White Widow strain

This 1990’s hybrid cannabis strain is touted as a staple in the Amsterdam coffee-shop scene.

Known as an indica-dominant strain, White Widow strain is known and loved for its steady, strong head high.

Often referred to as a more cerebral smoke, White Widow strain allows for a light feeling of relaxation, with a vivid, enjoyable mental buzz.

Famous as one of the first imports from Europe, White Widow was bred in the Netherlands first.

It was created by crossing a South Indian Indica with a South American Sativa, and is known for its distinct buds covered in sticky crystallized resin, and its potent effects.

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Growers love this strain for its uncomplicated characteristics.

With the THC levels in the above average, White Widow is guaranteed to maintain its all-round popularity.

Don’t want to read? Watch the strain review on Vimeo or YouTube!

White Widow weed strain attributes:
ORIGINSouth American Sativa x South Indian Indica
EFFECTSHappy, Euphoric, Uplifted, Relaxed, Creative
FRAGRANCEPungent, earthy, spicy, herbal
FLAVORSEarthy, woody, pungent, sweet, sugary
ADVERSE REACTIONSDry mouth, Dry eyes, Paranoid, Dizzy
USESStress, depression, pain, fatigue
CBD %0.20%
INDICA / SATIVA %60% / 40%
INDOOR YIELD18 ounces per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD21 ounces or more per plant
CLIMATESunny but also suitable for colder climates
White Widow Seeds

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  • 60% Indica 40% Sativa
  • THC levels up to 19%
  • High yielding easy growing plant
  • Mind-opening euphoric high / powerful mental buzz
  • Feminized seeds for guaranteed results

White Widow effects

White Widow delivers a typically pleasant, smooth high. It guarantees a good time by relaxing and uplifting at the same time. Creatives who may be looking to get inspired, can count on this strain to push them into an open minded and invigorating state of consciousness.

White Widow Strain Effects
White Widow, The crystallized mood-lifter

White Widow provides an expansive, social high with a light-bodied presence. This is what makes it popular among those who want to steer clear from a heavy couch-lock.

The balanced, well-engineered strain, can leave you feeling physically relaxed, without the extreme heaviness that many day-time users try to avoid.

This among other reasons is why it is well-referred to as a strain that deserves the hype it comes with. If that’s what you’re looking for, make sure to check out White Widow Seeds in our marijuana seed shop.

White Widow terpenes

The most notable terpenes of this well-known weed strain include carene, caryophyllene, myrcene, β-Pinene, and phellandrene.

Aroma & Flavor

White Widow gets its name from the crystals it is covered in. This consequently means that it looks a little like it is dipped in sugar, something that you smell traces of when smoked. It is incredibly pungent and strong in fragrance, with earthy and spicy undertones.

White Widow is a happy-go-lucky companion, inducing a gentle feeling of euphoria and joy.

White Widow gets its name from the crystals it is covered inthis consequently means it looks a little like it is dipped in sugar, something that you smell traces of when smoked correctly. It is incredibly pungent and strong in fragrance, with earthy and spicy undertones.

White Widow Strain Fragrance
White Widow buds

Much like its fragrance, White Widows’ flavors are also reminiscent of its famed earthiness. The smoke is known to be sweet and leaves a slight sugary after-taste in the mouth. Hints of pine and wood can also be detected in its flavors, making it a very special and interesting mix of notes.

Carenesweet, citrus, pungent, herbal, earthy, musky, wood, cedar, cypress wood
Caryophyllenespicy, cinnamon, clover
Myrceneearthy, musky, fruity, clover, hop, pungent
β-Pinenedill, parsley, basil, hops, wood, pine
Phellandrenemint, lime, citrus, herbal, floral, wood

Adverse reactions

White Widow is popular among recreational users, as well as experienced aficionados, for its very gentle presence of side effects. Among the few adverse reactions, dry mouth is the most prevalent one, and dry eyes and a sensation of dehydration has also been observed.

Mild paranoia and nervousness has been observed in very few. In extremely rare cases, headaches and dizziness has also been an effect, but mostly in those who have consumed more than they are used to.

