you have ever heard of the Aerogarden? I have successfully used it to germinate and grow herbs, lettuce, and flowers. I am planning to try it for my new seeds that I just received but didn't […]Read More
    1. By Roy ILGM ,20 Feb 2017
      Hi NanaDisney, we know of aerogardens but have yet to investigate it further. It's on Rob's to do list :)
  23. By Rick McCoy ,17 Mar 2017
    I have started my second plant two weeks ago. I am growing under a 1200 W cob led, very cool, not much heat output. Lately we have had a cold spell and my grow room is not heated, I use […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,20 Mar 2017
      Yes. 50f is damaging to mature plants, much less seedlings. You need seedling in a warm humid environment in order for them to thrive. I suggest you find a way to keep temps at 70-86f for seedlings and early veg. […]Read More
  24. By Greg ,17 Mar 2017
    Hi guys. Does anyone have any experience using LEDs from seed to harvest? I'm bran new grower and had a horrible first two tries. I have 2 Mars hydro 600 full spectrum LEDs. How far from the soil should I […]Read More
    1. By John ,17 Mar 2017
      Well Greg you defiantly have the right lights for veg and flower. You should however invest in some T5 lighting to start your plants out until they are ready to veg. hang 2 inches above the seedlings. This will solve […]Read More
    2. By latewood_ILGM ,20 Mar 2017
      Greg, FYI Mars Hydro 600 is only 270 watts. You would only need one from the very start. Keep them 16-24" above top of plants. Go to Mars Hydro and look at their recommendations. Cob lamps are excellent. Also a […]Read More
  25. By kansasjack37 ,17 Mar 2017
    HELLO I am a first time grower im using the same formula I use for growing tomatoes and the plants love it! A friend of mine saw my tomato plants and said dude if you can grow tomatoes like that […]Read More
    1. By Roy ILGM ,20 Mar 2017
      Hey Kansasjack, I think people on our forum would love to hear more about your techniques.
  26. By Masana Hangai ,19 Mar 2017
    The lower leaves are starting to fall off, any idea what could be causing this, the top of plant is fine with no sign of pests and disease.
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,20 Mar 2017
      Masana, Your issue could be from under watering and tamps being too high. Unfortunately, we are not set up to do this type of grow support here in the blog. Please join our support forum, where we have many experts […]Read More
  27. By David c, west ,20 Mar 2017
    I have gotten seed from you guys before with the promise that I would get a FREE down lowed of you Bible on how to grow, I haven't got one yet.. So much for promises.
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,20 Mar 2017
      David, There is no hard copy. You download the free grow bible as Roy has pointed out. Check your emails. I think there might be a link in the emails to your free copy of the grow bible.
  28. By Dave ,20 Mar 2017
    All plants don't all start as seeds what about clones? ?
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,20 Mar 2017
      Dave; Once a clone is rooted, you grow it like any other plant, picking pup in early veg mode.
  29. By Dennis ,24 Mar 2017
    I don't mess with the seeds, too much chance to screw them up. I plant them in soaked starter soil. They come up in about 4 or five days.
  30. By Patrick ,09 Apr 2017
    I live in the Humboldt County area close to the coast (very wet and drizzly at night) the last years outdoors crop was the best I have had yet. Mold issues that plagued me in the past were very minimal […]Read More
    1. By Roy ILGM ,10 Apr 2017
      Wow those are some awesome yields Patrick! Thanks for sharing
  31. By Mike ,01 Feb 2018
    Your articles seem to always have a bad paragraph somewhere. In this one, it's: "Soil moisture is important to ensure that the seed disposes of the water. Avoid feeding the seeds until the initial leaves make it through the soil." […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,06 Feb 2018
      Thanks for you comments; I will pass them along to the editor.
  32. By Sandra Granger ,15 Apr 2018
    Hi Robert, In one of the pictures you have has some plastic wrap, AM I supposed to do that?
  33. By Jeff H ,02 May 2018
    Lol Cannabis is the tree of knowledge, That must be why all the kids at the skate park are so swiched on.
  34. By Jeff H ,02 May 2018
    Lol Cannabis is the tree of knowledge, That must be why all the kids at the skate park are so switched on.
  35. By Stephen Finch ,11 Jul 2018
    I black spots on my plant. It started off kinda of shining looking then started to go brown do u have any idea of what that could be
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,14 Jul 2018
      Stephen Finch, I suggest you go here to our ILGM forum: Lot of great growers sharing grow knowledge.
  36. By jakib ,13 Jul 2018
    New Grower...confused about your discussion on lighting. First you say to keep them away from the window after they have started growing through the soil, then you say to give them lots of light for successful growth. First batch all […]Read More
  37. By latewood_ILGM ,14 Jul 2018
    jakib, We are not set up here in the blog to do extensive grow support. We invite you to join our support forum, where we have friendly members and expert staff willing to guide you to sucessful growing.
  38. By Al ,21 Mar 2019
    This is my first time growing. I am going to use hydro ebb and flow. My question is, how far apart do I drill the holes in the 4 inch. PVC
    1. By latewood ILGM ,02 Apr 2019
      Al, 4" PVC is not used in ebb and flow. It is commonly used for NFT. Ebb and flow generally requires a flood table. How far apart to drill holes ion 4" PVC is a matter of how many plants, […]Read More
  39. By Ernie ,09 Apr 2019
    hello I was on your site yesterday and I clicked the link for your free book in my email and I believe it is not there yet how long does it usually take for it to go into your email […]Read More
  40. By Mike ,14 Apr 2019
    Never grown indica down here u.S. just want to make sure all is well 3 1/2 weeks.
  41. By Janine ,29 Apr 2019
    Thank you for the information! Much appreciated! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
  42. By CC ,07 Feb 2020
    Always great info. Love These guys.
  43. By ron ,18 Mar 2020
    Spence I'm just starting out, every thing I did comes from your grow bible. thank you so much for all the info.
  44. By Johnny puente ,25 Mar 2020
    One of my seeds is growing the root upside down what went wrong
  45. By Ed ,02 May 2020
    My sprouts are two days above ground appear to be a bit leggy
  46. By Lee ,11 Jul 2020
    Good read so far ive done everything to a tee before reading this my 2 week old babies are growing rapid in my neighbors last years mended garden soil. Its still black and filled with goodies. And she goes easy […]Read More
  47. By Ali ,23 Jul 2020
    How often should I water my plant if it is out door grown
  48. By Melinda ,19 Sep 2020
    My seedling grew right up the side of the peat cup... Should I risk trying to gently transplant it to a new cup? Or jut leave it? Will it be ok?

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