How to make homemade fertilizer for weed

Weed fertilizers come in all shapes and sizes, and most of them achieve the desired effect of producing better weed plants with better yields.

Many fertilizers range from relatively common store-bought substances to somewhat outlandish, but easily accessible resources. Whatever you use, it’s important to understand the value of fertilizer for the weed plants.

Cannabis relies on fertilizer to get its valued nutrient content. Without any nutrients (food), the plants will end up withering away to nothing. Just having water and light won’t be enough to get your plants thriving. Fertilizers can go a long way in doing just that. But, what are the best fertilizers to use?

What every homemade fertilizer for weed should consist of

There is some logic behind sticking with a proven formula. For years, garden centers across the world have sold Miracle-Gro and other packaged fertilizers at relatively inexpensive prices.

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Using these fertilizers is a tried and true method that has worked for a variety of different gardeners for a variety of different plants. These fertilizers also give you the added benefit of listing the number of nutrients they have in the soil.

Marijuana Homemade Fertilizer
Homemade fertilizer

For instance, most store-bought fertilizers work off of a standard ratio between nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K). This is called an NPK ratio and it lets you know exactly how much you’re feeding to your plants. Download my free marijuana grow bible at this link and learn more about making fertilizers!

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Some of the easiest and most effective ways to make homemade fertilizer for weed

Human urine and marijuana

One of the strangest fertilizers you may have ever heard of is human urine. Indeed, the yellow stuff is chock-full of the nitrogen that can promote stem and leaf production.

Marijuana plants need

It is important to not urinate directly on the marijuana plants or even near the plants because it might kill where it touches. This is because the urine has too high of a concentration of nitrogen for it to be safe.

That is why it must always be diluted in about a gallon of water and then used quickly. If it’s not used soon after the solution is made, then you run the risk of ammonia-forming which could infect and kill the plant.

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Of course, another relatively inexpensive and also tried and true method is composting. Composting is nature’s way of really highlighting the circle of life.

Any organic material you might have lying around in your backyard is sufficient for composting and to be used as a homemade fertilizer for weed. This can take the form of stashed away dog feces or it can be the product of decayed oranges from an orange tree.

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You could even combine different organic materials that have been lying around for months or years at a time. Although it might strike you as a gross way to make homemade fertilizer for weed, it is one of the best and most natural ways to produce a thriving crop.

There are more options for fertilizers that you might want to try, but these are certainly two of the best (or at least the easiest to use).

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Whether you’re peeing in a bottle or going down to the garden center to buy a bag of pre-made fertilizer, you’re going to increase your marijuana yield with higher nutrient content. In the end, that’s all you’re really looking for when it comes to fertilizers.

Faq about making homemade fertilizer for weed

Is homemade compost good for marijuana plants?

Any organic material that is lying around in your backyard is sufficient for composting and can be used very effectively as a homemade fertilizer for weed.

Is human urine good for marijuana plants?

Yes, it is very effective but always mix it up with a gallon of water and then used quickly. Never urinate directly on the plants or even near the plants.

What is the best homemade fertilizer?

Here are some of the recommended homemade fertilizers: Banana Peels, Tree Leaves, Kitchen Scraps, and Eggshells.

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  1. Pee in a plant omg wow ,,, I was gonna use apples ,bananas ,onions but just their feelings along with coffee grounds and others I want T H C too be very good like very good can I do it like this

    • I’ve tried this on many plants, and it works if done correctly. 1st pot your main plant, and then keep everything identical and pot a different plant. Oddly i’ve found sunflowers work well for the second plant. The first of course is Canibus, Hemp, or even Red cratom. NOTE; Red cratom is a bush as much as a tree. I prefer the sunflower. 2. Use a PH meter to check both pots, and see where the PH level is at in both. Plant 1 ( Hypetheticaly canabus should have a lower PH faster than the 2ond. Don’t use urine until the plants are around 10-16″ in height. In this method use a larger than norm pot and fill it only 2/3 full to start. Add soil and amemdments to help the fast growing plant stand up well. And trellace it if nessecary. Once PH lowers in soil of approx 12-14″ canabus plant use 1/4 to 1/2 shot glass amount of urine mixed with mirical grow at a normal rate of mixture, also add half a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, 1-2 teaspoons of epsom salts, NOTE: when adding soil to keep filling the base of the plant in pot use worm castings. At three to six weeks of growth on plant 1, or 10-12″ height, which ever comes first start adding the liquid feed. Add less than normal, you can always add more but u can’t remove it. also check PH so it doesn’t rise to high. ((If you’ve seen those supper cheap dieing plants at garden centers this will bring them back to life as well)). You’ll see pretty supper results, such as fast growing flowers, more blums, bigger Pedals, thick stalks, and bushy, big healthy plants. CONCLUSION: All that’s happening is your adding an acidic amendment:(Liquid); mixed with normal feed at a time the plant is ready to mature, or heal. Continue with Urine and u could harm the plant. Stop all urine use once plant is sufficently in a healthy apperance, or growing nicely. Scientificly the nitrogen and carbon x other molocules are or will uptake more readily to the plant to induce healing and growth. P.S> This is the dummies scientific explaination. If you have access to Estrogen, and dilute it into distiled water, and use it sparingly in a simular method, at the correct times, you can both Kill Canibus, and often make hugh bushy gummy, heavy, budded plants that produce inside controlled areas to extream, and for elongated periods. However I’d discurage this as no real testing has been done to determinie if any harmful effects could result from using Estroginized Canibus.