There are many popular strains that are direct descendants of the White Widow. Read our full review on White Siberia Strain, White Queen Strain and White knight Strain


A clear favorite among medical consumers, patients have used White Widow in the battle against many ailments. It has helped ease symptoms and all sorts of mood disorders, ranging from PMS to anxiety and depression. PTSD and ADD/ADHD are also being successfully treated with the use of White Widow.

Download my free marijuana grow guide and start growing your very own white widow plant!

This strain has been widely recommended for the treatment of those who suffer from the stresses of daily life. Because of this its the perfect come-down smoke after a long day at the office and work. Fatigue has also been successfully eased with White Widow, due to its mentally stimulating properties.

In many cases, it has been reported that White Widow is a powerful way to combat general aches and pains and induce a restful night of sleep for those who suffer from a strong case of insomnia.

Growing White Widow

White Widow is a hybrid that can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but it is recommended to be cultivated more in a controlled indoor setting. It is fairly resistant to diseases and suitable in sunny and warm settings, although it easily adapts to slightly colder climates as well.

White Widow Strain Growing
Growing White Widow plants

White Widow’s powerful energizing effects along with its relaxing properties guarantee a great time by relaxing and uplifting simultaneously while offering an expansive, social high with a light-bodied presence.

If that’s right up your alley, then make sure to check our White Widow seeds in the ILGM seed shop, where we’ve got both feminized and auto-flowering seeds!

Flowering time

Indoor yield

Growing this medium-height strain indoors can yield up to 18 ounces per square meter.

White Widow is said to have an estimated average flowering time of around 8-9 weeks.

Outdoor yield

If you are growing White Widow outdoors, there is a very good chance of a more generous yield, often reaching up to 21 ounces per plant.

Typically, White Widow is available for harvest around the end of October.

White Widow origins

  1. South American
  2. South Indian Indica

FAQ about White Widow strain

What is the White Widow yield?

White Widow yields 18oz/ m2 indoors and 21oz/ plant outdoors.

How much THC does White Widow have?

From 18% to 25%

What are the origins of the White Widow strain?

White Widow was created in the Netherlands, by crossing a South Indian Indica with a South American Sativa.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own White Widow? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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103 comments on “White Widow strain”

  1. I tried an experiment this year. So far, incredible results. In March, I took a bunch of fish heads and guts, and mixed them into the soil where I would later be transplanting one white widow plant started indoors. I also started another about 1 week later. I always start them in Happy Frog soil. They both grew well and when I transplanted them to the outdoor spot where I grow here in Vermont, they were both nearly the same size. The plant I started later had actually caught up to the first. When I moved them outside, I planted 1 with the fish remnants, and the other without. I transplanted both in Early June. They were about 15 inches tall. Today, the fish fertilized plant is about 5 and a half feet in height. The “plain” soil plant is about 2 and a half feet. I thought this to be amazing. Out current daylight here is 13 hours and 29 minutes. Early flowering has begun. I Turned 60 yesterday, and I’m as excited as a kid with his first bicycle. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the end results. More to come.

  2. I just harvested my first crop of White Widow. The buds were relatively loose leafed and not what has been the results of our previous grows of various varieties. What did I do wrong? I prefer the larger, tightly formed buds from previous strains. Thank you for your response

  3. This is my 3rd year growing White Widow outdoors. She is a consistent performer and I love the creative high that I get from her.

    • Hi Burt,

      Thanks for your comment. White Widow can actually get up to 90 inches or 7,5 ft!
      Happy growing and let us know if there’s anything else:)
      Kind regards,

    • August 1st in the midatlantic I have an 8 ft tall white widow in the preflowering stage- Don’t know how much more it will grow…I topped it severa Times to keep in below my fence top, but it keeps powering up. I germinated it indoors and planted the seedlings in the garden on April 20.

  4. My white widow plant was started indoor under lights, and planted outdoors on April 23rd. It has reached 7 feet now, on July 20. I didn’t expect it to be this tall, even though i topped it at three stages, and it is very wide and bushy. I thought ‘white widow can reach as much as 6 feet in height. I wonder how much taller it can go.

  5. I am at harvest stage of my first grow (any day now). it is white widow and the buds look amazing. I am trying to get head high with a little body high (not couchlocked). Can anyone tell me the right time (percentage milky to amber) to harvest? all advice welcome.

