Cannabinol (CBN)

We are currently aware of over a hundred types of cannabinoids, each having a unique impact. Since there isn’t much information available on cannabinol (CBN), many people assume it is a less potent derivative of THC. Cannabis plants contain only a limited amount of CBN in their flowers, and it definitely does not have the psychoactive effects of THC. Unfortunately, cannabinol doesn’t have an outstanding reputation because it is usually found in older, left out weed.

Luckily, things are changing for the better and researchers as well as weed enthusiast are realizing that CBN has beneficial properties, especially for people with THC sensitivities. Cannabinol is easy to incorporate into a diet through cannabis edibles, topicals, and capsules.

Now, let’s talk about what CBN is as well as its therapeutic effects.

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    What is Cannabinol (CBN) and How Does it Affect You?

    While more research is needed, so far scientist have found that CBN is beneficial as an:

    What is Cannabinol (CBN)
    What is Cannabinol (CBN) – Image powered by
    • Anti-insomnia
    • Bone cell stimulator
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Appetite increaser
    • Anti-convulsive
    • Pain reducer
    • Anti-bacterial

    One of the biggest reasons CBN is so marketable is because of its amazing ability to help you sleep. To date, cannabinol is referred to as the most powerful sedative cannabinoid on the market. Steep Hill labs claims that when it comes to helping your body to relax, taking 5mg of cannabinol is equivalent to 10mg of valium.

    The presence of cannabinol is thought to be the reason why Indica strains are known to make people feel sleepy. The more CBN in the product, the more likely it is to make you sleepy.

    Marijuana plants make enzymes that convert CBGA into CBDA, THCA, and CBCA. When you heat THCA, it becomes THC and THCV. Once THCA has aged, it converts to CBNA then turn into cannabinol.

    Several studies have proven CBN has quite a few powerful therapeutic effects. Studies on rats feeding habits after being given CBN show the rodents ate much faster and consumed more food for longer time periods. The results revealed cannabinol as a feasible non-psychoactive cannabinoid that enhances your appetite.

    As far back as 1974 scientist discovered that CBN, CBD, and THC are anticonvulsant, however when comparing them, all the least potent one is CBN. At the Department of Clinical Pharmacology at Lund University Hospital, a team of Swedish researchers determined that both THC and cannabinol stimulate the same pain pathways. According to a research study in 2006, cannabinol is one of the cannabinoids that manages cancer cell development. To be exact, cannabinol regulates Lewis Carcinoma, a form of lung tumor.

    Research conducted on male participants identified that the psychoactive effects were much less than THC. Combined, they are much more potent. When participants were administered THC mixed with CBN, the cannabinol slightly enhanced the way THC influenced certain part of psychological and physiological effects. Also, the study revealed that when the male participants received a combination of CBN and THC, they experienced more feelings of being dizzy, drugged, drowsy and drunk.

    There is one particular study that concluded THC and CBN combined had little effect on the intensity, amount of time and quality of THCs impact. One study found that CBN successfully reduces the symptoms of ALS.

    When used in as a topical CBN has antibacterial properties, as well as an ability to fight MRSA. According to research studies, topical CBN has medicinal effects on skin problems such as serious burns and psoriasis.

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      Where to Get Cannabinol (CBN)?

      Where to Get Cannabinol (CBN)
      Where to Get Cannabinol (CBN) – Image powered by

      What makes cannabinol stand out about the other cannabinoids is its powerful sedative effects. Since CBN is formed through the oxidization of THC, you are more likely to find higher levels of it in older cannabis that is not properly cured. Raw cannabis stored in a well-sealed container will certainly have less cannabinol in it.

      If you are in search of a more natural alternative to sleep aid, know that there is a growing interest in producing more CBN. Cannabinol has not been easy to come by in the past; however, things have changed, and now you can get cannabinol in small quantities of specific marijuana strains. Usually, the flowers with this compound have concentrations of up to 1 percent. It is easy to find THC or even CBD extracts, and now there is more interest in paying attention to the less popular cannabinoids.
      Due to CBN only making up a small portion of cannabis flowers, you rarely see it in the same forms as THC or Delta 8. To get the most out of cannabinol, you are better off not combining it with large or equal amounts of CBD and THC.

      If you have issues with getting a good night’s rest, there are a few forms of cannabinol you can find to receive its therapeutic benefits. Slowly but surely cannabinol will start to become available in tinctures, capsules, oils, and edibles. You can begin by finding lab-tested concentrates with elevated levels of cannabinol, and of course, there is always the option of your aged unsealed cannabis. Some companies produce CBN drinks, patches and capsules. While CBN is not the most common cannabinoid right now, with the right search, there are reputable companies ready to offer options that might suit your needs.

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