Trellising cannabis

Trellising cannabis is one of many ways for growers to increase their yield. Like learning optimal watering schedules and nutrient feeding, trellising helps produce healthier plants that support larger colas. Specifically, cannabis trellising is often used to support the branches of your plants. The question, though, is how? In this article, we’ll define cannabis trellising and explain its benefits.

What is trellising

Trellising is a type of plant support that adds strength to the branches and organizes plant growth. It consists of a frame that’s typically built over the plants and held up by posts, but it can also be built around them. The material can be wood, plastic, or metal. When trellising cannabis, the ideal material is plastic, however you cannot rely on the frame to encourage your plants to grow evenly. You would need to weave the branches onto the net.

trellising cannabis outdoors
Trellising outdoors

The main goal of trellising is to help distribute the canopy of your topped plants. Doing so improves light penetration and exposure, which improves plant growth. Another benefit to trellising cannabis plants is that it eliminates overcrowding. This is crucial for your plants as they need space to avoid competing for light. 

There’s also the matter of airflow. Trellising improves air circulation in your garden, reducing the odds of diseases cropping up. Cannabis taping and trellising can also support weak or broken branches by attaching them to the trellis via plant tape. It’s a quick and easy way to salvage the branches of your plants, especially ones that hold large colas.

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Indoor vs. Outdoor Trellising

The main difference between indoor and outdoor cannabis trellising is its purpose. In an outdoor setup, trellising may be necessary for extra support. The harsh outdoor environment may be too much against your plants, especially the branches, which are more prone to snapping. Additionally, if your plant is extra tall or top-heavy, trellising can help support heavy colas. 

Trellising Cannabis indoors
Trellising indoors
Trellising outdoors
Trellising outdoors

Indoor trellising is applied to cannabis to reduce its height and help plants from getting too close to the grow lights, which can burn them or induce foxtailing. Indoor trellising also helps ensure plants get evenly distributed light.

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Another distinction between indoor and outdoor cannabis plants’ trellising is style. T-posts and tomato cages are a vertical type of trellising used on cannabis. They help with reinforcing the branches to better handle the outdoor environment. For indoor gardens, horizontal trellising is typically used – such as ScrOG.

How to trellis your marijuana plants

Vertical Trellising outdoors
Vertical trellising

Vertical trellising

Also known as the ‘living wall,’ vertical trellising is a type of plant support used in outdoor setups. You will primarily need T-posts and plastic wires. However, you can also just use wooden posts and any type of mesh you have lying around.

Horizontal trellising outdoors
Horizontal trellising

To install the trellis in your cannabis garden, place the posts on the ends of your plot. One on each side. If growing multiple rows of cannabis, you’ll need to plant posts on each row. Once the posts are in place, attach the mesh from one post to the other. This part is easier if you use T-posts instead of a regular wooden stake.

Horizontal trellising, aka the ScrOG method

Horizontal trellising or Scrogging is the ideal cannabis trellising for indoor setups. It encourages your plants to grow uniformed canopies. This has the benefit of encouraging even light distribution in your indoor setup. It also trains your marijuana to produce shorter plants by making them grow outwards. Scrogging also makes it easier to grow taller plants, making their typical heights more of a suggestion than a restriction.

Trellis cannabis plants
Trellis cannabis plants

You’ll need a mesh and posts to install a horizontal trellis in your garden. Unlike vertical trellising, which only needs 2 posts, you’ll need 4 if you want to do ScrOG. To install, plant the 4 posts on each corner of your indoor setup. Once you have the posts, attach the corners of the mesh to each one. There’s more information about scrogging and  other ways to optimize your grow in our free Grow Bible.  

Why you should trellis cannabis plants

Trellising improves light coverage for your cannabis, which is crucial if you want to grow healthy weed plants. Trellising also improves airflow in your garden. Proper air circulation reduces the risk of diseases in your plants and makes maintenance easier.

Trellising makes pruning less of a hassle. That alone should make it worth it. It also adds structural support for your plants. This is crucial since some strains are known for producing large buds that often snap branches because of how heavy they are.

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What’s the best trellising setup for increasing your yields?

It depends on whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors. Indoors, horizontal trellising is the best setup since it maximizes the space in your setup. It also reduces the height of your plants. Trellising can be necessary to help keep your plants from getting burned by your grow lights.

a man doing trellising technique on cannabis plants
Advanced training technique

Outdoors, vertical trellising often works the best since it helps support your cannabis from the rigors of the harsh outdoor environment. Outside of adding structural support, it also improves light distribution like most trellising.


Trellising is a fairly advanced training technique. It’s not something you can learn from just one article, which is why you should download the Grow Bible, where you can learn how to grow like a pro. In addition to trellising, you can learn other training techniques that may suit you better.

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FAQs About Trellising Cannabis

Is Trellising Only for Outdoor Cannabis Plants?

No. Trellising is available for both indoor and outdoor cannabis plants. If anything, indoor setups that feature trellising (scrogging) are more common than outdoor setups.

How Long Does Trellis Netting Last?

It varies from material to material. Most plastic trellis netting last around 18 to 24 months. Metal meshes can last up to 5 years.

How Does Trellising Compare to Super Cropping?

Trellising is similar to super cropping in that it trains cannabis plants to grow a certain way. However, the difference is that trellising doesn’t require you to snap the branches of your plants. Instead, you weave them into the mesh.

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