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for your message. Be sure to check out our when to harvest article here:

      Here’s a relevant excerpt for you:
      “A high from marijuana harvested at this time will be more narcotic and often result in a “couchlock” effect.

      You’ve reached this stage when 70 to 90 percent of the hairs have darkened.”

      I hope this helps!
      Kind regards,

  6. I have grown 4 or 5 White Widow plants some mistakes I Occasionally make is not letting my Plants properly mature , Thereby losing a portion of my “buds”

    • Hi Adams,

      Thanks for your comment. Patience definitely pays off! Whereas impatience can burn you when it comes to letting plants mature.
      Although we can all relate to getting excited when harvesting time nears!

  7. Growing white widow for first time. Just entered flower phase. Plants are strong, with many bud sites. I’m a little concerned that I have left to many bud sites. But I am very optimistic. ILGM seeds have always germinated quickly, and grown vigorously for me. I’m definitely going to order again.

  8. I started.growing indoors in 1979….LONG before White Widow was released for sale….I started with bag.seeds, and made my 1st ‘catalog’ order from SSSC in the early/mid 80ies…. THEN, in 1994, I read about this strain called White Widow….I.purchased some…I still have a picture (digital pic of a Polaroid), of my 1st keeper WW….It blew me away, along with EVERYONE I knew……It was WAY ahead of its time for strain quality….This is why it is STILL sought after…..I just added some WW back into my collection, and quickly is has become my current.favorite…….Although there are strains with higher THC, its the balance this strain has, and the perfect blend of cannabinoids…..Its not always about shear potency, but how you feel after a smoke session…..White Widow leaves you enjoying EVERY THING in your world that day, BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE, it still has the potency that some seek…..If there was a ‘Hall Of Fame’ for cannabis strains, White Widow would be the 1st inductee…..After being introduced in 1994, I have friends that still JUST WANT IT!!!!…..26 YRS RUNNING…Many strains come and go, but White Widow not just stands the test of time, BUT HAS.RULED IT…

  9. I have had the good luck of finding a few white widow seeds in my flower. First attempt at growing and i’ve found white widow plant to be very adaptable to less then ideal growing conditions on my boat. the sprouts came up nicely on wet paper towel between two plates. they’ve thrived in relatively cool temperatures, being overwatered, and questionable lighting early on. sprouted in october, it’s now early march and they are just entering flower phase! that’s five months!! healthy as a horse, i wish i could attach a picture. proving themselves to be female! due to their size at the time, they have been moved to five different locations on the boat during their life and they never blink an eye! thriving. every cola has a hairlike bud forming…if i can keep them happy for a few more weeks , there will be a lot of buds! this has been an educational and enjoyable experience. i have received wonderful advice and encouragement from a distant but now close friend! white widow is very adaptable grower friendly strain of cannabis.

  10. Grew white widow in 2014, big plant, had to tie down, 14.9ft.(454cm) Other 2, over 12 ft. 360cm, planted midway thrugh griwing season, heavy yield. WW Loves being kept Wet. Mediterranean climate. Growing WW this year. Good medical pot. Still hunting the right pot for knockout effect. Chronic pain causing sleep disorder….

  11. I planted my White Widow about the 15th of March and it is loaded with buds all the way up and down the stems. It appears it is getting close to harvest. I wonder if it will produce more buds if I harvest the current ones carefully?

  12. Growing widiow for the first time it is doing very well. It appears to be getting very bushy I am very hopeful of a great harvest. I’m located in a warm .mountainis are

  13. how can I get seeds from a fem white widow put one plant into shock creating a herma then subject it to a fem plant

  14. This was my first year of outdoor grow in Northern California. I sprouted and planted 5 White Widow seeds between May 1 and May 27 in raised bed (bad gopher problem), and just finished harvesting, drying and trimming the five. Yield varied from 12 oz for the smallest to 24 oz for an early seedling, but all their yields were blown away by what must have been a mutant “Big Bertha,” who gave me a total of 99 oz in yield. She dwarfed all the plants around her. The plant habit was the same, flower looked like the same as others and the vape effect (sweet and clean) like the others, so I don’t think it was a mislabeled seed. This is a great strain.

