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Find some of the best stores to get the grow lights you need.

Grow Light Central

Grow Light Central

What started with a few growers, ended up in one of the best places online to buy lights, grow tents and trimmers.

Grow Light Central has a great selection of American brands whose products are proven to work by professionals. They give out long warranties and have a great return policy, so you know you have some guarantees when you buy something.

California Lightworks

California Lightworks

Since 2008 California Lightworks has been a pioneer in advanced technology LED lighting for horticulture. All products are designed, manufactured and supported in our Southern California factory and we stand behind every product we have ever made. From small scale home grow to large scale indoor and greenhouse applications, we offer optimal lighting solutions.

The new SolarXtreme range of full spectrum LED grow lights from California Lightworks features our exclusive Optigrow light spectrum which offers the best results for all phases of growth in a single fixture. Optigrow has been specially formulated and tested to give the best
results in while offering full power for bloom and high yields.

The SolarSystem series from California Lightworks is a high-power range of LED grow lights for direct replacement of traditional HID bulb technology – at up to 50% less energy and heat and never a bulb to change. Power levels are available from 200 to 800 watts – all featuring programmable digital spectrum control for the highest quality and yields at the least possible energy usage. We use top-shelf Osram LEDs with the highest efficiency in the market.

Buds of Life

Buds of Life

We have been into the growing cannabis indoor from last five years, we have made many experiments to find out which is the perfect grow light for which size, which seeds to choose, which nutrition you will need, how to deal with the bugs and what not!

Since the USA & Canada have finally legalized growing medical marijuana indoor so, we came up with a blog named so that we can share our experience with you guys!

We have written about 100+ posts in our blog, and we have tried to include everything about growing cannabis indoor!

We have written a complete go-to guide to start growing cannabis indoor from the very basic or we can say from the 0.

Now if you think that you are someone who’s a newbie when it comes to growing cannabis indoor, then you are at the right place.

Our only aim is to share our experience through this blog so that the future generation can learn to get maximum yields with minimum investment!

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Grow Bible

marijuana grow bible
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  • Avoid common grow mistakes

    Full Spectrum

    fs grow lights has a comprehensive resource that gives new and seasoned growers helpful advice to follow, tools to use, and results to look for when growing marijuana indoors.

    The site goes in-depth on the different grow lights that industry experts love. These reviews are helpful for new growers and experts alike who want to know as much as possible about a grow light or lighting brand before making their purchase.

    Learn how grow lights play a role in every stage of growing marijuana.

    Grow Dorm

    Grow Dorm

    First up: Dorm Grow. Dorm Grow LED is a direct distributor of G8LED Lighting Company, an LED manufacturer with optimal grow technology built into the lighting system. Every LED light comes with a 5-year limited and 2-year full warranty as well as a 90-day risk free period of 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee. It is also reassuring to see the three High Times awards, two of which are for best LED lights. The website is clean and inviting, complete with a grow blog and tons of lighting resources. For now, they also offer free shipping to the U.S. and Canada. This is your place for high-quality, high-tech LED grow lights.

    Big Ticket Item
    The G8-450 Full Spectrum LED Veg/Flower grow light is G8LED’s most popular product. With intense coverage for up to 8 plants and the strength to penetrate 5 feet of canopy, this G8LED has the growing power of 600-800 Watts of a high-pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (MH) bulb. Dorm Grow claims that the electrical savings from this guy will end up paying for the whole cost of the G8LED product within the first year of usage at $599.95.

    The People’s Choice
    The raving reviews are almost sickening because not one of them are lower than 5 stars or is without exclamation points! My first instinct is that they aren’t real, but the varied people and reviews prove to be quite real. Doing more research on G8LED proved to me that there is a huge cult following and the product is just that good.

    The most popular customer choice is the G8-450 Full Spectrum LED Veg/Flower grow light at $599.95, making it an affordable choice for such a niche product of only LEDs with specialized technology.

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    marijuana grow bible
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