Beginner’s Guide To Safely Consuming Edibles

Edibles come in a variety of doses, infusion types, sizes, and consistencies. Dispensaries often have the production of cannabis edibles down to a science, and almost always have something to suit everyone’s needs. Many consumers have begun eating their weed rather than smoking it. Some people simply don’t like smoking marijuana, preferring to consume it instead. Other users feel that consuming edibles is less taboo than smoking weed. Whatever the reason for making the choice, edibles can be a great method for recreational or medical marijuana use.

How To Consume Edibles Safely

How To Consume Edibles Safely
How To Consume Edibles Safely – Image powered by

What Are Edibles?

Common edibles come in the form of drinks, homemade foods, tinctures, sprays, and inhalers. You can cook cannabis into nearly everything edible, as shown with weed-infused tacos at the High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup. Finding edibles to suit your body and needs can require some trial and error.

Like prescription medication dosing, it may take a few tries to get it right. Before consuming edibles, research the dosage and marijuana type to achieve desired results. Also, be sure to have a sober friend handy in case the experience goes downhill for you.

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    The Benefits Of Edibles

    The biggest benefit of edibles is the array of products available on the market. There are foods, drinks, and tinctures for every taste. There is also a variety of doses and sizes available, providing more reliable effects.

    The availability of the products makes it easier to achieve specific results. Teas are a very popular option for edibles. The tea mixtures not only deliver doses of THC, they can also help relax the user and aid with digestive issues. If you cannot find a food or edible to suit your needs, you can always make your own products. You can alter baked goods with cannabutter, a cannabis-infused butter. Find a cannabutter dosing calculator online and create your own masterpieces.

    The Benefits Of Edibles
    The Benefits Of Edibles – Image powered by

    Indica Vs. Sativa

    There are two main varieties of medicinal marijuana plants, Indica and Sativa. The strains are for medical use, but you can also use them recreationally. The Indica strain tends to provide a more relaxed effect, compared to the energizing nature of Sativa. Depending on the desired effects, buy the proper strain for your needs.

    Indica strains of the plant often cause user to feel:

    • Increased mental relaxation
    • Muscle relaxation
    • Decrease in nausea
    • Less pain
    • Better sleep
    Indica Vs. Sativa
    Indica Vs. Sativa – Image powered by

    On the other hand, Sativa strains often result in:

    • Lessened anxiety
    • Decreased depression
    • Increased focus and creativity
    • Increase in overall energy level

    Safety Steps For Consuming Edibles

    Smoking marijuana has nearly immediate effects on the body. The smoke is delivered through oxygen in the bloodstream, which doesn’t take long. Consuming edibles is a much different process. The body must digest the food, requiring absorption through the stomach, intestines, and liver. Results can be delayed, which is where many impatient users go wrong. To avoid rookie mistakes, follow a set of safety guidelines until you understand how your body processes THC. Many people purchase cannabidiol (CBD) before trying edibles. CBD is a product used to counteract any undesirable effects of THC.

    Have A Sober Friend

    Before you begin anything, be sure you have a sober, responsible friend by your side. The increase in popularity of edibles has also led to an increase in horror stories about bad experiences. Don’t be that guy (or gal). Your sober friend can help you deal with the effects as they occur, especially if your judgment or coordination is impaired.

    Buy Legitimate

    Always buy your products from a reliable dispensary. Ask friends for recommendations or find online reviews. In most states, dispensaries and formularies are still working on proper dosing for edibles. Find a well-respected dispensary with properly labeled products.

    Read the Labels

    Labels should provide instruction for consumption and reveal the THC dosing inside. If directions are vague or unclear, ask the employees for more information. Most dispensaries use THC dosage calculators for proper results. Labels that do not provide specific information or dosing amounts should be red flags. Find a better dispensary so you know exactly what you’re buying.

    Read the Labels
    Read the Labels – Image powered by

    Eat A Meal

    Before consuming anything, eat a solid meal. Taking edibles on an empty stomach can upset your digestive tract if you’re not used to it. An empty stomach can also make the effects more intense than desired. Also, be sure to properly hydrate throughout the event.

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      Begin Small

      Proper dosing for beginners is around 2.5 to 5 milligrams. For edibles, this will likely be a small portion of the food you’ve bought. Don’t eat more than the recommended amount, especially if this is your first time. Like alcohol consumption, every person’s body chemistry, metabolism, and weight will affect results. Overdoing it can create a miserable high.

      Don’t Eat More

      Edibles can take from 30 minutes to two hours for an effect to be felt. Don’t eat more before the two-hour point. The high obtained from consuming edibles lasts much longer than if one were smoking marijuana. If you take too much, the effects can last for up to 10 hours.

      Don’t Eat More
      Don’t Eat More – Image powered by

      Don’t Panic

      Don’t panic if you take too much. The results can be unpleasant, making you anxious or paranoid. Eat, drink, and distract yourself from the unpleasantries. If you are able, try to sleep it off. The effects will take several hours to wear off, but you will be just fine.

      Consumption of edibles is safe when done responsibly. Always take it slow and never take more than the recommended amount. If you take too much or too little, adjust your dosage next time.

      Medical Marijuana Edibles

      Medical Marijuana Edibles
      Medical Marijuana Edibles – Image powered by

      Edible marijuana is a wonderful way to treat chronic pain, arthritis, nausea, anxiety, and depression. When used as directed, the edibles can become a part of your everyday health regimen. Many people currently use medical marijuana to treat chronic conditions with positive results. Finding a trusted and legitimate dispensary with knowledgeable employees can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

      Kind Meds is a high-quality medical marijuana dispensary located in Mesa, Arizona. We offer a variety of medicinal marijuana strains, edibles, tinctures, and drinks.

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