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Growing your own bud is a catching trend in the areas of legal green because it is less expensive, more readily available and much more gratifying to smoke the bud you’ve sewn. We know there are a ton of sites offering grow supplies and it can be difficult to weed through the nips and buds. We’ve reviewed four grow shops on products, offers, reviews and price so you can make a more informed decision.

With so many options on the market, it’s difficult to make an informed and financially-worthy decision. When the price isn’t right, it is great to have options like financing, make an offer or various coupons to ensure the best deal on your grow set up.


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HealthCanal is an online shop that can provide you with the best cannabis grow guides plus resources for finding all the accessories to get started with cannabis farming. They are talking of lights, cannabis seeds, grow boxes, and so much more. The expert’s section has detailed reviews on which cannabis seeds to buy depending on your growing needs and experience. Now you will have people to walk you through the whole process and set up the best cannabis farm. That is not all as Healthcanal can also guide you up to when you harvest and sell your yields.


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Do you want to save big our your favorite growing gear? Growbuds is the first online hydroponic grow shop to be fully unapologetic about serving cannabis growers. Now operating in Canada and the USA to make your packages arrive even faster, Growbuds offer 200+ of the hottest horticulture brands in the cannabis industry right now.

Shop from the highest-rated complete grow kits, grow tents, LED grow lights, nutrients and additives, hydro systems, ventilation systems, and more! Growbuds is your one-stop cannabis grow shop.

Never run out of weed to smoke up! Download my free Grow Bible to learn how to grow your own weed.

Growers House

Grower's House store

Next up, the everything superstore: Growers House. They literally have everything you need: tents, boxes, soil, pots, tools and lights to name a few. And not only do they offer these top categories, but options within those options. You can choose from florescent, induction, plasma or LED lights and have offers on soil, hydro or aquaponics tents. They too offer finance options and ask you to “Make an Offer” if you want to haggle down the price. The biggest benefit of going with the superstore option is its free shipping and acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

Big Ticket Item
The 2.5′ x 5′ 600W KIND LED Hydro Complete Grow Tent Package comes complete with everything that you need to get started with your discrete home grow. The main features include a Plant House Indoor Grow Tent, a Growers House carbon filter, an Active Air 6-inch in-line fan, two Hurricane 6-inch clip fans, a Kind LED K3 L600 grow light, a Grow Crew 1/8-inch ratchet light hanger, a Titan Controls Apollo 8 24-hour dual timer, Root Spa 5-gallon four bucket System, and general hydroponics pH control kit. Priced at $1327.65 with free shipping.

The People’s Choice
With the worst review being “Only con so far is the ballast runs very hot,” Growers House is a buyer’s favorite for customer service, fast delivery and quality product. The commonly stated “I’m 100% satisfied” shows customer loyalty.

To compare with the other Kind LEDs, Growers House only offers the Kind LED K3 Series 600W for $895 and a Unit Farm UFO Lite 600 LED at $661.99. With the free shipping offer and an array of options, this buy is definitely worthy.

CenturionPro Solutions Inc.

CenturionPro store

Hate trimming? Or simply want to get more out of your harvest? CenturionPro Solutions has the answer! Our elite line of bud trimming machines can help manage every size of harvest from backyard grows to commercial Licensed Producers! Whether you are looking to become more competitive in the market, or simply save time and improve efficiency, cannabis bud trimmers are the way to go. From the CenturionPro Tabletop which can handle the work of 6 human trimmers, up to the CenturionPro 3.0 which manages the work of over 75 human trimmers, our machines are on the literal cutting edge of the industry. With trimming capacities ranging from 25 to 350lbs wet or 5 to 70lbs dry PER HOUR, CenturionPro Solutions can improve the efficiency and ROI of each harvest – all without reducing quality! Cohesively engineered to produce a consistent cut every time, CenturionPro provides peace of mind without the risk of human error. With only the finest parts, sharpest blades and a 10-year warranty, our trimmers will stand by you from harvest-to-harvest for many years to come!


Grow Shop cabinets

We sell indoor growing boxes that help you grow healthy, high-quality, organic cannabis plants.

When you choose to work with CNNBSGROW, we offer expert advice on which cabinets are the best fit for your unique indoor growing needs. Our cabinet designs are innovative and creative.

