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If you are someone who doesn’t light up very often and could use a safe, relaxing or painkilling substance in your life, weed tea is likely a good option for you. Marijuana tea does not lead to an intense high (which is why frequent smokers won’t appreciate it as much) Instead, it works excellently in other ways, such as in the morning to treat your anxiety or pain while still being able to carry out everyday activities for the rest of the day.

Cannabis tea also works wonders for the cold winter months. There are a variety of different types of weed tea you can make, including chai tea and “regular” tea, and you can tweak the recipe to a certain extent to your own taste. Once you create a brew you love, your life will be changed (for the better). Let’s look at how to make marijuana tea now.

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Regular tea: ingredients and instructions

You will need about a gram of low to mid quality marijuana — when in doubt, err on the side of more. You will also need two teabags (of whichever kind of tea you like best), honey or sugar (or both), a teaspoon of butter, and either half and half or whole milk. As far as equipment goes, you will want to have scissors, a stapler, a tea kettle and a mug for drinking the hot tea.

Grind up the marijuana until it is quite small but not a super fine powder. Then, use the scissors to cut off the tops of your tea bags (including the string and tag). Mix up the weed and some of the tea leaves (remove the rest of the tea leaves) and put the whole mixture back into the tea bag. Fold over the top of the tea bag and staple it back shut (the folding step helps prevent little pieces from floating in your tea).

Next, put the single teaspoon of butter (or a little more, if you prefer) into the mug and cover it with a small amount of milk or half and half. Heat up the mug so the butter melts — but don’t heat it enough to curdle the milk, as that won’t taste pleasant at all.

Boil water in the tea kettle and then pour it into the mug with the butter and milk. Dunk the weed tea bag into the liquid and stir it up with a spoon, then put in some honey or sugar according to your preference. Try one teaspoon of honey if you’re not sure. Leave the mixture to brew for a while, then boil more water and fill up the mug nearly to the top. Add in some more butter and cream (or milk) according to what you prefer, and then leave it once again to brew for at least ten minutes.

To improve the taste of your weed tea, put in the second tea bag (without any weed in it) and let it brew for another ten minutes. Once it has steeped for long enough, take out both tea bags and enjoy your cup of tea.

If you like, you can even put the finished product in the fridge, add ice, and enjoy as a delicious iced tea later. Only put in the ice when you’re ready to drink it (to avoid making it super watery). The high you get from drinking weed tea (iced or otherwise) will take around an hour to kick in, and should be extremely pleasant and relaxing.

Chai tea: ingredients and instructions

For this recipe, you are going to need a Chai tea base (which you can get at Walmart or a variety of other similar stores). You’ll also need one cup of soy milk, two chai tea bags, half a cup of sugar, one can of whipped cream, 3.5 cups of water, and a quarter cup of marijuana. You’ll also need a stapler and a coffee grinder (optional).

First of all, break up your marijuana. It doesn’t have to be a coffee grinder, but if you have one, it will make it faster and easier. Otherwise, just use your hands to break up the marijuana into little pieces. Next, open the teabags and drop the little pieces of weed into them. Staple them back shut. Heat the water and soy milk up until it’s boiling, then add in a half cup of whipped cream (it will fully melt). Put both teabags in and allow the whole mixture sit there for a solid 25 minutes.

Your chai tea base should have come in a box that has instructions on it. Check these instructions and substitute the soy milk/water/weed mix for the milk that the recipe calls for. Follow the rest of the instructions as written and you will end up with a delicious, sweet, comforting chai weed tea!

You can expect the effects of drinking marijuana tea to be different from when you smoke marijuana, so proceed accordingly and use caution the first few times.

Thanks for reading and be sure to let us know how your tea-time was in the comments below.


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    • It could just be a taste suggestion, but I ended up here trying to find out if brewing in water with fat mixed in would increase the efficacy (given that the THC binds with the fat) or not (given that making cannabutter takes a hell of a lot longer than 5-10 min), so that may be the goal here.