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Find some of the best stores to grab a vaporizer below.


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HealthCanal takes you through the CBD vape pen on the market and how best to use them. With the guidance of the brand, you can now pick your CBD vapes better. You also get enough information on the source of CBD used in making the products. At least now you have the confidence knowing they are safe products. The variety in vape pens, vape kits, and vape juices ensures everyone is well catered for in case they need multiple options.

Mind Vapes

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Mind Vapes is an American online vaporizer shop based in Southern California. On our website, we sell popular American branded dry herb vaporizers, dab pens, vape pens, electric dab rigs, grinders, and other smoking accessories with free shipping in the United States.

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All the orders we receive before 12 PM PST are shipped out on the same day, so you will receive your order mostly in 1-5 days. We are an authorized online retailer, so all the vaporizers are covered with the manufacturer’s warranty. If there are any issues, you can easily claim a warranty on their official website. Let’s shop vaporizers on Mind Vapes.


Great vape shops online

Vape4Ever is an online vape shop which has gathered all the top vape brands in the world. They have always adhered to the concept of customer first. You can find almost of the best vape kits, vape juices, CBD vape pens on their store with the reasonable price. Check it out, you may get more surprise from them.

Namaste Vapes

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Carries the largest selection of portable and desktop vaporizers.  Coming directly from the manufacturers you get the best price possible. Check out the nice selection at

Haze Smoke Shop

Haze Smoke Shop is a cool neighborhood smoke shop in South Granville, Vancouver. We offer a variety of smoking & vaping products along with accessories.
From portable to desktop vaporizers, from branded E-Cigarettes, RDTAs & RDAs to Premium E Juices, from simple hand pipes to Jumbo water pipes, HAZE SMOKE SHOP covers it all. We also have a collection of organic tobacco, cigars and numerous types of papers. Enjoy your stay!

Haze Vaporizers

haze vaporizers logo

Haze Vaporizers is an online vaporizer superstore that offers the best prices on all vaporizers with free shipping in the United States. We offer dry herb vaporizers, dab pens, and oil vape pens along with accessories that will match anyone interest.

Haze Vaporizers exceeds customer satisfaction and prides on trying to teach beginners on what they need to know. With a dedicated and friendly staff, our customer service is happy to give any specific or general information on vaporizers and accessories.


smokazon logo

Although Smokazon sells some glass, their vaporizer selection has a wide array of products. Be sure to check out their more than complete collection.

NY Vapeshop

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Thousands of people from all over the world trust us to quickly deliver vapes and other smoke shop products on a daily basis. Check out the reviews, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Portable Hookah

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Portable Hookahs is a one stop vaporizer shop that dedicates itself on educating customers in which vape is perfect for them whether they will be using dry herbal blends, wax, shatter, crumble, THC oil, CBD oil and/or eLiquid (aka eJuice). Choosing a vape is quite difficult to a beginner and we like to avoid any possibility of buyer’s remorse. Our shoppers are confident in their purchase and are extremely happy after selecting the vaporizer that fits their needs. Herbal vaporization devices are available in different forms as well as having different heating elements. It is important to know the difference between convection and conduction heating before your journey of selecting the right vape. Call us at (213) 373-1724 to discuss your budget, whether you would like a portable unit, vape pen or a desktop vaporizer and we will make sure you are a satisfied customer.


vaporfi logo

In addition to a wide range of vaporizer brands, Vaporfi offers their own branded items as well. Learn all about vaping in their learning center over at

Got Vape

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A complete store with all kinds of vaporizer solutions. Providing everything from education to purchases and repairs; is your partner in vaporization.


v8pe logo

V8pe sells a wide range of branded vaporizer including some of the best rated dry herb brands like PAX and the renowned Volcano desktop vaporizers. Check them out at


Cannastick vape shop logo

Cannastick offers everything you need. Starters and more experienced vapers can go nuts on

UK Ma Time

UK Ma Time logo

Looking to buy CBD focussed vaping products in the United Kingdom, is the place to be.

Lord Vaper Pens

lordvaper logo

Chuck Billy, lead-singer of Testament, brings you his vape shop branded The Chief of Thrash! Be sure to check out his store at

Davinci Vaporizer

davinci vape shop logo

Davinci has developed some feature-packed vaporizers. To top it off they’re very slick looking. Buy directly from the source at


vaporin logo

Vaporins’ innovative technology offers the look, feel and taste of traditional smoking. More specialized in E-liquids than dry herb vaporizers. Find more info at

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