Blueberry Autoflower Indoors

First Grow with Blueberry Autoflower

The best way to learn how to grow marijuana is to start growing!

Late bloomers regret not getting hands-on experience sooner. With the amount of research and materials online, it’s easy to grow cannabis inside your house. Sometimes, people become stagnant in researching. They get overloaded and overwhelmed by too much information.

No amount of research can prepare you for growing. Even the most experienced growers run into unanticipated challenges.

This grow journal records the excitement of growing Blueberry cannabis for the first time!


  • 2x4x7 Gorilla Grow Tent
  • 2 Hyper fans: 8” inside, 6” outside
  • P300 LED
  • 5 Gallon Smart Pot
  • FoxFarm Ocean Forest Mix
  • FoxFarm Trio Nutrients
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water
  • ILGM Auto Blueberry

Grower: Bassface
Location: NA

November 5th

For the past 5 days, this seedling receives sprays of a gallon of RO water with 2.5mL CalMag. PH is down to 6.4. The P300 LED light is at 36” away. The Hyper fans are also both set on low.

Seems like we’re all set! For first-timers, think in terms of mL, not cups. Don’t drench your soil. Use a spray bottle. Finally, FoxFarm has everything you need for the first 6 weeks. There’s no need to add nutrients right away.

November 20th

This baby is already 9 days old. She still receives RO water with PH down to 6.3.

9 days old

November 23rd

There was a humidity issue inside the tent but it’s fixed now. The humidifier was placed just outside the tent to let the intake fan suck humid air into the tent. Within half an hour, the humidity went up from 25 to 45%.

Here she is! She looks quite happy after we hit the humidity sweet spot.

December 3rd

We may have an issue.

A few days back, the leaves and stems started dropping. They’ve been fed with 3.75mL and 1.5mL of Big Bloom and Grow Big which were dissolved in half a gallon of water. Every feeding, they receive less than a pint of the solution.

This lone plant started flowering a week ago. The temp has gone up to 80-85°F and humidity stayed around 40%.

Maybe the plant was stressed too much and hopefully, it’s just sagging temporarily.

December 7th

Thank goodness! The droop was a mistake. It was just the plant getting bigger and heavier. Every other day, the plant is measured and the light is always maintained to stay 24” above the plant. That’s the recommended height in late veg and bloom. She’s also receiving plain water now to keep the leaves perky.

heavy plant

December 9th

This baby finally received her first mixed flower feed. Half a gallon of RO water was mixed with:

12 hours later, PH and PPM read 6.4 and 535 respectively. Despite the normal findings, she seems to be drooping again. Winning is hard!

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    December 12th

    Bloom switch is on for a week. Now, this plant will receive Open Sesame and Emerald Harvest Honey Chome.

    Open Sesame

    December 14th

    It’s time to flush to keep the plant from drooping. It started with15 gallons of distilled water. She received flower feed mix with 2mL of Emerald Harvest Cal Mag. After testing runoff, the results showed PPM 350 and PH 6.7. She’s back in the tent now.

    December 15th

    24 hours after the flush, there’s noticeably less drooping in the leaves. She looks awesome!

    less drooping

    December 17th

    It’s LST time! She received a little LST now that she’s 26 days old. She recovered quite well. This should activate more nodes for a thicker growth!


    December 19th 

    The LST on her looks pretty awesome. The leaves have been dropping so it might be time for another flush. It could also be a good idea to check the runoff to see where it’s at.

    dropping leaves

    December 30th

    This one is showing a lot of progress! She is finally days into flower. You can almost imagine how fragrant she is!

    January 4th

    They look just about done. You can tell they’re all young-looking flowers with white hairs. It looks like there are some clear trichomes but no obvious signs of amber yet.

    January 12th

    Harvest may not be for another two weeks. The amber heads are just showing up over the last few days. There are also subtle signs of nitrogen deficiency.
    With this auto grow, it seems you should feed a transition feed throughout flower. She hasn’t received any Grow Big through flower and that’s what seems to cause the yellow to take over the plants.

    amber heads

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      January 12th

      Harvest is just around the corner. Here are some close ups of the trichomes.

      January 17th

      And in just over two months, it’s finally harvest day! This autoflower grow is mind blowing! It only took a little over two months to grow.

      These buds look juicy. And they also say you can lower the temperature and they will turn purple like the photo on the ILGM website. These Blueberries are also known to change colors in the curing stage. This one had signs of purple on the bottom side of the buds.

      Grower: Bassface
      Location: NA

      As this grow journal shows us, autoflowering cannabis have a fast turn around and require less effort to grow. That means if you get your hands on some autoflowering marijuana strains right now, you can expect your harvest in less than three months!

      Have you grown autoflowering marijuana before?

      Happy growing!

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        1. I have been growing blueberry autoflower for about 6 weeks and is only 15cm tall and looks similar to the one above after three weeks. I am growing a single plant in a small grow tent (40cm x 40m x 120cm) with 90w LED. It looks healthy but seems small