Robert Bergman

May 9, 2019

At any given time, it is believed that up to 25 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain can severely impact a person’s quality of life and/or cause lifelong disability.

Chronic pain is rarely managed with prescription medications without causing further harm. Instead, many patients live with pain or suffer from harmful side effects.

Marijuana and CBD oil are safe and effective options for living with chronic pain and regaining a healthy and happy life. Plus, with CBD oil there are no potential side effects. This article defines chronic pain and explains how marijuana can help stop it.


What is chronic pain

Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts longer than six months. It’s based on the longevity of pain symptoms and not the type of pain. It can vary from mild to excruciating and occur continuously or occasionally Chronic pain can also occur in any part of the body. Some common forms of chronic pain include carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, and neck pain. The pain can last years, taking not only a significant physical toll but also an emotional toll on the sufferer.

What is Chronic Pain
What is Chronic Pain

Chronic pain often leads to depression, anger, and stress. This is little surprise since being in constant pain for months or even years is not a pleasant experience. These emotions can make it more difficult for the human body to produce natural painkillers, and might even amplify the pain.

What causes chronic pain

Often, chronic pain begins from an injury or an infection from which the body never fully heals. There could also be an ongoing cause of the pain (poor posture, being overweight, or poor sleep), or it can arise even without a triggering event. Additionally, chronic pain can be caused by diseases including arthritis, cancer, and multiple sclerosis.

Symptoms of chronic pain

Pain (whether mild or severe) that just will not go away is possibly chronic pain. The pain could be shooting or aching It can include feelings of soreness, stiffness and other kinds of discomfort.

Chronic pain is rarely a diagnosis on its own. Usually, people with chronic pain also suffer from additional symptoms as well, including a weakened immune system, fatigue, and withdrawal; as well as depression and anxiety.

Current treatments for chronic pain

Treating chronic pain is almost as frustrating as having it. Many patients find no relief from their medical providers and turn to street drugs instead, only making the situation worse. Whether or not relief is ever found, having chronic pain often means significantly changing your life to manage it, as it is rarely possible to entirely heal it.

Treatments of Chronic Pain
Treatments of Chronic Pain

Managing chronic pain to the point of living a daily life is often done through a variety of methods. Many people try to manage pain through massage, relaxation therapies, behavior modification, and alternative medicines such as tai chi and acupuncture. While these have proven promising in helping people to manage their pain, they are often expensive and time-consuming.

There is also a wide range of pharmaceutical drugs available to manage pain. However, these drugs can have a wide range of side effects, especially when taken long-term. Some of those side effects could even be worse than the chronic pain they are intended to manage in the first place. Even worse, many chronic pain medications are addictive, which creates a whole new problem in the life of someone who already suffers from the disorder.

CBD as a treatment for chronic pain

If you’re searching for a natural source of chronic pain treatment with few side effects, medical marijuana could be a great option for you. Research shows that they could be ideal for people who suffer from chronic pain: Plus, many strains of marijuana treat pain while not causing a significant high.

Cannabis for chronic non-cancer pain
In 2001, a group of Canadian researchers surveyed cannabis use among people with chronic non-cancer pain. This was not a controlled trial – they simply asked the participants whether they used marijuana, how often they did so, and what their preferred dosage was.

CBD Treatment for Chronic Pain
CBD Treatment for Chronic Pain

The results showed that the people who used cannabis experienced less pain, better sleep, and a better mood. This was compared to those who did not use the drug at all. The only side effects reported were a dry mouth and the high that the drug is known for (which can be avoided with low THC strains or CBD oil).

Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain and Psychiatric Problems
Much more recently, in 2015, a group of researchers decided to review previous research on marijuana and pain to see if they could find some new results by combining all that information. They looked at data from 28 past clinical trials and concluded that there were positive results in the studies that looked at the use of medical marijuana in patients with multiple sclerosis, neuropathic pain, and chronic pain.

While both studies focus on the use of medical marijuana for chronic pain, CBD oil also provides much of the same relief. CBD oil is derived from high-CBD strains of marijuana that often have little to no THC. Without the THC, these strains of cannabis are non-psychoactive while still providing much of the health benefits present in marijuana.


There are hundreds of “ingredients” that make up a marijuana plant, but the two that are most important to be aware of are cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as CBD and THC. These two compounds together create most of the effects that we recognize as the effects of using marijuana.

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THC is a psychoactive drug and is often sought after by recreational users. Many strains have been bred to have a high concentration of THC. While they may relieve pain, those strains will also be more likely to cause fatigue and feelings of anxiety, two other side effects of THC. If you’re looking for more pain management and less of a high, you will likely be looking for a strain with a far higher concentration of the other primary ingredient, CBD.

CBD is non-psychoactive and combats the effects of THC. On its own, it does not cause anxiety and has even been used to treat schizophrenia. It also does not lead to fatigue while still lessening the experience of pain. By taking CBD, you should be able to continue to lead your daily life without interruption, but with significantly less pain.

How to take medical marijuana

There are many ways to consume marijuana, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes. The one you choose depends on your goals and personal preferences. Be willing to try a few different methods before deciding if marijuana is right for you.

Many people prefer to smoke their marijuana. The plant is rolled into joints and then smoked the same way that tobacco is smoked. This can also be done in pipes or bongs. This method means that the drug gets into your system quickly, but it also leaves the tell-tale smell of marijuana in the air and on your clothing, which can bother some people. Plus, the practice of smoking anything is never good for your lungs, especially if you already have respiratory problems. So, for some people, this may be a method to avoid.

Medical Marijuana Treatment for Chronic Pain
Medical Marijuana Treatment for Chronic Pain

Vaping is like smoking because it involves inhaling the drug, but it does not involve smoke and is therefore healthier for your lungs than smoking. The plant is put into a machine and then heated up until you can inhale the vapors from it, leading to a quick high but no lasting smell.

If inhaling sounds unappealing altogether, you might be interested in trying edibles. You can purchase or make your own edibles with any kind of food – from brownies to popcorn to ice cream (or even a less sugary treat, but where’s the fun in that?). The dosage can be very carefully controlled, and the high will last longer. However, it will take longer for you to feel the effects of the drug after eating than it would when smoking, so be sure to give it time to kick in.

If none of those options appeal to you, you can consider one of the myriad other ways of consuming the cannabis plant, such as a tea, spray, topical or even eating the plant raw.

Grow your own cancer arthritis

Growing your own medical marijuana is a surprisingly easy option for many people. By growing your medicine, you save money and stay in complete control of its production. If treating your chronic pain with marijuana growing your own is the best way to go.

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Many strains of marijuana are perfect for treating chronic pain, including Amnesia Haze and Chronic Widow. However, for the least amount of potential side effects, choose a strain that is high in CBD like Trainwreck. Our grow bible has everything you need to get started growing the solution for your chronic pain.

Chronic pain can have a huge negative effect on your quality of life. It can make it difficult to enjoy even the simplest of activities. With medical marijuana and CBD oil, you can get back to living the life you want to live, without constant suffering.

Have you ever tried medical marijuana and did it work out for you? Please share your experience in the comments below.


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