How to Cut Marijuana Plants

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The marijuana flowers have to be removed from the branches and also leaves have to be removed to avoid a chlorophyll flavor. The only thing you want to keep are the sticky flowers without leaves or branches.

What is necessary to cut the marijuana plant

  • A sharp, pointed scissor to cut the leaves off the flowers
  • 90% alcohol to remove the resin from the scissors
  • Gant chirurgical to keep your hands clean from the resin

How to do it

  1. Remove all the large leaves without any resin and throw them away.
  2. Remove all the small leaves close to the flowers but keep them, they contain a lot of resin.
  3. Remove the flowers from the branches, so all what is left are little balls of weed.
  4. Place the weed in airtight preserving jars and store them in a dark place.
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