  15. Day 6 from seeds that I purchased from ILGM…….. Seed into water for 24 hrs, then into rapid rooter. Sprouted in 3 days…. Now on day 6 and with its first leaves each about 1″long and about two inches tall, loving the light… Using Viparspectra 450 at 18 inches from soil, and the leaves are reaching for the light. Very happy plant. Thanks ILGM….. Got seeds in 6 days, great shipping

  16. My first grow ever is white widow this year. Fairly easy to grow. Did it in my backyard with potting soil and Fox farms nutrients. Grew it in pots so I could move them around. 3 plants, 4 ft wide by 5 ft tall. About 4 weeks into flowering. Very happy with the strain, can’t wait to smoke some.

  17. This is my first White Widow grow, and I am in my 2nd week of flowering. I grow from seed always, best way to go in my opinion. My girls got to 5.5 feet during my 8 weeks of veg time. I grow in my greenhouse using 5 gallon Eco-Pots. My soil medium is native backyard soil, worm castings, bat guano and 25% perlite. I give them 10 hrs of natural sunlight and 14 hrs of darkness using light deprivation techniques. All morning sun for sure. Best strain I have grown so far, I will post pics if anyone is interested as well as my fert schedules. Stay Happy!!!!

  18. I have 6 Bergman WW in 3rd week of flowering. I have been following all of the directions in Bergman’s Lab. I have MONSTERS 7 feet and loaded to the max with huge buds!

  19. Purchase WW autos and feminized seeds. Growing outdoors 8 degree N. We always have 12/12 outdoor light. Doing a test with autos vs regular grown in 12 /12light cycle from seed. It’s 80 days from seed on the regular strain. There 3 ft tall and have been budding since they were 30 days old.There looking real nice lots of buds everywhere. Grown in coco fiber organic soil grow in 3 gal pots.They get 8 hrs a day of full sun. The autos are grown in 2 gal pots same soil mix. There are 7 of them 30 days old 14 in tall and starting to flower. Looking mighty sweet…

  20. i ordered ww seeds, buy 5 +5 free , they came fast. I put all 10 seeds in a baby food jar w/tap water,soak 24 hr.most split. i put them in a wet paper towel. keep warm and wet. at 1 wk. they have their first 2 leaves,planted in vercimelite and a little bit of my home compost.8 out of 10 growing fine. the other 2 i’m giving a little more time in the dark,after all i didnt plan on 7-days from germination to early veg..im new to growing marijuana but i’ve always had a green thumb.Debra

  21. I ordered fruity pack, had a few problems,ilgm took care of it immediately. I ordered the widow and have excedllent results. couldn’t be happier, may God bless all.

  22. Hey ILGM and co. I’d like to thank everyone that helped me to start growing good bud! I will be trying the screen of green method next. Any tips?

  23. Just to add .. plants were watered with distilled water at about 7 ph after the 3 rd week added Fox Farm Grow Big and Seaweed extract at about 1/4 strength, had to add tap water to get the ph at about 6.8 ph. Temp. during the day 72 to 75F 68F at night with a fan blowing for most of the 18 hrs. while the lights were on.

  24. I was skeptical about ordering From an International Co. And having to deal with Customs. Ordered WW and received the order within 8 business days . This was going to be my first grow so thanks to all the comments and advice on the forum. Germinated using the wet towel and on the 3rd day 2 seeds were good to go the 3rd took an extra day. Planted in Dixie cups that I had punched holes on the side and bottom. I used FoxFarm Ocean soil and added perlite at 1/6 ratio under 300w LED 18/6 all three sprouted within 3 days One thing I’ve had to battle is to wait and be patient. After 2 weeks I thought they were small at about 2 inches but went ahead and transplanted into 1 gal pots for 2 weeks then to 3 gal pots. I added another 300W LED plants are doing great they’re about 7 inches tall very bushy and healthy. Very happy with the results so far. Thanks again for all the advice

  25. I am just checking to see if you all have been sending me emails because I have had hacker got in my pc and I have to use face book at [email protected] don’t like it much .I am waiting on my beans to get here and ready to go .I tried another place a friend said was a good place to order .My bad I should stayed with you all .I had a few left from lasy WWF,PKFandIWR .I done have 2 ww and 1 pk up in about 4 days .I am waiting on my 5 for 5 sall on WW I order a week or so ago .I know I will get them .I always did last year .Fixing to buy my first tent . THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH JOHN W COX

  26. Hi there, Thomas
    It is not advisable to place a seedling into hot compost. It is more advisable to place it in a good starter medium, like ProMix BX.

