Berry White Strain

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Berry White strain is as smooth as its name indicates.

This strain is sometimes also known as White Berry or Blue Widow, and is all about the finding your bliss and staying there.

This indica-dominant hybrid is nothing short of lovely, and represents its parentage not only in its flavor, but also its effects.

This indica-dominant strain is on a whole ‘nother level. Berry White comes from a parentage that is nothing short of legendary.

This strain is a cross breed of the two top notch strains, Blueberry and White Widow, an ultimate mood-elevator and lush euphoria-inducing strain.

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Berry White has a lineage that says a lot about its potency and pureness.

This strain carries the best of both of the worlds it comes from, and is all about making you feel happy and uplifted, while allowing you to pull out your innermost creativity and inspiration.

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    Berry White marijuana strain
    ORIGINBlueberry indica mixed with White Widow
    EFFECTSrelaxed – 10
    happy – 9
    euphoric – 8
    uplifted – 7
    sleepy – 4
    ADVERSE REACTIONSdry mouth – 10
    dry eyes – 7
    dizzy – 3
    paranoid – 2
    anxious – 1
    FRAGRANCEblueberry, earthy, sour, sweet
    FLAVORSberry, blueberry, pine, spicy, sweet, herbal, earthy
    MEDICALstress – 10
    pain – 8
    depression – 8
    insomnia – 5
    headaches – 4
    THC CONTENT %22%
    CBD %0.10%
    INDICA / SATIVA %65% / 35%
    INDOOR YIELD16oz/ m²
    OUTDOOR YIELD18oz/ plant
    CLIMATEwarm, dry outdoor climate with a lot of sun

    * 10 is the highest
    * 1 is the lowest


    Berry White presents a powerful body high, that is like getting a full body massage without lying down on a bench.

    This strain is fully relaxing, and invigorating, making you want to kick off your shoes and cave in to that pleasant sweet blueberry high.

    Berry White’s fans love this strain for its often mild sensitive yet sensational little effects.

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    This indica dominant hybrid provides a gentle full bodied experience, making you feel light and happy, and warm and fuzzy on the inside.

    White Berry will have you grooving to your tunes, and giggling uncontrollably while enjoying an uplifted state.

    Berry White is an effective mood lifter, and is also wildly popular among those who are seeking out the perfect bud to put them to sleep.

    This sweet flower is really good at getting you ready for a long night of restful sleep, that will fully restore you like no other.


    Berry White is an absolute aromatic sensation. This wild berry smelling bud is something else, it will make your mouth water with one whiff.

    This indica-dominant strain smells like all the sour fruitiness you can imagine, and will leave an earthy blueberry note floating in the air.

    Berry White Fragrance
    Berry White Fragrance


    This beautiful sweet berry flavored strain tastes exactly the same way it smells. Berry White tastes like blueberries that have been spiced, and the smoke will coat the inside of your mouth with a sweet and spicy pine flavor, that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

    Adverse reactions

    Berry White may make you feel dizzy at times, especially when consumed in large doses. This strain can sometimes make you feel slightly paranoid, due to its potency, so if you are a new user, approach this one with caution.

    Berry White Adverse Growing
    Berry White Adverse Growing

    The most common side effect of this strain is a case of dry mouth, which may occur, making you feel parched and dehydrated. Often, this may also include a case of dry eyes, and on rare occasions, Berry White may also leave you feeling a mild bout of anxiety.


    This strain is the perfect healer, making it therefore popular among medical cannabis patients and doctors alike. Berry White has inherited only the best from both of its lineages, having created a potent cure-all for many common and chronic illnesses and diseases.

    Berry White has been widely used for the treatment of stressed, because of its ability to successfully control and manage certain day to day stresses, even in the most extreme cases. It has been known to be effective for patients who suffer from mood disorders, eliminating anxiety and depression like no other.

    This indica-dominant strain is great at keeping pain issues at bay. Muscle spasms, joint pains, headaches and migraines have all be known to be eased by this bud, making Berry White a favorite for pain management. Insomniacs are also impressed with this strain because of its strong and potent tranquilizing abilities.

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      Berry White is well-loved among growers not only for its delicious potency, and its rich aroma, but also because this plant can flower in much less time than the standard strains. This indica-dominant bud is easy to cultivate, and uncomplicated, being resistant to most molds and mildews and making it easy to grow, even for amateurs.

      Berry white Growing
      Berry White Growing

      Flowering Time


      This strain takes about an average of 7 weeks to flower and make itself ready for a full harvest. You can expect around an estimated 16 ounces of fresh and fragrant bud per square meter when harvesting an indoor-grown plant of Berry White.


      Berry White kept outdoors needs a warm and sunny environment to flourish in. This strain can yield an average of about 18 ounces per plant, and can be expected to be ready for a harvest around early October.


      1. Blueberry
      2. White Widow

      FAQ About Berry White Strain

      What is the Berry White strain yield?

      Berry White yields 16oz/ m2 indoors and 18oz/ plant outdoors.

      How much THC does Berry White have?

      Around 22% THC.

      What are the origins of the Berry White strain?

      Berry White was created from a mix between Blueberry and White Widow.

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        1. Thank you for the extensive and accurate info on Berry White. It was my time smoking it and wanted to know what kind if journey was ahead of me. You were a big help because I hadn’t smoked since a July night with Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers at The Meadows rocked by Maui Wowie. RIP Tommy. Berry White is A sweet and peaceful ride and yes I am relaxed and feeling the full body shot. Thanks again for your guidance about Berry White.