How to Start A Commercial Grow Operation in Florid...

In 2016, Florida legalized marijuana by a more than 70% majority. In 2017, further legislation was added. Marijuana growing operations are part of Medical Marijuana Treat[...]

  • Florida
Is Weed Legal in Jamaica?

Mention the beautiful island country of Jamaica, and most people think of sun, sand, Bob Marley, reggae music, a laid-back culture—and marijuana. The locals call it ganja, a [...]

  • Jamaica
  • News
Larry Bird Kush Strain

Larry Bird Kush wows the crowd with its off-the-roof THC levels of 24% to 26%. Upon consumption, it delivers a stellar head high that instantly improves the mood within minutes. It[...]

  • High THC
  • Hybrid
Coco Coir

There are more ways to grow marijuana than simply putting the seeds in soil. One grow medium that has a lot of benefits is called coco coir. Not only will you be able to re-use you[...]

  • Growing
  • Guides
Product Shortages Continue to Hamper Retail Cannab...

November 29, 2018, Canada Saskatoon is the largest city of the southern province of Saskatchewan, Canada. After nationwide blanket legalization coming into effect last month, the c[...]

  • Canada
  • News
Massachusetts Sees Cannabis Sales of $2 Million in...

November 29, 2018, Massachusetts Recreational cannabis sales have begun in Massachusetts just a week ago. And for now, only two licensed stores are operating in the entire state. H[...]

  • Massachusetts
  • News
New Jersey Legislative Committees to Conduct Publi...

November 28, 2018, New Jersey Committees from both New Jersey’s Senate and Assembly have started a public hearing this week to discuss and debate legalizing recreational mari[...]

  • New Jersey
  • News
Michigan Approves Delivery Services for Medical Ca...

November 28, 2018, Michigan Michigan is continuously moving forward with cannabis reforms. In the beginning of the month, Michiganders agreed to a proposal for legalizing recreatio[...]

  • Michigan
  • News
Signs that California’s Cannabis Operations are ...

November 27, 2018, California California is moving in the right direction with its legal cannabis program. Yesterday, we discussed some indicators of that improvement. In this arti[...]

  • California
  • News

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