Sour Diesel Strain

Known as a “Top Cash Crop Strain”, Sour Diesel is an extra-dank breed of weed. For those seeking a psychedelic, energetic high, it doesn’t get better than this. It is famous for it’s pungent presence, reeking strongly of fuel.

It has earned itself loyal fans from all over the world – for its ability to produce a “no-couch-lock” high that will guarantee good vibrations and a great time all-around.

Sativa/IndicaIndoor YieldOutdoor Yield Flowering Period
70% / 30% 18 ounces per square meter25 ounces or more per plant 9 to 10 weeks indoors, early November outdoors.

Sour Diesel, also commonly nicknamed “Sour D”, is a notoriously fast-acting sativa-dominant strain, it comes in both autoflowering and feminized seed variations. It is said to be a descendant of Chemdawg 91, mixed with Super Skunk, and was created in the 90’s in sunny California.

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    Even with all the information available about its background and roots, the origins of Sour D remain shrouded in mystery, which adds a mystical appeal to it. Touted as one of the finest genetics available in the current market, Sour D is the perfect all-day long pal.

    Information About Sour Diesel Strain

    ORIGIN Believed to have descended from Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk
    EFFECTS Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric, Energetic, Relaxed
    FRAGRANCE Sour lemon, diesel, herbal
    FLAVORS Diesel, sour, pungent, earthy
    ADVERSE REACTIONSDry mouth, dry eyes
    MEDICAL Stress, Depression, Pain
    FLOWERING TIME INDOOR 9 to 10 weeks
    INDICA/SATIVA30% / 70%
    INDOOR YIELD 18 ounces per square meter
    OUTDOOR YIELD 25 ounces or more per plant
    CLIMATE Warm and sunny weather
    RESISTANCE TO DISEASE Slightly prone to powdery mildew


    A popular choice for recreational users who are looking for something to give them a boost in mood and energy, Sour Diesel is known for creating a sense of unabashed euphoria.

    Sour Diesel

    It is the perfect “upper”, a no-fail mood-booster with a general uplifting quality. Sour D’s are also said to be a purely cerebral experience, with the sativa being prominent and the indica barely noticeable.

    Tickling one’s psychedelic senses, Sour Diesel is known for having a long-lasting high, lasting for sometimes up to five hours.



    Sour Diesel got its name from its famously pungent, almost borderline “stinky” fuel smell. It is also said to have hints of citrus and sour lemon, with a mix or herbal notes. Despite the strong words used to describe what Sour Diesel smells like, in real life this actually has a very pleasant presence, loved by many for exactly that reason.



    A slightly bitter citrus taste can be observed in Sour Diesel, which makes it a savory experience for many. Its pungent notes are prominent even in the flavors, delivering an invigorating note when smoked. Its tropical fruitiness makes it a suitable choice for those who simply want to enjoy a smooth, and flavorful high that is complimented by its after-taste.

    There are many popular strains that are direct descendants of the Sour Diesel. Read our full review on Yogi Diesel that is a pungent hybrid mix of two fan favorites – Sour Diesel and northern lights number five

    Adverse reactions

    Among some of the most prevalent adverse effects of Sour Diesel, is the dry-mouth it gives you. The consumption of liquids is highly recommended to avert from the sense of dehydration, which can also cause the sensation of dry eyes.

    Paranoia in some, is also a negative effect it may have on some, usually fueled by consuming more than needed. This can also lead to dizzy spells and anxiety, and especially for those who are not accustomed to the sativa varieties, the upbeat high may be confusing and difficult to understand. Often that can be mistaken for nervousness itself.


    With what conditions does it work?
    Due to its longevity in effects, Sour Diesel has become a popular choice for those in need of a successful way to treat pain. Because it creates a high without the heaviness, Sour D makes for great daytime relief, often lasting for hours, for maximum effectivity.

    Sour Diesel is most predominantly used for the treatment of stress and depression. Its light-head high creates a very impactful feeling of elation. For those suffering from heavy-body lethargy due to their depressive lows, Sour D makes for the perfect companion.

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    Those suffering from arthritic conditions may also benefit from the use of Sour Diesel, due to its anti-inflammatory effects on the body. The de-stressing properties also reduce an overall feeling of stress over the condition, which adds to the progress of healing.

    Patients with ADD and ADHD issues love Sour D for its ability to help them focus on the task at hand, without the heavy-bodied sensations. Cancer patients may also enjoy this strain for it can help boost appetite that may have been lost due to the chemical radiation treatments and medications.


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      Flowering Time


      Sour Diesel takes a little longer to flower than other strains but it is well worth the wait. An indoor-grown plant can yield up to an estimated 18 ounces per m2 on average per harvest.


      For a Sour D plant grown outdoors, the ideal time for a harvest is around early November. An outdoor grown plant can be very generous in its yield, with an expected average of 25 ounces plant available for plucking during harvest.


      Chemdawg 91
      Super Skunk

      FAQ About Sour Diesel Strain

      What is the Sour Diesel strain yield?

