6 Chill Strains for When the Holidays are Stressing you Out

The holidays are here. This means spending a lot of time with family, going to parties and eating tons of food. It also means being surrounded by the trappings of mass consumerism, constant ringing of bells from Salvation Army santas in your ears, and standing in endless lines. The stress of the holidays can really get to you, hence why suicide rates tend to spike over the holidays. Luckily weed is very helpful for dealing with this type (or really any type) of stress. These strains will help ease your holiday woes.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most popular hybrid strains of all time, and it’s for a good reason. This strains delightfully sweet flavor goes along perfectly with all the sweet holiday treats you plan to enjoy this season. Girl Scout Cookie’s balanced, mellow effects make it the ideal strain for chilling out after a long day of holiday shopping. This strain is great for growing indoors, especially when using the sea of green (SoG) technique.

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    The classic Trainwreck is one of the best strains for relaxing and has certainly been one of my favorites for years. Trainwreck is one of the more relaxing sativas out there. You’ll find that its spicy peppery taste pairs well with any spiced cider or even a mead. Indeed Trainwreck is a strain that was meant to be enjoyed in front of a warm fire.

    Skunk #1

    This fast flowering, high yield strain is good year round, but Skunk #1 is a strain that seems like it was made for chilling out during the holidays. This strain is especially popular among people suffering from a variety of mental health issues. This strain just might be the perfect strain for reversing those holiday blues.

    Skunk #1 is perfect for relieving the stress of the holidays. Image Source: herb.co

    Mr. Nice

    As the name implies, Mr. Nice is a strain that will treat you, well, very nice. This cross between G-13 and Hash Plant will send you into the deepest state of relaxation, accompanied with a fair amount of euphoria as well. There are few negative side effects from Mr. Nice, indeed one of the reasons this strain is named the way it is. This strain is for experienced (intermediate and above) growers only!

    Mendocino Purps

    High Times winner Mendocino Purps is not for the noobs! This strain will make you feel like sinking into your couch for hours on end, especially if you eat it in edible form. This strain will instantly relieve you from all forms of pain, making it an ideal strain for relaxing after a long day of standing in line after line. Mendocino Purps can get incredibly potent, with a THC content going all the way up to 30 percent!


    Kryptonite is an indica cross between Killer Queen and previous entry on this list, Mendocino Purps. This strain of indica is especially good for chilling out when the holidays are stressing you out bad. This strain is primarily meant to be used as a pain reliever. The effects hit you strong and a but faster than you were expecting.

    LA Confidential

    The smooth and pine fresh taste of LA Confidential will leave your taste buds begging for more. This strain’s skunky aroma is powerful, but unlike other skunk strains, it doesn’t seem to linger too long. This strain is great for enjoying after you’ve been outside all day, whether it’s from playing in snow for fun or shoveling the sidewalk.

    Featured Image Source: betterhealthforwomen.com

    What strains are your favorite for relieving the stress of the holidays? Tell us in the comments below!

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    marijuana grow bible
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