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Chris Gardner

Botanist and academic at I Love Growing Marijuana

Male, 1999-11-13, L. De Leon St. Siniloan, Laguna, Philippines, Filipino

My expertises

Botany, academic and practical experience in agriculture

About me

Chris Gardner is a botany buff with years of experience in agriculture and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Psychology. He became a writer after taking an interest in cannabis.

My goal is to clear up any wives tales and myths regarding growing cannabis

Mr. Chris Gardner

Currently, I’m a content writer with plans to consolidate a series of articles answering cannabis related questions and clearing up myths regarding weed. To help me with that, I have my years of both academic and practical knowledge about agriculture and sciences.


  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.

Milestones I’m proud of

  • Botany and academic expert at I Love Growing Marijuana
Articles by Chris Gardner
trellising cannabis plants

Trellising cannabis

Trellising cannabis is one of many ways for growers to increase their yield. Like learning optimal watering schedules and nutrient feeding, trellising helps produce healthier …

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