Protect Your Outdoor Marijuana Plants Against Wind

In windy areas it is a good idea to plant crops on the perimeter of your cannabis growing area closely together to serve as a windbreak to protect the other plants.

How to protect weed plants from wind

Tying plants to stakes driven into the ground, or constructing a rope and stick fence, are two ways you might achieve this.

The drawback of course, is that those plants will be competing with each other very intensely for soil nutrients, sunlight, and water.

Another method you could use to deal with windy areas is to keep your marijuana plants clipped.

This will likely limit your harvest slightly, but the marijuana plants will also adapt and become denser in their branching, hence their flowering.

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Usually, stress inhibits the growth of the marijuana plant, or will damage the yield at the time of harvest.

Intentionally underwatering around harvest is a kind of stress that  cannabis growers will use to improve on the bud quantity.

Although it is wise to limit the water plants receive as you reach the harvest time, be careful not to let the marijuana plants get so dry that they wilt or burn in the sun- light.

As the leaves drop off, or turn brown, the flowers that remain might resemble the resin in color and harshness of smoke.

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Some stresses produce far more dramatic results and are based on less credible cultivation sense.

These include: splitting the base of the marijuana plant with nails, severe pruning, and bending or contorting the stem.

The goal of these actions is to increase the bud quantity of the marijuana plant.

Although there does appear to be a relationship between stress and bud quantity however the fundamentals of the growing process are most important.

Choice of location, soil and its nutrient content, and using good seeds are far more important to yield and potency than the stresses placed upon a plant.

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