How much should you pay for marijuana?

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Because the United States doesn’t yet federally recognize marijuana as a safe and legal drug, acquiring it in some places can be a difficult, and even dangerous, task. Besides security, the most popular question asked by people who are looking to purchase weed is how much it should cost. Because the transaction likely needs to be secretly conducted on the “Black Market,” there are no rules or regulations to guarantee that you will get a reasonable price for the product. This means that, unless you go in knowing exactly how much weed generally costs, there is a high chance that you could get ripped off.

Consider some factors before buying cannabis

Of course, simply knowing the basic price of weed in the United States is not quite enough. You should also be aware of a number of other factors, not the least of which are the local prices of weed. It can be particularly expensive in one state, and simultaneously cost very little in another. For these reasons, you should really do some research before buying weed for the first time.

Let’s review the relevant factors that you will need to consider.


The quality of the weed you are buying should make a huge difference in the cost. Regular or daily consumers can quickly distinguish high-quality weed from low-quality weed. Newbies, however, face a greater risk of paying a premium price for a sub-par product. If you fall are new to buying, make sure you do your pricing homework or ask a knowledgeable and trustworthy veteran. High-quality weed is generally marijuana that includes no stems or seeds (as they are entirely unnecessary), is well-manicured, nicely aromatic, and so on.

Quality of Cannabis

Of course, quality doesn’t fall simply into the categories of “good” and “bad.” A lot just depends on what you, as the smoker, prefer in your weed. The more clearly you understand your personal preferences in marijuana, the more likely you are to find a product that fits neatly into your preferences.


We can’t even start discussing international prices in this article because the price variance within the United States alone is so staggering. It can even make a huge difference whether you live in a large city, or a nearby town, as there can be big differences within one state.

Location of your marijuana grow

In this article, we’ll cover the prices on a state-by-state basis, but you should also keep in mind the potential for volatile fluctuations.

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    In Oregon, for example, good quality weed might sell between $150 and $250 per ounce. Because marijuana is grown there in large quantities and thrives in outdoor setups, higher quality marijuana is easier to find and, therefore, costs less. In other places, the quality might be lower, or the higher quality varieties will cost you more money.


    Just like finding a job, or accomplishing just about anything, the price you are quoted for weed depends on who you know, or who your friends know. You will have a much better (and more reliable) time buying from someone you know well, or are friends with than if you are purchasing weed from a stranger.

    Cannabis connections

    In the weed industry, it is common to be charged an added fee on top of the actual price of the product. This is called being “shorted” or “taxed,” and it is a risk that can affect anyone buying weed from a stranger. This extra fee is generally between $5 and $10, so that can add up pretty quickly for people who buy weed often.

    The time of year

    Although it often isn’t thought of this way by people who recreationally smoke marijuana, the harvesting time of marijuana has a big impact on current local prices. The same is true with any food crop, but somehow people have stopped thinking of marijuana as a crop, and instead look at it as a drug, product or simple commodity. The fact of the matter is, however, that harvesting time plays a big role in the price of marijuana.

    The time of year when cannabis is harvested

    The reason for this is simple. When marijuana is grown outdoors, the season dictates when it begins to flower, as well as when is the best time to harvest. Consequently, anyone growing their plants locally are going to harvest the buds right around the same time, and then try to sell the resulting weed at the same time, too. During these saturated times, it becomes a buyer’s market — since all of the sellers are trying to drop their inventory at the same time. When the supply is greater than the demand, the prices decrease.

    Keep in mind, this is only the case if you are living and buying marijuana in an area where it grows well outside. If you reside in an area that imports from faraway places anyway, the prices will likely be unaffected. However, if you live where marijuana grows well outdoors, knowing a bit about the growing season could very well help you get the best deals, and the freshest weed possible.

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    Now that weed is legal in some states, and is gaining traction in others, how has this affected the marijuana market?

    Legal vs. illegal cannabis_ which costs more

    According to some outlooks, legal weed is generally far more expensive than illegal weed. But does that mean that no one will buy it? Or do consumers prefer to take the legal route?

    Black market marijuana

    On the black market, the average price of one ounce of high-quality marijuana in the United States costs about $350. On the higher end, an ounce of good quality marijuana costs $400 in North Dakota. Similar prices can be found on the black market in Iowa, Louisiana, Wyoming, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

    The West Coast, however, is generally the location for the most budget-friendly marijuana. For black market marijuana found in Oregon at $210 per ounce, Washington at $232 per ounce, and California at $245 per ounce.

    Medical marijuana is legal in 23 American states and is generally more expensive than illegal recreational marijuana. Because of the legal aspect and regulations, it is usually higher quality but milder, and is often used for symptom relief or treatment of specific ailments.

    If you get medical marijuana at a dispensary, you will likely find it for roughly $10 per gram. If you buy it somewhere else, it will cost up to $25 per gram. In Seattle, however, medical dispensaries sell medical marijuana for as little as $8 per gram and as much as $15 per gram.

    Next comes legal recreational marijuana, which is easily the highest-priced product on the legal or illegal market. If you reside in Colorado, you can expect the prices of legal recreational marijuana to be about twice as much (per gram) as legal medical marijuana.

    Legal recreational marijuana

    Legal recreational marijuana comes out to about $17 per gram, or $482 per ounce. This price hike reflects the limited number of licensed growers there are. In Colorado, just over three percent of growers who applied for licenses actually received them. And even fewer have actually started harvesting. All these conditions combine into a shortage of legal recreational weed and, consequently, prices are high.