  2. remember your urine will expel all sorts of things, fine for a plant outside grown direct in soil, but I wouldn’t recommend it for potted plants. I found this article to be unhelpful and trying to sell something for some affiliate cash

  3. Guys ive been trying to grow this electric broccoli for 4 months with no luck until some dude told me to add potatoes to my soil, as it rots it serves as food for the plant, I have a one month old baby now and I think im going to add this urine tip for good measure, hope it wont kill my plant

  4. Using emergency blankets instead of store bought mylar excellent alternative price 40 dollars roll mylar blanket 1 dollar. 4ft × 4ft × 8 ft. 1 blanket. Try it works great !!

    • Tokkie,

      Egg shells are great to add to a compost. I would not advise just dumping egg shells directly into garden. compost them 1st. Happy growing!

    • the best way i have found to use eggshell, is to wash them let them dry completely and pulverize them in a food processor or blender untill a med fine powder, then add about five ti six dried banana peels and continue to blend untill all powered. add 1 1/2 tbls to a gallon of water with 1 tbls epsom salts and 1 tsp ammonia. you can add 1 tsp of baking soda as well. water plants about every five days. do not over water.

  5. Hey I’m growing some cannabis for the first time , and I haven’t been using no kind of nutrients for the sake of killing them , so far so good but I would like to try the urine mix , how long do I let the pee sit in water before pouring it in my plants?…

  6. First Time using a fertilizer, my step dad says fish guts mixed with potting soil. Will that work with the urine?

    • Jvool,

      Personally, I would not use fish guts because they will attract all kinds of pests. Fish meal, or Fish emulsion would be a better choice.

      You might want to join our support forum!

      Happy growing 🙂 – I❤️GM

    • fish guts work reasonably well when growing a fairly small crop but i wouldnt use urine as well for possible over nitrating plant and killing it.

  7. I prefer a good 5 gallon bucket filled with Diarrhea for fertilizer keeps the soil conditioned as well just mix it in the soil with your hands cheers!!

  8. I have a plant that is about a month old and I noticed the leaves were turning yellow so I mixed my urine with water and fed the plant, the next day it looked droopy, I thought I killed it but the next day all the leaves were a beautiful green and it looked amazing, wow, who would have thought piss would be the food of the Gods for cannabis, thanks

  9. Pbone,

    I am sorry to here of your affliction. I am not a Dr. With that said; I have to think that if you have an issue that is making you sick, I would restrain from using my urine for nutrients. There are many inexpensive nutrients online that you could use. Check out this site 🙂

  10. i’ve read a lot about this and it does all really pointing at urine being great at being a real good fertilizer. i do have a question though and would be interested in getting any feedback etc from anyone who knows (or thinks they know, the question is i take a lot of medications for something i will never get any better anyway i’m wondering that it could get into my plants and i really d ont wanna add to my health probs! anyone out there with answers? thanks and have a nice day :- )

    • This might sound out there but using urine from a sick person to grow fruits, vegetables,
      Weed or anything else that sick person might want to consume might end up being a taylor
      made cure from Nature !
      Nature has the ability to know that something is wrong in the Urine and respond by creating
      a plant much stronger and possibly your own personal cure ?
      Worth a try !

  11. Urine (diluted 7 parts water to 1 part urine) works great for lawns, vegetable gardens, and fruit trees, so it is not surprising it would promote healthy weeds. I keep a water bottle in the garage to keep well hydrated while working outside in the yard and garden. I drink water when thirsty and immediately after urinating into a bucket I keep for that purpose. Then I dilute the urine and empty the bucket before evening wherever it seems there is the most need.

  12. When i see all of these organic fertilizers these guys are using, it reminds me of all the pills i take for pain and other problems. It makes ya wonder if it’s really woth it, i know the pills aren’t, that why i’m going GREEN.

    • turkey crap works really well, just dont over do it and it does stink, but the yield is better and the flowering stage wonderful. i do usually an acre or so at a time, with a plant every 14 inches, they do awesome on yield and quality.