We know that when it comes to cannabis, the small stuff is what makes all the difference! That’s why we never overlook the details, they can be the difference between high-quality, high yield cannabis and low-quality, low-yield marijuana. Our grow boxes have an optimized interior with white reflective isolated walls. The air flow is optimized for the box size with odor filtration and noise reduction to 40 Decibel. The special selected LED grow lights with vegetation mode produces a high PAR output with a full light spectrum. The grow box is light tight and controlled with a timed power box. The result is a completely controlled stealth grow box with the perfect conditions for growing marijuana. It has everything you need to grow great cannabis! You can sprout healthy, organically-grown herbs in no time, and with these cabinets, growing cannabis at home is easy for everyone!

Dorm Grow

Dorm Grow store

First up: Dorm Grow. Dorm Grow LED is a direct distributor of G8LED Lighting Company, an LED manufacturer with optimal grow technology built into the lighting system. Every LED light comes with a 5-year limited and 2-year full warranty as well as a 90-day risk free period of 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee. It is also reassuring to see the three High Times awards, two of which are for best LED lights. The website is clean and inviting, complete with a grow blog and tons of lighting resources. For now, they also offer free shipping to the U.S. and Canada. This is your place for high-quality, high-tech LED grow lights.

Big Ticket Item
The G8-450 Full Spectrum LED Veg/Flower grow light is G8LED’s most popular product. With intense coverage for up to 8 plants and the strength to penetrate 5 feet of canopy, this G8LED has the growing power of 600-800 Watts of a high-pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (MH) bulb. Dorm Grow claims that the electrical savings from this guy will end up paying for the whole cost of the G8LED product within the first year of usage at $599.95.

The People’s Choice
The raving reviews are almost sickening because not one of them are lower than 5 stars or is without exclamation points! My first instinct is that they aren’t real, but the varied people and reviews prove to be quite real. Doing more research on G8LED proved to me that there is a huge cult following and the product is just that good.

The most popular customer choice is the G8-450 Full Spectrum LED Veg/Flower grow light at $599.95, making it an affordable choice for such a niche product of only LEDs with specialized technology.


Grow shop Dealzer

Second to review, Dealzer, a veteran owned business dedicated to lights, boxes and tents but also offering a variety of products from pots to pumps and literature (and everything in between). A great highlight from Dealzer is their Ask Our Experts section, a thread of real customer questions on all of their grow know. Bob, the representative of Dealzer, replies with real and detailed answers within a day. Financing resources and options are available for purchases, and if you aren’t convinced, Dealzer tries to persuade you with their “Make an Offer” button where you can try to bargain. On the downside, shipping can get expensive.

Big Ticket Item
The Grow Buddy is one of the favorite hydroponics grow tents because it is ideal for larger yields. It can grow up to 16 plants and is also 6’11” tall with a one-foot extension for a roomy tent. It comes with a three-year warranty and provides the best deal on this site when upgraded to a 600W light and a nutrient pack at $1613.

The People’s Choice
The people’s reviews are mixed from “best product I’ve bought” to “regretful buy,” and the site’s tent and box model may be a big deterrent for the minority of women growers. So far, Dealzer doesn’t have too many reviews which sometimes turns away buyer’s even more.

To match the G8-450 deal, Dealerz offers the Kind LED K3 Series L450 for $745 and the 600W at $895. And when you factor in the shipping rates, Dealerz is the priciest comparison.

Download the Free Harvesting Guide to learn more about when and how to harvest your Marijuana plants.

Other Grow Shops

Below you’ll find a list of other noteworthy places to look for your grow supplies.

1000 Bulbs
Arrow Electronics
Atlantis Hydroponics
Crop Supply
Diamond Cut co.
Discount Hydro
Dude Grows
Dyna Grow
Fox Farm Fertilizer
Gorilla Grow Tent

Horticulture Lighting Group
HTG and Hydrobuilder
LED Grow Lights Depot
LED Grow Lights HQ
LED Grow Lights Outlet
Rapid LED
Stem Trainer
Bubbling Bucket
The Weed Scene
Toronto Hemp Company (THC)
Tweed Main Street

As well as these common places that are packed with goods you can use for your grows.

Wall Mart
Home Depot

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