    You never want to over fertilize a small seedling or baby plant.

  27. Hey Robert, I just received my very first order from you containing 10 blueberry seeds. I’m a
    first time grower. I’m very excited and nervous at the same time. Once I’ve completed
    germinantion, can I place the seed in soil that’s mixed with soil from an organic compost pile? Is this better than using fertilizer? I’ll be ordering a different strain in January. Thank you very much.

  28. Rog,

    WW is a bit tempermental, IMO, All strains/hybrids are not created equal. Some strains take a bit of extra care. I generally make sure all my settings, temps, humidity, PH, and strength of solution is correct, and monitor the plants new growth.

  29. Hi Robert, this is my second grow with the he white widow it does ok but I get some discoloration like low potassium on a few of the leaves I don’t get this with other strains is this common. I grow under a 1000 w mh light and use a 50/50 mix fox farms happy frog and ocean forest I also lost 4 out of 10 seeds that just didn’t germinate. I like your service and just ordered 20 of the super skunk.

  30. Unfortunately; If you do not see a strain you like in the seed shop; We do not have it. Sorry. I have never tried it. Good Luck with your OG, and WW. 🙂

  31. I to love growin ,got kush ,white widow and a strain that did not come from u guys , Chem dog #3 get in ready to harvest soon, can’t wait to try og,ww first time growin , been growin chemdog for years a favorite, was wonderin if u have ever tried this strain?and if so, do u have any seed?

  32. Had delivery problems with the mail service no fault of ILGM. They reshipped with extra beans for my troubles.. A great company with great communication and excellent stealth. If I can recieve them in Australia you can get them anywhere..

  33. I ordered my first set of seeds nov 2014 after 2 days of info on the site still a little nervous about the first order i decided to place a second order to my surprise 7 days later i received my first order 1 month later still didn’t get my second order contacted customer support A couple weeks later got my seeds the end of feb 2015 placed 2 more orders didn’t receive either one once again contacted the excellent staff at ilgm they sent them right out 28 days later i received a package with a green customs sticker saying that my package was inspected by customs and of course no seeds ilgm will try different methods to get you your seeds about 2 weeks ago received both orders so my advice to newbies is order early before you are ready for them the site will tell you how to store them take advantage of the specials like this weekend 25% off I’m going to place 2 orders even though I don’t need them at this moment. I’ve seen a lot of feedback on received seeds and different weeks of the grow stage but not the finished product so here we go 1st order 10 ww 8 germinated at this point my only concern was to be able to get a buzz since it was my first grow around my 6th week of veg i left my grow room open went to store came back my whole house smelled like buds then i knew i was on to something kept 1 for a mother and flowered 7 60 days later great dense buds great smell my top colas 2.8 oz wet i figured at least 7 oz a plant so ilgm you have a happy satisfied customer for life good luck hope this helps someone you would never believe i have never responded or reviewed anything this is how confident i am with ilgm.

  34. I was worried when my seeds didn’t show up but my plant nutrients did! I was told they would resend some more, I was leary since I was about to harvest and needed the seeds to start a new batch.. True to there word the seeds came and they all germinated!! you guys Rock!!!!!

  35. You guys are awesome. Got me some white widoe autoflowering seeds..buy 5 n get 5 free…so far so good…4 have started…and i have germinating…saving 2 for later…definitely gonna get some more…wish i had the grow box 4.0…ill probably get it before winter so i can keep growing…using fox farm soil to see how it goes…cant wait till the final results…

  36. As a retired professional gardener for the 5th largest city in US, and a stealth grower since 1970, let me offer some tips on germinating. First, I usually place seeds on a damp paper towel. I have placed them in a gas oven with just the pilot light on for heat. Usually see sprouts within two to three days. Keep damp. Have even placed them under heated waterbed mattress! Give them at least 8-10 days before giving up. I have had problems myself with Blueberry. But, Robert and ILGM, sent me replacement beans, and I now have nice plants. Thanks ILGM

  37. Our first time experience with ordering seeds online could not have been better. We ordered the White Widow 5 seeds + 5 seeds free offer on Sunday, Jan 11 and weren’t really sure what to expect. They arrived to us in Texas 7 business days later on Jan 20th. We germinated 3 out of 3 and within 3 days all are about an inch and a half tall and growing fast. Thanks ILGM for the great experience. Can’t wait to buy more seeds!

