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First Outdoor Grow with Amnesia Haze and Purple Haze

First Outdoor Grow with Amnesia Haze and Purple Haze

First Outdoor Grow with Amnesia Haze and Purple Haze

For most people, growing marijuana indoors seems like the best practice. Some find indoor grows are more discreet and give growers the ability to control factors which can help maximize their grow. Unfortunately, indoor plants tend to be smaller and require more time, effort, and work.

For these reasons, some growers believe growing outdoors is the superior practice. It is the best way to keep equipment costs down, produce a high yield, and possibly have higher quality weed because of the natural setting. Cannabis grown outdoors end up becoming healthier, and stronger plants with fewer problems.

This grow journal features Amnesia Haze and Royal Haze grown outdoors. Will these two cannabis strains be suitable for growing outdoors?

The Amnesia Haze is moderately difficult to grow with a flowering period of 10 to 12 weeks and can grow up to 2 meters. It can potentially produce 250 to 500 grams per square meter.

Efforts to grow Amnesia Haze are worth it because it’s the perfect strain to jumpstart your day with a smile on your face. It produces an unforgettable uplifting, energetic buzz. Not only that, but its flavors contain hints of lemons and citrus.

Meanwhile, the Royal Haze is also moderately difficult to cultivate but it can produce 500 grams per square meters when grown indoors, and cup to 900 grams per plant when grown outdoors. It also has a very high THC content at 20% which gives an uplifting, relaxing high.’

Grower: tonyinspain
Location: Spain
Yield: 303g buds, 145g of trim and small buds
Seeds: Amnesia Haze and Purple Haze

August 4th

This grow journal started out with 2 x Amnesia Haze feminized seeds and 2 x Royal Haze autos. The seeds were soaked in a glass of water overnight and were germinated in a paper towel. All 4 seeds sprouted although one of the Royal Haze autos is a couple of days behind.

The first big mistake was starting the autos in small pots which resulted in the weaker Royal Haze auto dying after being transferred into a larger pot. The other Royall Haze made it to harvest but was severely stunted and only produced a paltry 7 grams. All the Amnesia Haze plants are alive and kicking. The rest of this thread will exclusively follow their progress.

After two weeks, the girls were fed with 50% strength Tomato Fertilizer. This is also to help fix the damage done by overwatering.

After receiving some Tomato Fertilizer and adhering to a tighter watering schedule, the plants started some real growth. This Amnesia Haze has beautifully developed her first few set of leaves.

A couple of days later, both plants were topped early to grow a decent bush.

The ladies were able to tolerate the procedure well. A week after topping, they were sprayed with Seaweed Fertilizer once a week plus the Tomato Fertilizer at full strength. This impromptu structure gives them better support against strong winds.

Unfortunately, pests were a problem too. Insects were trying to eat their way through the plants.

A combination of Neem Oil and some hand soap worked wonders to get rid of the bugs.

After the bug infestation, the plants were able to enter the flowering stage stress-free. The switch was made to BioBuzz Grow and Bloom fertilizer which seems to be working well.  Harvest should be around late October.

And now that you’re all caught up with what happened in the past weeks, here are the latest photos.

August 10th

The main plant seems to have started stretching. Both pants are also showing early signs of flower.

August 14th

Just letting these kids soak up the Spanish sun with just 2 or 3 feeds a week. Looks like the October harvest will be right on schedule.

August 23rd

Seems like the plants were overwatered. The bottom tray was removed and the water was allowed to drain out of the pot. Had to wait until the soil dried up before watering again.

August 26th

She seems to have recovered now. Just gave her a good watering and feed plus kept her out of the harsh, direct sunlight for a few days.

August 28th

Although both plants are from the same batch of Amnesia Haze seeds, they look so different. And even if they were planted in the same media at the same time 16 weeks ago, they seem to be progressing at different speeds.

The smaller plant has been in flower for a few weeks now as you can see below.

And the larger plant has only just started to flower.

At this rate, it’s going to be a November harvest for these beauties.

September 12th

Both plants are doing fine although both plants are showing browning pistils. This is normal for this strain.

September 21st

Both plants are doing ok. Their pots are drying out on average twice per week but they’re just drinking tap water now along with some BioBizz products. The smaller plant is much closer to harvest as the buds are starting to fill out but it should have anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks to go.

The larger plant may be as far as 8 weeks from harvest as it is still in flower with no bud development. Not a great strain to use for the first outdoor grow due to the long flowering period.

September 25th

Had a great idea to fan out the branches of the big plant which should give it more sun and perhaps bring the harvest date a little closer. The bad news is that it was not such a good idea because a night of strong winds resulted to stem breakage. This tape seems to have done the trick.

September 29th

Disaster last night! A big storm hit resulting to the smaller plant breaking and being virtually flattened. Not sure if she’ll even recover. The strong wind together with the effect of the heavy rain on the buds was too much for her to handle.

Here she is all taped up with a little string support. Fingers crossed.

September 30th

The larger plant is on course towards its harvest date.

The smaller plant that got batter by the storm is recovering well. She probably has around 3 weeks to go.

October 3rd

Both plants are doing ok. The one that was battered by the storm survived and is probably around 2 weeks from harvest.

However, this one is moving slowly towards harvest which could very well be around mid-November.

October 10th

Removed some of the small popcorn type buds from the stem of the smaller plant. Will dry a couple of these out quickly to test.

October 12th

The smaller plant has been cut. Had a loose trim and is hanging to dry.

October 18th

More bad weather is incoming so the larger plant had to be tied up for support.

October 24th

Chopped a week or so earlier than desired due to problems with bud rot. Although some bad buds had to be thrown away, she was still able to produce decent buds.

The total wet weights for this harvest is 303g plus 145g of trim and small buds. Not bad considering the weather conspired to sabotage this grow!

Grower: tonyinspain
Location: Spain
Yield: 303g buds, 145g of trim and small buds
Seeds: Amnesia Haze and Purple Haze

This grow didn’t need a lot of effort to be successful. However, it suffered from some of the biggest setbacks of an outdoor grow: extreme weather conditions. Luckily, the most damaged plant was salvaged. One other disadvantage was the exposure to pests. Luckily, the issue was quickly resolved without harming the plant.

What issues have you faced in cultivating marijuana outdoors?

Happy growing!

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