Snails and slugs on marijuana plants

You have definitely seen these before. Slugs are gooey and around one inch long with astute antennae. Snails are just slugs with a shell they can retreat into if they feel a threat nearby. Both of these can cause harm to your marijuana plants.

Slugs are very common and attack a large variety of plants. The damage they cause can range from a small amount of damage to completely killing your plant. Read this article and learn how to identify snail and slug damage and see how to get rid of them.

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Signs of snails and slugs

Signs of snails and slugs on marijuana plant
Signs of snails and slugs on marijuana plant

Unfortunately, these annoying pests attack both buds and leaves, and when they do, they leave a lot of damage in a very little amount of time. You’ll want to keep an eye out for these buggers, and kill them on sight.

You can easily identify the presence of snails and slugs whether you see them or not, because of the shiny silver trail left when they have been in that location. They will harm seedlings and create holes in the older leaves.

Not sure if snails and slugs are causing the damage to your marijuana plants? Check the article Marijuana pest and bug control for a list with pictures of all pests and bugs

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How to get rid of snails and slugs

When your plants are at a vulnerable stage, you will definitely want to protect them as much as possible. Offering a protective covering for house frogs and toads gives an organic process of the food chain that will free your marijuana plant of both snails and slugs. Frogs and toads will eat these suckers up.

Snails eat cannabis

Guess what – these guys like to drink?! Give them a beer party, since they enjoy beer. This is called a beer trap. Put a lot of cans in the ground, with the top lip sticking out right above the surface of the ground, then fill them with beer. Another way to do it is to put jar lids over the soil.

It doesn’t matter what kind of beer you use, but I suggest not using your favorite kind since these are unwanted party guests. These pests will walk right into the bear eager to take in as much as they, then this will kill them. If I must say so myself, this isn’t a bad way to die!

Make sure to empty your trap frequently because it will fill up quickly.

To protect your plants and to get rid of pest, use Bergman’s Plant protector, which comes in a handy package of three bottles.

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You can also place a saucer of salt on the ground to kill slugs and snails. The salts will actually make them dehydrated so much so that they are unable to function. After they have gone to slug/snail heaven, remove all of their remains from the area.

If you want to really surprise them, wrap wire around the base of your plant. You can also sprinkle eggshells, lime, sawdust and Diatomaceous Earth around your plants.

List of marijuana plant symptoms

Don’t underestimate the problems these pests can cause your marijuana plants. That can be recognized by:

  • Chiseled holes in older leaves
  • Shiny, silver trail left behind as an indicator that they are present
Final effect slugs and snails on marijuana plant
Final effect slugs and snails on marijuana plant

If you see signs of their presence, you will want to take immediate action to save the lives of your babies. They frequently hide, attacking your plants during the night, so you need always to be on the lookout for slug and snail damage!

Thanks for reading. Please leave comments or questions below and don’t forget to download my free grow bible.


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  1. Thanks for the info! I don’t drink beer but I’m going to get some for these slimy little pricks! I had some snail pellets I put down, but we’ve had so much rain it made them all dissolve. I also put ashes from my wood stove, it was all hardwood. So salt and beer are on the menu for tomorrow night! Thanks again!

  2. […] If that’s too much trouble, or just not an option at all, you can also apply salt to the area to make it inhospitable and dangerous for slugs. Surprisingly enough, beer can also be used to help discourage slugs and snails from tromping around your cannabis garden. Read more about Snails and slugs on marijuana plants […]

  3. the upper part,leaves,look great. however I cannot get the main stalk to grow and they want to lay down as the stem is to narrow to hold the plants up. I would hate to lose the crop as I purchased seeds from your bank and were expensive. any help will be appreciated. thank you

  4. i would like to point out the simple fact that this list of pests and how to control them has helped me with my problem of snails and i would not have known for a second that it was snails eating my crop props to you friend