FDA-Approved Research on the Effects of Cannabis on PTSD Enters Phase 2

January 14, 2019

May 09, 2018

Research on non-recreational uses of cannabis faces many substantial challenges due to federal and state restrictions. For instance, it is always difficult for researchers to get the suitable strains and amount of cannabis to study on. Moreover, research facilities are often reluctant in giving the go-ahead to cannabis-related studies.

Amid these dispiriting conditions for marijuana research, there is a study that is going to enter its second phase. An FDA-approved research to study the effects of cannabis on PTSD symptoms will soon have a second round of observations.

PTSD is a leading psychological disease among veterans. Conventional medicinal treatments are not proved to be effective and therefore many PTSD-affected vets resort to alternative therapeutic options including medical cannabis. The research is underway in an institute called Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). The facility is focused on studying the therapeutic aspects of different psychedelic substances.

FDA-Approved Research on the Effects of Cannabis on PTSD
FDA-Approved Research on the Effects of Cannabis on PTSD – Image powered by Greenwavemd.com

The project by MAPS to assess the effects of marijuana on PTSD-affected vets was green-lighted by the US Public Health Service four years ago. Department of Public Health and Environment in Colorado provided a fund for the research. The first phase of research was completed in more than a year’s time and its satisfactory outcome has made the commencement of phase 2 possible. In this phase, the volunteers will be divided into four groups:

  • The first group will administer a strain with a high content of THC
  • The second group will be given cannabis strains rich in CBD
  • The third group will get both CBD and THC in equal ratio
  • The fourth group will receive a placebo

Initially, the subjects will administer respective strains under the observation of researchers in two different sessions. It is called familiarization stage where researchers will study how the subjects are responding to the effects of cannabis.

Once the subjects pass the familiarization zone, they will have to consume two grams of cannabis daily for three weeks under no observation. After its completion, a fortnight of no cannabis will be followed.

PSTD – Image powered by Echoconnection.org

In the final step, the subjects will administer marijuana in a random fashion in different amounts. All through this time period, the researchers will constantly observe how cannabis administration is affecting the symptoms of PTSD in the subjects. To get this information, different psychological tests will be conducted while the subjects will be required to report on their mental wellbeing.

With the help of all the gathered data, the researchers will develop vital health report of the subjects in connection with the effects of MMJ on their PTSD condition. Chief Researcher Dr. Sue Sisley is hopeful that by the end of phase 2 they will be able to know the underlying reasons for the efficacy of cannabis for PTSD symptoms.

The intent of this study is to provide a harmless alternative to military veterans suffering from PTSD. Veterans have one of the highest rates of prescription medication overdose because regular drugs are very ineffective in alleviating PTSD symptoms. If the research concludes successfully, we might see some leniency from the federal administration on the use of medical marijuana.

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