Cats and dogs on marijuana plants

Pets have good and bad aspects to them when it comes to growing marijuana. Dogs, for instance, are especially good at chasing away unwanted animals, such as birds or small mammals.

On the other hand, they can actually harm your plants, especially if they choose your plants as a nice place to defecate.

For some reason, this seems to happen more often than not when you bring your pet along to your grow site.

Signs cats and dogs

Domesticated pet poop is not only unpleasant – it could have parasites in it that would be bad news for your compost pile. In other words, it would be a toxic substance to add to your compost pile. If you combine a pet’s defecation with it trampling your plants, it could cause some serious damage to your marijuana plants.

Signs cats dogs cannabis
Signs cats dogs cannabis

For some reason, many marijuana growers report their pets loving to wind their way through their garden of marijuana plants. Both trample your plants and cats will even pee on them.

This is especially damaging to your plants because cat urine contains large amounts of ammonia and nitrogen – this will burn your plants. If you ever see your cat (or the neighbor cat) peeing on your plants, make sure to immediately pour water over the soil so the urine is diluted.

Cats are also known to eat marijuana plants. I used to have a cat that always tried to sneak into my grow room and have some leaves. I think I know what attracts them to marijuana but it’s still weird 😉

Not sure if cats and dogs are causing the damage to your marijuana plants? Check the article Marijuana pest and bug control for a list with pictures of all pests and bugs. We also offer the complete Plant Protector set, which will protect your plants and will give your grow the highest chance of survival!

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How to get rid of cats and dogs

The only sure-fire way of ensuring that your pets don’t cause any damage to your marijuana plants is to train them to avoid the garden altogether. It’s not as tricky as it might sound. Even cats will know to stay away from your plants if you put a dusting of hot chili pepper across the soil. This method even keeps other pests (besides your pets) away, so it’s a win-win.

a dog in a field of cannabis plants outdoors

If you have an indoor cat, you should also make sure their indoor litter box is nice and clean. If it’s an outdoor cat, you should make some sort of a sand-based area that cats will prefer to use. You do need to always keep it clean, however, or else cats will find a new location to do their business.

Another way to keep all cats away is placing chicken wire across the top of your soil. Cats find it unpleasant to walk on and, therefore, will avoid it. You can then use wire cutters to cut holes where your plants will grow.

Dogs’ main problem is their addiction to digging. If you have a pet dog, give it an area where it is allowed to dig. If you have trouble training them to only dig in one area, keep them on a leash – don’t confine them to too little space, but at least keep them away from your marijuana garden.

The correct fertilizers and protectors will give you an edge against any and all pests. I have created multiple grow sets which features all you need in order to grow healthy plants from seed to harvest!

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List of marijuana plant symptoms

– Cats or dogs digging around marijuana plants
– Cats or dogs defecating near plants
– Burnt roots
– Plant death

Sometimes pets will chew on your plants or on the weed you get from those plants. The THC doesn’t only work on humans – it has an effect on pets, too. While it usually will mellow out most cats and dogs, about a quarter of animals who ingest marijuana become hyped up and loud-mouthed.

While it might sound funny, ingesting marijuana can actually be quite dangerous for your pets. Keep the marijuana away from your precious pets.

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Happy growing!


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  1. Should be called cat lady advice with a half assed dog comment at the end. Weakly contrived and mistitled! Sad cat lady wants to offer a sentence on dog advice yet misappropriation of title offering no real advice for dogs!

  2. I bought two clones a week ago and when I woke up a couple of days ago all the leaves were eaten off of one by my . He’s fine, but is there a way to get the clone to sprout more leaves? I bought an indoor green house to protect the other one

  3. animals eat marijuana for the same reason they eat any vegetative matter, not to get high. raw marijuana still must be decarboxalized to have that high effect on animals the same as people. you cant get high eating marijuana unless it is heated in some way or chemically altered by some means. my cats eat the leaves regularly but will not touch the flowers.

  4. middle of agaust 2 foot plants they are healthy but puny what can i do to at laeast make a few buds? its only 2 plants and i moved then to full sun

  5. eating cannabis has little to no effect. the THC must be decarboxylated via heating it.

  6. My cat has eaten many of my weed plants. The ENTIRE plant. More than once. As aggravating as it is, do I blame her? No, I probably would too if I were here. She ate an entire budding clone. She wasn’t even a year old yet. Now I’m just more careful where I keep my indoor plants. Not because of her safety and health but because I want one damn plant to survive up harvest haha. My current 4 legal plants are un touched thank goodness. A little fresh catnip growing can deter a cat from your plants also, as well as a little patch of fresh growing grass in a window box they love that. Indoor cats are very interested in plants. Deal with it or don’t but cannabis never hurt my kitty or me. ❤❤❤


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