5 Ways to Combat Weed Related Anxiety

It happens to all of us. You’re smoking a bowl and you realize that you’re suddenly short of breath. You’re starting to feel panicked. It looks like you’re experiencing weed related anxiety Why is this happening, and what can you do about it?

Try Taking a Shower

Hot showers are great for everything. They’re my go-to remedy for most ailments, especially anything having to do with anxiety. Hot showers work for combatting weed related anxiety because the hot water naturally relaxes and soothes you. Just make sure that you don’t pass out in there (yes that can happen)! The warm water also feels amazing when you’re high.

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    Eat Something

    Much of the time weed related anxiety is caused by not having anything in the stomach. I like to think that getting the munchies is just our bodies’ way of preventing weed related anxiety. There are even specific foods you can eat to calm your nerves. Take pistachios, for instance. Pistachios have the terpenes pinene and myrcene, which are great for helping the body relax. The next time you smoke you should just consider eating some pistachios anyways. If you’re a fan of black pepper, you can always eat something containing lots of that. Pepper contains the terpene myrcene, another terpene known for inducing relaxation.

    Listen to some Music you Like

    Listening to music you like is always a good way to combat weed related anxiety. Make sure that it’s chill music that you’re listening to. Putting on something like heavy metal can actually make your anxiety worse. Think about it, if you’re having a panic attack would you really want someone screaming at you?

    smoke CBD for weed related anxiety
    Try some CBD for weed related anxiety. Image Source: YouTube

    Try some Stretches

    If you find that you’re short of breath and starting to feel lightheaded, you can always try doing some yoga to calm and center your body and mind. Yoga is good for you anyway, so you should consider doing it regularly. If yoga is not really your thing, you can always just do some basic stretches. Just pretend like you’re in gym class. Stay away from strenuous exercise because this can actually make it worse.

    Try Breathing Exercises

    Breathing techniques work because they force you to focus on your breathing rather than what is causing your anxiety. Try inhaling for five seconds, holding your breath for five seconds, and then exhaling for five seconds. This is called box breathing. It’s essentially a way of coercing your body into a state of relaxation. Do this for a few minutes and you should be feeling better.

    Next Time, Try Smoking Less Potent Buds

    Next time, you might consider smoking less potent buds. Strains with a high THC content are more likely to trigger anxiety especially in people who are more prone to anxiety. If smoking sativas is giving you anxiety, try switching to an indica instead. You could also try smoking a strain high in CBD. The neat thing about CBD is it actually seems to counteract the negative effects of THC.

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    Got any other tips for combatting weed related anxiety? Tell us in the comments!


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