Are plastic bags and containers a good idea for long-term weed storage?

Storing weed in plastic bags is a popular method for many because it’s easier to carry on you than, say, a mason jar. The widespread use of plastic bags for weed has led to a few nicknames: turkey bags, zips (short for ziplock bags), and baggies, just to name a few.

And while it’s not the best for the long term, you can store your weed in a plastic bag. You just need to be aware of the things in ziplock bags that will affect the quality of your buds. Doing so might even help you find a better alternative than those silly turkey bags for your weed.

Should You Store Weed in a Plastic Bag?

Ziplocks get a lot of flak for not being optimal storage for your marijuana, and most of it is true. That’s because some of their properties make them unsuitable for long-term storage. Leaching, static cling, and moisture desiccation are the common arguments against plastic bags. But, while they’re not ideal storage for the long term, they still work for short-term storage.

The Truth About Putting Weed in a Plastic Bag

Do plastic bags lower the quality of your weed?

Plastic baggies are either polyethylene or polypropylene. These two types of plastic are the most commonly used in food packaging(1). Both are chemical and corrosion-resistant, meaning they won’t degrade into your buds.

Both plastics also feature temperature-resistant film with low gas permeability. This translates well with storing your buds, at least temporarily. The temperature-resistant film keeps the heat from drying out your buds. Its low permeability means it has a low oxygen transmission rate. Low permeability slows down the degradation of THC into CBN by limiting the amount of oxygen your buds are exposed to. Another advantage of having low permeability is that it keeps the dank smell of your buds contained.

If you’re looking for an ideal weed plastic bag to use, Mylar bags are perfect for short-term storage. They have low permeability and provide protection against moisture, light, and odor thanks to their thick foil laminate layer.

Mylar bags for weed
If you absolutely want to store your weed in plastic bags, Mylar bags are a safe bet

Do plastic bags release Microplastics into my weed? 

While all plastics eventually degrade into microplastics, it would take a very long while for them to do so. Zips won’t sprinkle your buds with microplastics just from being used. But that doesn’t change the fact that polyethylene and polypropylene are two of the most abundant sources of microplastics(1).

Does plastic impact the Inflorescence?

There are a couple of plastics you must avoid when choosing a bag to stash your grass. Avoid them because they tend to leach into your buds. This means they can transfer their chemical composition onto your dried flower. Two noteworthy ones are polyvinyl chloride and polystyrene, which are more commonly associated with pipes and boards in DIY projects. Some ziplock bags include these plastics; they’re unsafe for your weed because they tend to leach vinyl chloride(1) and styrene(2), respectively. Not only will this affect the flavor and smell of your buds, but they’re also possible carcinogens.

In the case of polyethylene and polypropylene, these two types of plastics don’t leach their chemical compositions onto your buds. That’s why they’re safe to use as plastic baggies for weed.

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Do plastic bags create Static Charge, and does that affect my nugs?

The concern surrounding storing weed in a plastic bag is a static charge. Ziplock bags may become statically charged, which causes the trichomes to stick to the plastic.

Some say it’s a myth; others say it’s a fact. In reality, ziplock bags do generate and hold a static charge. But it depends on the type of plastic. Only some materials become statically charged when rubbed against another material, like the inside of your pockets. In the case of polyethylene bags, they don’t generate or hold a static charge. Polypropylene, on the other hand, does become statically charged(2). So what does this say about the myth? Well, it proves that it’s true; polypropylene bags do become statically charged and cause the trichomes of your buds to stick to them.

Polypropylene bags for weed
Turns out that polypropylene bags do become statically charged and cause the trichomes of your buds to stick to them

Plastic Bag Alternatives


TerpLoc’s Grove Bag pouches are a great alternative to replace the sandwich bags you use to store weed. It has every advantage of a ziplock with none of its downsides. It’s durable, reusable, and easy to carry. 

Grove Bags by TerpLoc for weed
Grove Bags by TerpLoc are hands-down the best long-term storage bags for your weed

What makes TerpLoc better than a zip is that it doesn’t hold a static charge, meaning your trichomes won’t stick to the packaging. The material it’s made of also provides humidity control and UV protection. As a bonus, they also come in several sizes, so they are suited for long(er)-term storage of large quantities of your precious herb.  

Airtight weed containers for long-term storage

Airtight glass jars with dark tint for weed
Airtight glass jars with dark tint are best for storing weed long term

An airtight container isn’t limited to glass and plastic. There are also stainless steel containers that can do the job, like Freshtor’s CVault. CVault comes in various sizes, ranging from 7-gram containers you can take with you to a 21-liter for true long-term storage. Lastly, outside of the container, you also receive Boveda Humidipaks to help maintain the relative humidity inside the container.

Airtight glass jars with dark tint are best for storing weed long term

If you’re looking for opaque containers, you could still use mason jars since they do come in tinted versions. A colored glass container gives you the same effect stainless steel or opaque plastic containers provide by protecting the buds from light exposure.

Blackened glass jars for weed storage
The ultimate weed storage solution are UV-guarded, blackened glass jars like this one

A dark-tinted glass jar is also transparent enough that you can see your buds, unlike stainless steel containers which you have to open. Additionally, glass jars are generally considered the safe choice when storing and keeping cannabis fresh since it doesn’t affect the flavor as opposed to plastic or metal.

Can I Use Tinfoil instead of plastic?

If you don’t have any glass or metal containers available, you could use tinfoil. While it is better for long-term storage than putting your weed in a plastic bag, that’s all it has going for it. It’s far from being proper cannabis storage since it doesn’t protect your buds from getting crushed or smushed.


There are a lot of things to consider when choosing where to store your weed. Important factors such as the container’s impact on your bud’s flavor, its ability to be airtight, and whether it will protect your weed against sunlight are all essential. 

Plastic bags are okay for short-term storage as long as it’s the right type of plastic. If you get the polypropylene ones, the trichomes of your buds may stick to the bag due to static charge. But outside of static cling, many concerns with using food bags to store weed are exaggerated at best. 

Your sandwich bag won’t make microplastics each time it’s opened. The widely used plastic for zips is food-safe, meaning it won’t leach into your buds and add a chemical flavor to it. A lot of research goes into finding alternatives for storage, but research will reward you in the long run. Do yourself a favor and make sure the weed you grow is worth storing long-term by purchasing your seeds from

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FAQs About Storing Weed in a Plastic Bag

How long can you leave weed in a plastic bag?

Assuming it’s in a spot where it’s not in direct contact with sunlight, you could leave weed in a plastic bag for at least a month. That’s not to say that you should. If you have the means to get better containers, you should.

What happens if you store weed in plastic?

It depends on the type of plastic and how long you plan to store it there. It’s safe to store weed in polyethylene bags for a couple of weeks. But store it for longer than intended, and your buds will likely develop mold.

Do plastic bags hide the smell of weed?

Ziplock bags hide the smell of weed, but the smell will permeate through the plastic after some time. It’s one of the few caveats when putting weed in bags.

Can you cure weed in ziplock bags?

While most ziplock bags are temperature resistant, they’re not ideal for curing. This is because the higher the temperature they’re exposed to, the more likely ziplock bags will add a chemical flavor to your buds. Additionally, they’re not as airtight as mason jars.

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