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Growing Super Critical Auto Cannabis Strain

Growing Super Critical Auto Cannabis Strain

Super Critical Auto Cannabis Strain

The Super Critical Auto marijuana strain is a classic Spanish strain that measures 70-120cm tall. It’s good for indoor or outdoor growth and can complete a flowering cycle in as little as 7 weeks. This grow journal takes a look at growing Super Critical Auto strain with minimal nutrients.

Grower: DaTenshi
Location: Romania

January 3rd

After soaking in a water glass, the two seedlings were planted in separate seedling cups and sprouted two days later. It’s been three days and they’ve been receiving water every day.

The seedlings receive nutrients from the peat moss and light from 4 CFLs and 1 LED lamp. They feel comfortable inside their grow room kept at a cool 20-23°C. There shouldn’t be any soil-related problems at this point because it’s kept at pH 6.0-7.0.
Here are some photos of the babies now.

January 11th

Nothing special happened except these babies grow more and more as the days pass by. After reading up on autoflowers, they don’t seem to need more food that the soil has to offer. So far, peat moss worked out great. These plants won’t receive any nutrients aside from molasses and banana tea.

Here they are at Day 8!

January 15th

Unfortunately, one of the babies isn’t looking very good. 30 gnats were swarming around them days ago so they received a dose of anti-gnat spray. But one of the girls got stunted and burnt.

She had to undergo an emergency flushing with pH-ed water and tomorrow they will transfer to their new homes.

After a thorough investigation, the gnats were from the last grow’s leftover pots and they’re just filled with gnats. This needs a complete intervention. This is war against the gnats!

Anyway, here are photos of the two girls after the flushing. You can tell which one was stunted because of the anti-gnat spray overdose.

January 17th

Today brought a lot of good news. The flushing seems to do the trick. This little one resumed growing. Her new growth look green, happy and no longer drooping!

After taking that photo, they two babies were transplanted into their new home. This new grow pot is filled with soil that contains ingredients from black and white peat, with a large proportion of coconut fiber and perlite. This should be sufficient for 6 weeks!

The balcony was purged of all signs of gnats and all big pots are disinfected now.

Here are some new photos of the babies in their new pots.


January 18th

The transplant went perfectly! Here are photos of the young ladies enjoying their new living space.

And since it’s already Day 15. It’s time for some LST for the slightly bigger plant!

From here on, it’s just a matter of waiting for the flowers to show. Hoping no more setbacks occur.

January 24th

Exciting news! Both look nice and hearty this morning and upon closer inspection, they are finally in the pre-flower phase! They’re starting to show the white hairs and they look perfect.

The shorter plant won’t undergo LST because of her size but it will be fun to compare both girls at the end. Although the comparison won’t be entirely fair, it will be good to see how they grow side by side.

January 24th

The girls are looking good. They’re growing and stretching like crazy! It will be 2 more weeks of pre-flowers before we get to see any frost.

Here they are looking great at Day 28!

February 7th

The girls are doing their thing. No major problems so far. All it takes is to make sure they get enough water. These are photos of them looking pretty at Day 35! The shorter one is showing her first trichomes but the photos are just too blurry.

February 17th

At Day 35, the larger plant still looks gorgeous and healthy but still without any signs of trichomes.

On a sadder note, the smaller plant turned out to be a hermie. She’ll get cut off soon to prevent accidental pollination. This is why it’s important to grow at least two plants in case something happens.

February 20th

It’s almost Week 7. She’s so close to harvest season and it seems she’s maintained her virginity. Because she’s such a good girl, she got a nice meal of ground bananas and eggshell mixed with some molasses.

Based on past experience, the girls seem to enjoy the bananas during flowering because of its high concentration of phosphorus and potassium. Throw in some carbohydrates (molasses) and calcium (eggshells) and the ladies have a decent meal!

March 1st

It’s the first day of spring and it’s Day 57 in this garden! She got a bottle of food and so did the empty pot to keep the soil moist and happy for the next generation.

That’s all for Week 8.

March 8th

Happy Women’s Day everyone! And to the little ladies as well. It’s Day 65 here. Here’s the young lady now.

March 15th

Two more weeks to go! Today we enter Day 72 and she smells so good. It’s like a preview of great times ahead.

March 24th

She got chopped at 11 and ½ weeks old. She grew under CFLs with basically no nutrients! She has some fat, dense buds!

The smell as you walk into the room is just amazing!

Grower: DaTenshi
Location: Romania

Even with minimal investments, you can still grow your own marijuana. This grow did not have any of the usual challenges involved in growing cannabis such as nutrient burn.

Nutrient burn is one of the most common growing problems faced by overzealous growers. Newbies tend to oversaturate the soil and the roots take in more nutrients than a plant can use. This causes a brown or yellow “burn” along the leaf tips.

With a modest approach to the plants’ nutrition, everything turned out well.

What problems have you encountered when you were a newbie cannabis grower?

Happy growing!

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