January 17, 2019

Zero Tolerance Herbal Pesticide Concentrate:

Even the most meticulous cultivator can have problems with pest. Organic cannabis farmers understand that pest comes with the territory. It’s an issue that must be dealt with in a timely manner or it can destroy the crops and turn investments to dust.

Good air filters and sanitation help, but sometimes, spraying pesticides are inevitable. Ed Rosenthal’s Zero Tolerance Pesticide gives organic gardeners a new way to get rid of molds, spider mites, and other annoying pests. This concentrate works great for organic cannabis production.

With a superior blend of herbal oils, an effective pesticide is produced that attacks pests in multiple ways, breaking up infestations quickly. The herbal oils mixture evaporates fully making it safe to use even just within a week of harvest.

Zero Tolerance Herbal Pesticide Concentrate

Zero Tolerance Herbal Pesticide ConcentrateZero Tolerance Herbal Pesticide Concentrate has a bio-degradable and environmentally safe formula. Made from Mother Earth’s finest ingredients, it contains top quality oils of clove, cinnamon, rosemary, and thyme.

It is now OMRI listed and this seal of approval adds another level of assurance to growers for being 100 percent organic, vegan and even smells good.

This pesticide is available at Growers House for the following sizes and prices:

  • 1 pint: $53.58
  • 1 quart: $92.86
  • 1 gallon: $314.28

It is safe to use for up to five days before harvest. One quart of concentrate can make five gallons of solution.

Zero Tolerance eliminates:

  • Spider mites
  • Aphids
  • Thrips
  • Whiteflies
  • Ants
  • Scale
  • Gnats
  • Root aphids
  • Caterpillars
  • Powdery mildew
  • Gray and white mold

No matter how tidy a grower keeps the indoor garden or how big the prevention efforts are to try to eliminate unwanted visitors, chances are, at some point, a pest problem will have to be dealt with. Since most insects or pests reproduce relatively fast and have incredibly large birth numbers, early detection is critical otherwise it can take out an otherwise healthy garden in just a matter of days.

Organic pesticides are known to be effective in warding off pests despite not having chemicals. This is not only due to its high concentration but also because it works by enhancing the plants own natural defense. Although, since most products that are safe to use on cannabis plants rely on biodegradable and organic ingredients, some does not persist for long and require repeated use to eradicate pest outbreaks entirely.

Gauging a product’s potency is vital in regulating the frequency of use needed to eradicate a pest problem and to determine if one product is more effective than another.

With this in mind, using Zero Tolerance Herbal Pesticide superior strength gets rid of a wide range of pest in the site, instead of using different products for each type of pest. It does not require repeated use thus presenting a better option in terms of organic products. It also evaporates or breaks down within three to five days. So while it is highly preferable to avoid using pesticides once plants begin to flower, this organic pesticide can be used up to a week before harvest.

Moreover, as the plant matures, its natural defenses increase more over time. This means that at full maturity, it should no longer require excessive pesticides aside from what’s already in it innately. The safest pesticides application is when its applied sparingly, therefore, applications should decrease as the plant grows into maturity.

Of course, it’s always vital to read and follow instructions carefully, as some require water and others do not, to maximize results. Failing to follow directions can pose potential dangers to the crops, as well as to the beneficial insects in the garden. And if there are predator insects previously introduced, it can be killed as well.
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No More Chemicals

Zero Tolerance Herbal Pesticide ConcentrateChemical pesticides present great health concerns, particularly when used on cannabis plants. With other fruits and vegetables, pesticides can be washed off before eating, which does not work with cannabis flowers as that can remove trichomes and damage the efficacy of the buds. Commercial, chemical pesticides should never be used on cannabis plants because of its persistence.

Evaluating effectiveness is equally important as safety when choosing a pesticide treatment. In this case, Zero Tolerance Herbal Pesticide offers a safer way to eradicate pests for good. Buy Zero Tolerance Herbal Pesticide Concentrate Click Here!

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