13 – Best lighting system for growing marijuana

Best indoor marijuana light systems

For the indoor cultivation of marijuana the following types of lighting are best to be used:

– High-pressure discharge lamps, sodium vapor lamps or metal halide lamps

– Fluorescent lamps, or low-energy light bulbs

The other types of lighting are unsuitable, either because their output of light is not enough or their spectrum is not good. The rest are not practical, because, on the one hand, the spectrum is not suitable, on the other, the light output is insufficient.

When the grow area is smaller than half a square meter you should use fluorescent lighting or otherwise use the high-pressure sodium 250-Watt lamp. The reason that fluorescent lamps are used in grow rooms that are that small is because they are best when you want your cuttings to take root and if you want your seedlings to sprout as the give enough light over a distance of twenty centimeters. Marijuana plants that grow larger require a metal iodide lamp or a high-pressure sodium lamp.


In the growing period you should use metal iodide lamps and in the flowering period you should use high-pressure sodium lamps. If you let the marijuana plants both grow and flower under an MH lamp they will have a lot of leaves, but not that many flowers. If, on the other hand, you use an HPS lamp during both the growing and flowering period, the marijuana plant will be to long. Therefore if you only have access to one type of lighting and one cultivation space, use an Agro type lamp.

The best-case scenario would be if you could combine the two types of lamps by using a metal halides lamp in the growing period and a high-pressure sodium lamp during the flowering period. If the area that you use for the cultivation of your marijuana is very small, smaller than one square meter, it would be best if you use fluorescent lighting during the growing period and  a 250-Watt high pressure sodium lamp during the flowering period


How to optimize the output of the lights

It is essential to have good lighting, but it also important to utilize its maximum capacity. Too many growers waste valuable power. This can be avoided with the aid of a few very simple measures.


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