    These factors already make the prices of marijuana high, but this doesn’t even take into account the sky high taxes that are added to the cost of legal marijuana. For example, in Washington, there is a whopping total of 75% taxed onto legal marijuana. Here are the costs broken down: a 25% wholesale tax, plus a 25% retail tax, and an additional sales tax on top of that!

    How have consumers responded?

    Just because the prices of marijuana are higher for legal options over black market products, doesn’t mean that everyone will just continue buying the illegal stuff, however. Colorado serves as an effective model for observing the trend in consumer response to the increased prices for legal marijuana. When retail dispensaries opened at the beginning of 2014, the first month of sales saw $3.5 million in tax revenue – this was from both medical and recreational marijuana sales. The lesson to learn here is that, in general, consumers prefer to purchase legal marijuana.

    Prices in all 50 states

    Unless you are fortunate enough to reside in Washington or Colorado, you are probably curious about the local prices of black market marijuana in your area.

    Prices of cannabis in all 50 states

    Thanks to we were able to organize it alphabetically and break it down into high-quality, medium-quality and low-quality weed. This will help you to pinpoint reasonable local prices, so that you can quickly find the locations you are most interested in.

    The national average price of illegal marijuana is currently around $317 for high-quality weed, and $264 for medium quality weed. We don’t recommend bothering with low-quality weed, as the savings aren’t great enough to make the poor smoke and health risks worth it.

    StateHigh qualityMedium qualityLow quality
    Alabama$341 per ounce$220 per ounce$140 per ounce
    Alaska$294 per ounce$292 per ouncedon’t bother!
    Arizona$296 per ounce$211 per ounce$188 per ounce
    Arkansas$338 per ounce$220 per ounce$116 per ounce
    California$247 per ounce$196 per ounce$186 per ounce
    Colorado$242 per ounce$197 per ounce$215 per ounce
    Connecticut$332 per ounce$278 per ounce$237 per ounce
    Delaware$349 per ounce$248 per ounce$226 per ounce
    Florida$299 per ounce$221 per ounce$162 per ounce
    Georgia$319 per ounce$227 per ounce$151 per ounce
    Hawaii$311 per ounce$264 per ounce$270 per ounce
    Idaho$275 per ounce$243 per ounce$183 per ounce
    Illinois$350 per ounce$289 per ounce$203 per ounce
    Indiana$331 per ounce$225 per ounce$151 per ounce
    Iowa$362 per ounce$297 per ounce$253 per ounce
    Kansas$347 per ounce$269 per ounce$136 per ounce
    Kentucky$344 per ounce$191 per ounce$128 per ounce
    Louisiana$360 per ounce$247 per ounce$130 per ounce
    Maine$300 per ounce$235 per ounce$251 per ounce
    Maryland$363 per ounce$275 per ounce$199 per ounce
    Massachusetts$340 per ounce$284 per ounce$231 per ounce
    Michigan$282 per ounce$267 per ounce$221 per ounce
    Minnesota$335 per ounce$275 per ounce$206 per ounce
    Mississippi$347 per ounce$160 per ounce$138 per ounce
    Missouri$348 per ounce$256 per ounce$147 per ounce
    Montana$262 per ounce$239 per ounce(more data needed)
    Nebraska$317 per ounce$242 per ounce$142 per ounce
    Nevada$269 per ounce$228 per ounce$209 per ounce
    New Hampshire$344 per ounce$283 per ounce$534 per ounce
    New Jersey$346 per ounce$295 per ounce$280 per ounce
    New Mexico$284 per ounce$219 per ounce$150 per ounce
    New York$340 per ounce$267 per ounce$215 per ounce
    North Carolina$344 per ounce$254 per ounce$160 per ounce
    North Dakota$386 per ounce$323 per ounce$298 per ounce
    Ohio$331 per ounce$226 per ounce$164 per ounce
    Oklahoma$351 per ounce$254 per ounce$131 per ounce
    Oregon$206 per ounce$180 per ounce$175 per ounce
    Pennsylvania$359 per ounce$274 per ounce$205 per ounce
    Rhode Island$312 per ounce$252 per ounce$230 per ounce
    South Carolina$337 per ounce$218 per ounce$187 per ounce
    South Dakota$357 per ounce$330 per ounce$271 per ounce
    Tennessee$347 per ounce$237 per ounce$179 per ounce
    Texas$326 per ounce$238 per ounce$152 per ounce
    Utah$284 per ounce$239 per ounce$225 per ounce
    Vermont$355 per ounce$303 per ounce$179 per ounce
    Virginia$363 per ounce$300 per ounce$225 per ounce
    Washington$233 per ounce$188 per ounce$170 per ounce
    Washington, D.C.$359 per ounce$287 per ounce$234 per ounce
    West Virginia$358 per ounce$241 per ounce$155 per ounce
    Wisconsin$346 per ounce$279 per ounce$259 per ounce
    Wyoming$319 per ounce$320 per ounce$192 per ounce

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      FAQs about the price of weed

      What are some factors that affect the price of marijuana?

      The quality of cannabis buds, location, whom you buy it from, and the time of harvest are some relevant factors that you will need to consider before buying marijuana.

      What is the average price of weed in the U.S.?

      The national average price of illegal marijuana is currently around $317 for high-quality weed, and $264 for medium quality weed.

      How much have you paid for marijuana where you live? Or better yet, I recommend you start considering growing your own.

      Happy growing!


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