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Blue Trane is a highly elusive strain. Supposedly, Colorado Seed Inc.’s head grower acquired its seeds from Hawaii. Despite the mystery surrounding it, many users are drawn to it. The reasons vary greatly. It could be for its body-centered recreational high, its stress-crushing therapeutic effects, or its stable Indica build.

Upon consumption, users feel a slow buildup of euphoria that vastly improves one’s current disposition. It erases the mental and physical manifestations of stress, removing tension, fatigue, and heaviness in the bones. In its place, there is a light pressure that kneads the body free of pain and aches; bringing about a renaissance of relaxation.

Its THC levels of 15% to 19%, as well as presence of fruit-flavored terpenes, contain benefits outside of its recreational functions. In fact, this is what gives it its medical abilities. With its blend of a gentle cerebral onset, soothing body buzz, and sedating comedown, it presents patients with a plethora of quick but temporary solutions to afflictions.

First time users who want to enjoy the strain may want to consume it while under the guidance of a seasoned enthusiasts. With a friend pacing the dosage, one need not have a negative experience. Beginners and thrill seekers, on the other hand, may adjust the it to suit the brand of high suited for the day or night.

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    Information About Blue Trane Strain

    FRAGRANCEFruity, tropical, herbal, spicy, pepper
    FLAVORSSpicy, sweet, tropical, fruity, herbal, pepper
    FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORLate September to mid-October
    THC CONTENT %15% to 19%
    CBD %Unknown
    INDICA/SATIVA %70%/30%
    INDOOR YIELD10 to 12 ounces per square meter
    OUTDOOR YIELD12 ounces or more per plant
    CLIMATECool climate

    * 10 is the highest
    * 1 is the lowest


    The onset is not so quick to take effect. Usually, users will have to wait between 10 and 15 minutes before a gradual rush of euphoria slowly swarms the mind. It gently coaxes enthusiasts to an upbeat mood as it clears away worries and distractions. The newfound upbeat disposition prepares one for the upcoming body high.

    Blue Trane Strain Effects
    Blue Trane Strain Effects

    Its Indica effects usually take 30 minutes to an hour to begin. However, once it starts, it is not easy to ignore. A light pressure massages the temples, ironing out creases in the forehead before eventually making its way down to the lower extremities. It kneads the muscles like a masseuse, bringing back a tension-free body that can move lightly.

    Finding a comfortable spot ahead of time would be a good idea. It has a sedating comedown that will, in all likelihood, end in deep unencumbered slumber that restores lost energy. As such, Blue Trane is best reserved as a nighttime treat that releases all of the accumulated stress from the day.

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    Blue Trane exudes a fruity blend with strong tropical overtones. Breaking it apart reveals its herbal undertones. Combusting it, on the other hand, brings out its spicy pepper notes.


    A subtle hint of spice complements Blue Trane’s sweet tropical smoke. Its fruit overtones are underlined with tinges of herbs. On the exhale, it leaves a peppery aftertaste.

    Adverse reactions

    Blue Trane’s moisture-inhibiting cannabinoids always dry the eyes and the mouth. Thus, it would be better to stay hydrated throughout the day as well as avoid drinking coffee and alcohol. Apart from that, users may also experience dizziness and potential anxiety especially when using beyond moderation. Starting with a low dosage and pacing will prevent it from overwhelming the mind.


    Cannabidiol or CBD is not only the compound that has therapeutic benefits. There also terpenes that pack on its energizing scent to wake users and other cannabinoids like THC which induce its psychoactive high. Its cerebral onset reduces stress, allowing users to bask in a sense of calm as worries wash away.

    Blue Trane Strain Medical
    Blue Trane Strain Medical

    In tranquilizing the overwhelming dread, Blue Trane also temporarily alleviates anxiety and PTSD. To a degree, it could be used against depression too. It clears the mind, eliminating symptoms of psychological distress such as emptiness and hopelessness. In its place, there is a gentle mood lift that invigorates the spirits and improves one’s disposition.

    Patients with physical pains, aches, and discomfort will find a reprieve in Blue Trane too. It contains painkilling properties that are equally effective as opioid-based OTC medicine. Not only that, as a natural alternative, it rarely has any negative side effects such as gastrointestinal pains. On the contrary, it appeases stomachaches and nausea while also bringing back the appetite.

    A drowsiness eventually sets in as the deep relaxation persists. With its sedating buzz, it lulls users to bed within hours after the initial onset. Its ability to improve the quality and quantity of sleep also contributes to its restorative effects.

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      Growers will most likely find that Blue Trane is a breeze to cultivate. It is a stable strain that ensures one gains plants that exhibit many desirable Indica traits such as a compact structure, short height, and dense foliage. There are also its yields which are quite high.

      Blue Trane Strain Growing
      Blue Trane Strain Growing – Image powered by

      A hardy plant, Blue Trane flourishes almost everywhere it is sown. For best results, arguably, the best place to grow the plant is outdoors in an environment that is sunny and dry. Sunlight helps it grow vigorously. It also aids in bud production.

      It performs equally well in the northern hemisphere, including regions where the days are shorter, and the weather is slightly balmy. If any, one only needs to pay heed to the area in which it will be placed. It must be free of obstructions so that the sun reaches it better. But it will also have to be strategic so that common pests as well as nosey neighbors do not disturb the batch.

      Alternatively, it could also be cultivated indoors where controlling or adjusting factors like lighting, temperature, and humidity are within one’s reach.

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      Flowering Time


      It takes between 7 to 9 weeks for Blue Trane to fully flower. Once fully mature, it produces 10 to 12 ounces of buds per square meter.


      Blue Trane produces matured flowers around the last week of September to the middle of October. At harvest, it produces up to 12 ounces of buds per plant.

      Have you ever smoked or grown your own Blue Trane? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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