How Do I Deal with Overcrowding Plants: Part 1

Are your plants overcrowding?

Probably. This is a common problem amongst especially new growers, and most of us don’t really think much of it.

With the tide of legalization sweeping the US, Canada and Europe, a lot of people are growing in their own houses, apartments, a closet under the stairs, the attic, etc.

Compared to things like powdery mildew, a little overcrowding doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal.

The truth is that overcrowding is a more serious problem than you think and could seriously jeopardize the health and vitality of your crop.

How do you know if your plants are overcrowding?

How do you deal with overcrowding plants? Most importantly, how do you prevent this from ever happening again?

Signs/ Side Effects Caused by Overcrowding Plants

Do any of these apply? Do all apply? You probably have overcrowding plants.

Each Plant is Less Than an Inch Apart

If you can’t run your hand through the space between each of your plants then they are definitely overcrowding.

Try to get them to stay at the very least an inch and a half apart from each other for optimal growth. Growing them closer to an inch should be okay; your plants will grow just fine, though they will be a little cozy.

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If You’re Seeing More Vertical than Horizontal Growth

Of course, outdoor sativa strains are going to grow a lot taller than the much bushier indica, so you should take that into consideration when comparing vertical vs horizontal growth.

If you’re trying to grow a much stockier strain such as Bubblegum Kush, you should leave plenty of room for the plant to get nice and fat. If they’re growing in too lean, this could be a bad sign.

What Will This Result In?

Powdery mildew on marijuana plant

The Dreaded Powdery Mildew

If you’re starting to see powdery mildew crop up on your plants, this is a sure sign of poor air circulation. What is one of the biggest causes of poor circulation?

It’s overcrowding!

Remember that these plants are living things and they need to be able to breathe! Overcrowding is much easier to fix than powdery mildew, so best to take care of it early!

Weak Branches and Stems

When your plants are overcrowding, they are fighting for a finite amount of nutrients. In order to compete for light and oxygen they will end up stretching up too far and as a result become weak and brittle.

They will begin to use other branches for support and can sometimes end up breaking them.

This is a problem especially when attempting to move plants with weak branches. You could end up snapping off a stem or even an entire branch!

So, now you know you have overcrowding plants and this can do to the health of your plants. To learn how to deal with them stay tuned for Part 2!

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Did we miss any? What are other signs of overcrowding plants? Tell us in the comments!

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