White Rhino strain

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White Rhino strain is a high yielding, above average pure Indica. Its parentage comes from the well-respected regions in Afghanistan, India and Brazil.

This Indica hybrid is a stunner in all senses taking all the best qualities from its parent strains and making it her own.

This pure indica is the child of hybrid superstar White Widow, and a North American indica.

White Rhino was bred by Green House Seeds, and with this strain they have truly created a top-notch plant.

White Rhino is a grower’s dream, yielding way above average of amazing quality bud.

Thoroughbred, this strain is high in its THC content and is therefore a widely popular medical strain to boot.

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  • 80% Indica 20% Sativa
  • High THC up to 20%
  • Yields generously
  • Mind-lifting, body-numbing effect
  • Feminized seeds for guaranteed results

This soothing seed can bring relaxation to even the most stressed out individuals, as is loved for just that.

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White Rhino weed strain attributes:
ORIGINWhite Widow mixed with a North American Indica
EFFECTSrelaxed – 10
happy – 8
euphoric – 8
sleepy – 6
uplifted – 5
dry eyes – 6
dizzy – 2
headache – 1
paranoid – 1
FRAGRANCEearthy, sweet, woody
FLAVORSpine, spicy, sweet, woody
MEDICALstress – 10
pain – 9
insomnia – 8
depression – 7
lack of appetite – 4
CBD %1.00%
INDICA / SATIVA %80% Indica / 20% Sativa
INDOOR YIELD32 oz / m²
OUTDOOR YIELD42 oz / plant
CLIMATElikes a damp climate but not overly wet

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


This strain is one of the more expensive buds out there, and with good reason. White Rhino gives off a seriously clean high that is bound to relax you from head to toe.

This Indica will really make you space out and wash away all your worries while making your body loosen up too.

White Rhino will uplift you and hit you hard after a major headrush, and this feeling of being elated will last you for a while.

White Rhino is a great tranquilizer and relaxant, leaving you in a happy daze. A certain euphoric state can also be achieved with this beautiful bud.

White Rhino Flowering
White Rhino flowering

Those who need a little extra push to relax the mind further, may benefit from White Rhino, especially if they struggle with sleeplessness and insomnia.

This strain can hit you like a rhino and can make you sleepy, and ready to hit the sack for a long night of restful sleep.


White Rhino has a piercing sweet aroma that is instantly recognizable, even from a far. This strain will remind you of fresh woodsy areas that grow fresh and sweet produce.

It is both pungent and earthy and unlike any other fragrant bud around.

White Rhino Fragrance
White Rhino fragrance


The smoke of this fragrant plant is creamy and tastes much like pine. White Rhino provides an enjoyable smoking experience, waking up the tastebuds and displaying the perfect combination between sweet and spicy, with fresh woody undertones – all flavors that will stick to your tongue and linger.

Adverse reactions

Another reason why this Indica is special is that, despite its undeniable potency, this strain has very few adverse reactions. White Rhino can be a little too heavy for some, but it is a rarity for a bout of paranoia to occur, albeit not impossible.

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Too much White Rhino may cause a mild headache, and occasionally may trigger a little dizziness. As is usual, you may feel slightly dehydrated, with a case of dry cottonmouth and dry eyes occurring in some.


Doctors love to prescribe this strain to cure a variety of ailments and aches. White Rhino is seriously smooth, and is therefore easy for even inexperienced medical cannabis users to experience, as long you don’t overdo the dosage.

White Rhino is a very effective painkiller, and it has proven to be useful for patients who suffer from minor and major aches, instantly relieving them for hours on end.

This strain can diminish pains from muscle spasms, joint pains, migraines, toothaches and even menstrual cramps, making it a really powerful tool in managing pain.

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Mood disorders have also been well treated by this strain. Because it is a body heavy indica, White Rhino is the perfect tool for insomniacs, because it will make you feel very sleepy and can relax your mind enough so that you can ease into a night of restful sleep.

Depression may also be treated with this strain, as it is a powerful mood-elevator.

White Rhino has also proven to be very useful to cancer patients who may have lost their appetite due to chemical treatments such as radiology and chemotherapy – this indica is very good at stimulating your appetite.

Growing White Rhino

White Rhino is also popular among growers, due to its uncomplicated nature and its ability to fit into almost any growing environment without any problems. This strain yields very generously, allowing growers to collect a large yield during harvest.

Growing White Rhino
Growing White Rhino

Flowering time


White Rhino, when cultivated indoors, can yield a generous 32 ounces per square meter of bud. This strain takes around 9 to 10 weeks to flower and be ready for a bountiful harvest.


When kept in an outdoor environment, White Rhino prefers a damp but not overly wet climate. This strain is ready for a harvest around early October, when it can yield a whopping 42 ounces of dank bud per plant.

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FAQ about White Rhino strain

What is the White Rhino strain yield?

White Rhino yields 32oz/ m2 indoors and 42oz/ plant outdoors.

How much THC does White Rhino have?

Around 20% THC.

What are the origins of the White Rhino strain?

White Rhino was created by Green House Seeds from a mix between White Widow and a North American indica.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own White Rhino? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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  1. Hi Sheron,

    Thanks for your comment. White Rhino is actually a 80% indica, 20% sativa hybrid. We have corrected the information.
    Thanks for pointing this out!

  2. How Can White Rhino be 100% Indica when one of the plants it’s crossed with us 40% Sativa????

  3. White rhino strain i have yields 32 oz per square meter and only takes 6 to 8 weeks in flower;)