  38. Order came (to u.s) no prob. Order was complete (w freebies) I germinated in wet paper towels and they popped in 2 day. Ha.d a good size plant by end of 2,weeks . using t5,grow light. Germ. 4 and all 4,came up! Perrrfect!!


  40. I purchased Super Skunk and White Widow- got my beans in 5 days to US!! Awesome stealth & fun to find! The first set had beans that just didn’t germinate- I wrote and got very prompt response with suggestions on how to get WW to germ. They also cheerfully replaced my beans with new ones- super fast shipment again! Sometimes WW beans takes 4-5 days to open up guys, so don’t give up! I’m a newbie & I have a lady that is 8″ tall beauty SS and she just turned 1 month old. Got 2 more WW and 1 more SS that are looking gorgeous & healthy at just 2 weeks old! I found the paper towel method to be the best for my sprouts. Make certain it isn’t too cold where you are germinating- water in a paper towel gets COLD and can delay or even ruin the germination. Keep the paper towel moist , and under the lights to keep them warm. You won’t have to wait long 🙂 I am due to harvest my SS girl right at Christmas time- can’t wait! Thank you Robert! I won’t go anywhere else for my beans & I’ll be ordering again soon.

  41. Video showing no top, trim or anything being done but buds look so good. Everything I read they should be top, trim etc.. should I or shouldn’t I?

  42. grown her for several years in a greenhouse. She’s about 10 feet with one topping at youth 10-12 across. Lots of work. I’m up north somewhat so she’s doesn’t finish until Oct.; step ladders are set in anticipation. This year I went without but I think it was a mistake…I’m trying all new and or unfamiliar strains.

  43. Hey guys ill be sending out my card tomorrow. Just wondering about how long it really takes to get your. order. I’m ready to get these girls going.

  44. Just wanted to comment on seeds. I purchased 20 white widow seeds and got 19 plants that are thriving in an outdoor environment. All I did was put them in water and within 48 hours they were sprouting and were placed in good potting soil. One month later they are very bushy (FIM,d them one time) and about 14 to 16 inches tall. I am really looking forward to September and October. Thanks Robert, you sell a quality product and ship quickly.

  45. Robert’s Indoor White Widow seeds grow like weeds. Germination at 100%. All 5 plants topped twice at 5 weeks and are thriving off the Love.

  46. I was sent extra seeds that should have gone to the USA, when I reported this they was instantly shipped to the USA and I was told to keep them as a gift! You don’t get that service anyplace but I love growing.

  47. just received package today as promised. 10+10 special all looks good.. now for the fun part. sometimes the leap of faith works!

  48. i got my order quickly and i got my freebies but most of all i really loved how y’all guys shipped them to me. once i went through everything i found all of them hidden. so cool guys.

  49. I receieved my order in a timely manner, all seeds intact.
    But, I have had no luck germinating.
    10 seeds of White Widow & Super Skunk, germinated only 2 out of 4 seeds – by week 2 they’d grown approx. 3 inches, but came to a halt by week 3 and started to turn yellow, then wither.
    I started over, somewhat a fortnight ago, 2 seeds of each strain planted in soil after sprouting – but none germinated.
    I have kept my soil mix, potting/flower soil with perlite 70-30%, moist and occassionally spraying them with room temperature water when the top soil seem to dry.
    External cool air supply and oscillating fan within the grow room, as well as suction for ventillation, 18/6 light – on average, 18-22 C.

    Please advice.

  50. This is my first time growing. After weeks of studying the Grow Bible, getting every thing set up I finally ordered my seeds! I was excited and scared at the same time! Well I just received my seeds! A day earlier then I expected! I now understand what is meant by stealth shipping No one would have ever known what was in the package! Very cleaver! I’ve researched many sites for month before I decided to start growing I’m so happy I found this site! It’s the only one I need! Thank you all for all the support!