      Sour Diesel yields 18 ounces per square meter indoors and 25 ounces or more per plant outdoors.

      How much THC does Sour Diesel strain have?

      Around 22%

      What are the origins of the Sour Diesel strain?

      It was created in the 90s in California, and it is believed to have came from Chemdawg 91, mixed with Super Skunk.

      Have you ever smoked or grown your own Sour Diesel? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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        14 comments on “Sour Diesel Strain”

        1. Currently have some going indoors and outdoors. Both have benefits better terps inside bigger buds outside. Have been growing a variety of the “D” for a few years now and let me tell you it’s hard to kill, seriously takes a beating and prolific as all get go. Easy to clone and regardless of my issues with it easy to diagnose and cure most common pests and issues. Keep a cut around it’s going to be your go to when your experiments all fail.

        2. Hey I’m trying to grow sour D and I have the seeds but I’m not sure when to start the germination process and I can’t find it anywhere. Anyone able to tell me when a good time to do that is? (I live in New Brunswick and I’m doing an outdoor grow)

        3. […] I Heart Growing Marijuana calls it a top cash crop strain, but banking on Sour D isn’t simple. It’s a taller cultivar that requires intense light and absolutely sterile environments to avoid mildew, plus expect to trim it constantly and wait on an unusually long flowering time. […]

        4. […] a full-body buzz. On its own, you should prepare for a nice couch lock sensation. However, the Sour Diesel helps counteract that while adding a potent kick of grape […]

        5. Im currently growing amhearst sour diesel. Theyre all tall. One of them is nearly 10 ft tall. My shortest one is over 7ft. . ive got one growing indoors also its only e ft. But theyre all beutiful

        6. It’s a bit late in the game, but if you can layer together something like a furniture quilt ($20 at HD) and a heavy tarp you can hopefully get into November. I have space heaters inside my enclosures in VT. I just finished week 8 on one plant and still a long way to go. They are taking for ever..

        7. First time grower. I have a Skywalker and Sour Deisel. Skywalker is almost ready but Deisel seems it needs more time. I’m in Massachusetts so temperature is a concern. Any ideas on how to get to the end? I have covered them at night when it gets a little cold

        8. New England Outdoor Sour Diesel Grow (2019)

          I’m growing 2 SDs (different seeds from ILG) outdoors under enclosures right now. One is 6′ the other is 4’7″. Very different plants structure-wise. 4-5 weeks into flowering now. Looking to harvest in early November (which can be a challenge outdoors in New England. ) The size and strength of Sour Diesel allows for aggressive topping and pruning. Germinate indoors and start in pots (Smartpots are my preference) a good 2 months before your outdoor temps warm up. Be sure to harden your plants before transplanting into the ground. Also, consider an enclosure plan of some kind to protect from deer. I’d suggest at least 5’X5′. Depending on your latitude, you’ll also need a plan for coping with colder temperatures in late Fall. Utilizing your enclosure structure is the easiest way to cover your plants on cold nights. The size of Sour Diesel outdoors can make covering them (without damaging them) a challenge, but it can be done!
          Continue topping as required and tie down branches to expose bud sites. Work and attention during Veg will definitely payoff come flowering time. And growing outdoors gives you the chance to really scale-up your grow with both plant size and yield.

        9. Sour D is a first choice wake and bake or early evening weed. Love its thin, dry fuel flavored smoke and the mental clarity it provides. And yes, PWM and bud rot are a constant battle in the couple of times ive grown big SD plants outdoors here in so cal. Both times, harvested 8-10 oz in a 10 g pot, but also lost 4-6 oz due to rot.

        10. i did a indoor soil grow fox farm ocean forest and a clone i got from a grower i no and 2 led pannels 32 watts a peace and a cheap ducting fan and it was some of the best smoke iv ever smoked but du du du lol i took all the tops off and smoked them and like i sed it was nice nice smoke but after i took the rest about 2 weeks later i was cureing it and it smelled realy good but after i took a hit i tasted like a mold taste on the exhale of my breath 3 exhales tasted like a mold so i fast opened the jar to look see looked good but still hade the taste on exhale o no no no right so i just let it all dry out like dry dry out and now i do not taste the taste anymore and i am down to jar shake now like 6 bowls left still smells super good but dry i will be growing more this year but this time outdoors i see the size is tall i hade a over 10 foot cheese last year i am a little scared of mold but outdoors it may be prone to mold i cover my plants from rain anyway

        11. harvested 5 days ago. purchased 1 clone in sept. Grew hydro indoors.With “waterfarm” by general Hydroponics. Its a simple system that can be left alone for several days at a time. beautiful flowers. 2 more in the vegetive stage now.
          I discovered and have a seed started of “Delila Jones”. I hope its a female. Fantastic bud also.

        12. got some seeds from you guys ,it will be my next grow , hows the stretch and the smell when switch to 12 12 . How does sour d work if grown 12 12 from seed ,thanks