10 Fragrant plants for covering up the smell of your marijuana plants

When you’re growing your own cannabis, there is one thing you need, that has nothing to do with the grow itself.

In fact, many beginning growers forget about this altogether.

I’m referring of course, to fragrant plants that mask the smell of weed.

How to mask the smell of your weed plants

Cannabis in the flowering stage is extremely pungent.

If you don’t want people to notice suspicious smells, you’re going to want to grow another type of garden to cover up the smell of your Kush plants.

Which plants do you choose? These are the most fragrant plants you can cultivate to cover up the smell of your grow.


The calendula plant is not only one of the most fragrant plants around, it has many other uses as well.

Calendula flowers are often used for therapeutic purposes.

Using Calendula flower as a companion plant for marijuana
A Calendula flower

The leaves have a more herbal scent, while the flowers smell sweet and strongly of resin.

Basil is a delicious herb that can be grown both indoors and outdoors.


It releases a strong, somewhat minty and peppery aroma, which will surely cover up the smell of even some of the strongest smelling cannabis plants.

Using Basil as a companion plant for marijuana
Basil and more plants

Basil is used to make pesto, which can of course be made with cannabis as well.

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As far as fragrant plants that will cover up the smell of your grow go, you can’t go wrong with marjoram.

The aroma of marjoram is similar to the strong herbal smell of oregano, but slightly sweeter.

Like basil, marjoram can also be grown indoors and outdoors.

Growing Marjoram and cannabis plant side by side
Marjoram and marijuana plant side by side

It is best when grown in containers and placed in a window where it can get plenty of sunshine.

It’s a fairly easy herb to grow too, thus making it perfect for cannabis growers who want to focus their energies on their crop.

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I personally love the smell of lavender, though others find it too strong.

Growing Lavender and marijuana plants
Lavender and cannabis plants

No matter your thoughts on the scent of lavender itself, you can’t deny that its fragrance does a great job covering up the smell of cannabis plants in full bloom.

Lavender also works great for aromatherapy, so growing some lavender is sure to calm your nerves and alleviate stress.


This is another of my favorite fragrant plants, and it works perfectly for covering up the smell of your grow.

Juniper branch with berries and marijuana plant
Juniper branch with berries

Juniper is a shrub, and it will most likely attract animals to your garden, so make sure that you’re not using it to cover up an outdoor grow, otherwise animals might be drawn to your crops.

Lemon balm

Mmmm just the thought of the smell of lemon balm is making my mouth water.

Lemon balm is pretty easy to grow and will give your garden a fresh lemony and slightly minty aroma, sure to cover up even the most pungent of cannabis plants.

Growing Lemon balm with marijuana plants
Lemon balm

This most fragrant plant will grow in pretty much any environment, though it prefers sunshine!


Eucalyptus is a good herb to grow anyway, regardless if you’re growing cannabis or not.

Growing Eucalyptus and marijuana together

This herb can be used for a number of things besides covering up the smell of your grow.

It not only helps you when you’ve got a bit of a cough, but the strong smell of sage helps repel pests that would otherwise destroy your crop.

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Thyme is another one of the most fragrant plants you can grow, and as such is perfect for covering up the smell of your grow.

Thyme and other marijuana companion plants
Thyme and other companion plants

This herb comes in many varieties, but the one you want is English thyme, which is the one that is most often used for cooking.


Rosemary is an excellent addition to any garden, especially those that are used to cover up the smell of cannabis.

Growing Rosemary and Marijuana together

This fragrant herb is also known for reducing stress, so it is often used in aromatherapy.

You’ll find that it is an excellent addition to your garden.


Mint needs no introduction because we all know what it smells like.

There are few things that do a better job at covering up the smell of your grow than mint.

Growing mint and marijuana together

Peppermint is incredibly beneficial for your health, and you’ll love being able to pick a fresh leaf off of your plant every day.

FAQ about plants that cover weed smell

During which grow stage do cannabis plants possess the strongest smell?

Cannabis plants are most pungent during their flowering stage of growth.

Which plants can be grown along with weed to mask its smell?

Basil, lemon balm and eucalyptus are among the most common fragrant plants that are excellent choices for covering up weed smell.

What fragrant plants also have therapeutic benefits, aside from covering the smell of weed?

If you want to make the most out of the plants that you’ll grow along with marijuana, go for calendula, lavender and rosemary for added therapeutic benefits.

You’ll realize that it’s not that complicated to grow marijuana. Let our blog be your informative guide.

Did we miss any? What fragrant plants do you use to cover up the smell of your grow? Tell us in the comments! There’s someone who will most likely read it.

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3 comments on “10 Fragrant plants for covering up the smell of your marijuana plants”

  1. nice article and thanks for the info. I would also recommend checking the varieties of the plant you select. For example, lavender has several varieties and they vary from no sent to English lavender which is quite strong. also, consider the timing of your masking plants with your cannabis. no need to grow it if it isn’t ready in those weeks when you need it. Grow them in close proximity to your crop so you know the cover scent goes along with your bud bliss. happy growing all.

  2. Thank you for this article! I actually hate the smell of weed, also it gives me serious migraines, but unfortunately my neighbor smokes and grows it and occasionally it wafts over the garden fence. I’ve been desperate to find something I can plant to drown it out so I can enjoy the use of my backyard again. I’ll definitely try to grow some of these! I like that they might be useful in the kitchen, too.