  51. Thank you so much , a told you I had trouble germinating all my outdoor white widow seeds, so you replaced them all, brilliant customer service 🙂

  52. I too have had germination problems with white widow. First 3 seeds in compost failed to germinate, next 3 in water , one ok and is planted on and is an inch tall now , second one started to germinate , but not going any further , taken it out of water now and is on wet tissue. 3rd one looks like it’s trying to split , but not going any further , is also on tissue now . All started together all at very different stages. ?

  53. I have been attempting to grow white widow but so far out of 8 seeds I have only had one sprout and is growing nicely so far. The seeds just don’t seem to want to germinate. ILGM has sent replacement seeds once and it was in those that one sprouted but the other four failed so 1 in eight. I expect Robert will send me some more to replace those not germinating. I ordered a different strain so I can get a comparison to see if it is the white widow or what. I have now tried everything I know without success and I have been growing since 1969. The problem I have now is that 1) I am running an expensive light for one plant 2) If and when I do get more growing they will be way out of sinc with the one currently growing and my grow room only has room for three plants so I’m not sure how I will work this out now once I get good seeds. Time delay is killing me for a viable crop.

    • garcher at fairpoint- Ever think that maybe, possibly it wasn’t the seeds?????I ordered my widow seeds from ILGM received them before I expected to.6 from 20 seeds that I germinated ( as our law only allows 3 flowering,3 vegetating per script) sprouted nicely and are well on their way to womanhood.

  54. the guys at I LOVE TO GROW MARIJUANA are true to their word. I ordered my seeds on a Monday and got them the following Tuesday and I live in the U.S. with no problem . Not the case with one of the big seed banks I will not be ordering from them again but I will be ordering from I LOVE TO GROW MERIJUANA again guarantee

  55. Hi All, thanks for commenting!

    @Nick: everybody always gets the free seeds when they are promised! Your order however is from jan 17. The White widow Weeks ended on Dec 31st, over 2 weeks earlier. This was communicated in the newsletter.

    But, I do see now that you managed to enter the WWW code with your order. I will have the extra seeds shipped to you as a courtesy. We Love happy customers 😉

    @Rgianneschi: I answered your questions in your last 16 emails. Thanks for ordering! Hope your will grow some mighty big buds with my seeds.

    @Judiewhite: nice work! Should be indeed ready in 2 or 3 weeks. Just watch the buds closely untill they look right.

    Keep on sharing, keep on growing 🙂

    Robert Bergman

  56. Ist time grower of white widow strain, am in flowering phase at 6 weeks. Have 9 beautiful plants, indoor grow in tent with fluorescent lights. buds are great but lots of space between them…reddish hairs abound, looks like harvest may be in 1-2 weeks???? Thanks,
    Lady Red…. started as a lark but am now hooked…using fox farm nutrients and soil.

    • Enjoy the world your way and what you perceive it to be while enjoying life and living. May I recommend in the future LED lighting. I stared like you and did all kinds of money burning growth. Just cut through all my trials and go to the best. LED and go for between 25 and 50w per s.f.

      • Good advice. I have been using 600w hps for starting seedlings early for outdoor grows. They really work good for my app. Due to the heat produced in my outdoor grow room. I think for the cheap costs vs led and the added heating benefits plus the lux of the bulb works great. Have a good season.

  57. I got mine, except I didn’t get the free WWW seeds either, and I entered the code. it was descrete and fast. I highly recommend it. just don’t expect the freebees.

  58. I want to order seeds but sight wont allow me to enter WWW White Widow coupon. Make sure I get free offer. Why are their no cust. comments or feedback. How do I know your company can be trusted to send strains I order with highest Quality.

    • I have gotten everything i ever ordered i odered 3 different times and never had any problems iam on my last grow of the year and that’s something I thought would never happen Mr Robert word is gold in my world

  59. I am an old guy with acute insomnia chronic pain mostly use for sleeping white widow does not sound like the right thing have a good 1

    • Have you tried any Haze variety or Super Skunk? Great for insomnia- and WW is supposed to have the body-buzz , deep relaxation after the cerebral effects wear off. I will repost after my girls mature & let you know how I’m sleeping. I have anxiety & insomnia too. Take care.