ILGM AK-47 Auto from Day 49

ILGM AK-47 Auto from Day 4

Named after an assault rifle, people mistakenly associate the AK-47 cannabis strain with high energy. Don’t let its name fool you. This breed of marijuana will leave you relaxed and mellow. It delivers a strong, cerebral buzz just enough to keep you mentally alert and sociable.

While the AK-47’s scent is sour and earthy, it has sweet, floral notes that can only be experienced when smoked. It’s perfect for stress relief, mood alleviation, pain management, stimulating appetite, and controlling fatigue.

Marijuana growers see AK-47 as a moderately difficult strain. It can grow between 1 to 2 meters in height even while spending an average of 9 weeks in the flowering stage. However, it can also produce overwhelming yields. It’s known to produce anywhere between 250 to 500g of fresh marijuana strain for every square meter.

This grow journal shows a grower’s experience in cultivating AK-47.

Grower: Code420tv
Location: NA
Yield: 172 grams, dried
Seeds: AK-47

January 11th

This grow journal starts with the plant already at Day 49. It has been receiving a feeding of”

  • CalMag, 6mL
  • Tiger Bloom, 3tsp
  • Photosynthesis Plus, 15mL
  • Fruit and Yield Enhance, 15mL
  • Nourish L, 15mL
  • Distilled Water pH-ed to 6.65, 1 gallon

Here are some photos to show how well the plant has developed.

For flowering, she’s receiving light from 1 Mars Hydro reflector 96 series 210 from the wall, five 65W from the wall, two 42W CFL from the wall, and one 13W CFL from the wall. It’s a total of 632W.

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    January 13th

    On her 51st day, she started showing signs of boron deficiency. Boron is best absorbed when the pH is below 6.5. Unfortunately, this plant is being fed and watered within pH 6.5.

    To help fix this issue, a semi-flush was done to get the runoff to pH 6.2. Online resources say boron is best absorbed below pH 6.5. Here she is after the semi-flush just before her bedtime.

    Right now, she is 41 inches tall and 29 inches across one way and 27 inches across the other way.

    January 18th

    From now to finish, all this plant will have is Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom. She’s growing tall and strong at Day 56.

    January 25th

    On Day 63, you can see distinctive changes in her. She is significantly taller. As you can see, the table is dwarfed by her. These buds have also become frosty and covered in trichomes. However, there aren’t any signs of amber yet. Every passing day brings with it even fatter buds.

    Also had to up her potassium so her nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium additives were continued even during the final stretch.

    January 27th

    On another note, here is a Super Skunk from another grow. She is about 9 inches away from the light. 3 days after taking this photo, she grew three more inches toward the light.

    February 2nd

    This plant isn’t producing any amber crystals yet but there are more purple ones compared to the last grow. Here are photos of Day 73. You can see just how fat the buds have become. The branches are also spread out evenly, allowing plenty of air to move beneath the canopy. This should mitigate the growth of molds and other harmful fungus.

    This plant obviously can probably go a week more before harvest. The smell is also much stronger than previous AK-47s and it has more crystals too.

    February 4th

    Here’s a tasty sneak peak of a White Widow in a separate grow. Notice how here lower branches have been cleared to allow more light to permeate and reach the important places. This was the same approach used for the AK-47 during its younger days

    This White Widow is getting chopped down later today. She should keep on going for a few more days because she still has some punches left in her. There are also some fresh white hairs popping out and there’s only 10% amber. However, the grow room is needed for other plants.

    This photo should show how congested the grow space is.

    Going back to the AK-47, you can see these buds are so fat they’re almost the size of a 2-liter soda bottle.

    Currently, this AK-47 is 45 inches tall from the bottom of the pot, 33 inches across one way, and 27 inches across the other way.

    February 14th

    Harvest day has come for the AK-47. This was quite a fast grow process considering it has only been 82 days since she popped out from the soil.

    Here’s a 2-liter jug for perspective.

    Each jug is as long as a full-grown man’s arm.

    These buds have just the right amount of amber trichomes.

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      March 8th

      After drying, this single plant was able to produce 172 grams including the popcorn buds. Not bad at all!

      Grower: Code420tv
      Location: NA
      Yield: 172 grams, dried
      Seeds: AK-47

      ILGM’s AK-47 is guaranteed to produce a high yield and this grow journal proves just that. Despite its size, it can still be great for an indoor grow as seen here. When grown outdoors, you can expect it to finish flowering towards the end of October. AK-47 also flourishes in a mildly dry climate condition with temperatures of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

      Because AK-47 produces big buds, you can expect plenty of feeding during flowering. Phosphorus levels can fluctuate in this marijuana strain. Its large buds are also prone to bud rot which makes outdoor gardening a challenge.

      Despite the moderate difficulty in growing this plant, you can still cultivate AK-47 indoors even if you are a beginner. Keep in mind this grows great in either hydroponic or in soil mediums to get the best results. It’s also perfect for a Sea of Green.

      Topping and pruning is highly recommended for AK-47. This grow journal didn’t show it but the even spread of the branches and the colas indicate it underwent some training.

      Before you attempt a stealth grow, keep in mind that AK-47 is known to have a powerful smell. Make sure you have an air filtration system that runs properly and effectively.

      What was your experience in growing AK-47?

      Happy growing!

      Bob ILGM

      Writer, Grower at I Love Growing Marijuana

      Bob knows a thing or two about growing at home. He's not as experienced as Robert, but he has a knack for keeping his gardens incognito. Bob also loves writing about how other people grow their crops and has extensive knowledge on anything you might need to have a successful grow in your own home.... [Read full bio]