Dream Berry Strain

Sativa strains offer mood-enhancing uplifting high, but many can also cause people to feel anxious. Indica strains, on the other hand, induces body relaxation but can also cause some to feel lethargic or lazy. Of course, both effects fall on the extreme sides. Somewhere in between, there is Dream Berry that complements both sides and ending with a blissful experience.

Apothecary Genetics, the breeder, certainly knew how to pick the best strains to develop Dream Berry. Because the idea was to create an Indica-dominant hybrid complemented by exceptional Sativa effects without going over the edge, they chose prominent strains and through an unrevealed process, created one that takes the best traits of its parent strains but not the notorieties.

Blue Dream is one of the two parent strains. It is a cross between two legends Blueberry and Haze. Both these are not only incredibly popular, but each has spawned countless generations of highly regarded hybrids all over the world.

The other strain chosen by Apothecary Genetics is Blackberry, a cross between their own Raspberry Cough and Black Domina. Blackberry is notable for its Sativa buzz that complements the balanced high of Blue Dream.

In combining some of the best traits from its prominent lineage, Dream Berry has become a highly sought-after hybrid boasting of a subtle but uplifting and relaxing high.

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    Information about Dream Berry:

    ORIGINBlue Dream and Blackberry
    EFFECTSRelaxed – 10
    Sleepy – 5
    Euphoric – 5
    Happy – 5
    Giggly – 2
    Dizzy – 3
    Dry eyes – 2
    Headache – 1
    FRAGRANCESweet, diesel, citrus, berry
    FLAVORSSweet, sugary, tangy, berry
    MEDICALPain – 10
    Depression – 10
    Stress – 10
    Insomnia – 8
    Lack of appetite – 8
    FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORSLate September to early October
    THC CONTENT %16% to 20%
    INDICA / SATIVA %80%/20%
    INDOOR YIELD12 to 14 ounces per square meter
    OUTDOOR YIELD14 ounces or more per plant
    CLIMATEwarm climate

    * 10 is the highest
    * 1 is the lowest


    Dream Berry works in different ways, so it appeals not only to recreational users but also to medical cannabis users. The strain, used in moderation or very small amount, provides a gentle yet profound experience. However, use it a little too much, and it can overwhelm users.

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    One of the things that users should be aware of is that Dream Berry sounds like a mild strain. In reality, it does contain up to 20% THC making it a very potent hybrid. It means that users should never underestimate its potency.

    Dream Berry Effects
    Dream Berry Effects – Image powered by Allbud.com

    At its onset, the strain begins by inducing a gentle euphoric mental high. It also helps people clear their head, and some may even find it easier to focus on tasks or chores. During this time, the euphoric sensation ebbs down to the body. As it does so, the strain induces an uplifting buzz that not only makes users feel happy but often elated.

    Meanwhile, the Indica properties of Dream Berry creeps into the body. Rather than surging in, it induces body relaxation that intensifies slowly but does not go overboard. In other words, users can still be productive if they want to do other tasks.

    There are people who may find the effects too gentle, though. As a result, some may end up using a tad bit more. In that case, Dream Berry will deliver a numbing body high that leads to a couch-lock. While drowning in deep relaxation, most people will also be stoned with a dreamy cerebral high.


    Overall, users can describe the scent of Dream Berry as a sweet and citrusy blend with a note of berry. Thanks to its Blueberry heritage, the strain can boast of having a delightful aroma. Depending on the phenotype, some plants may have a mild hint of fuel adding to its fragrance.


    Not to be outdone, Dream Berry not only smells fantastic but it also comes with pleasant flavors. Users should be pleased with its sugary sweet note blending with its berry heritage.

    Adverse Reaction

    There is not a lot of concern when it comes to the adverse effects of using Dream Berry. Besides having dry mouth, the other conditions are often a result of overindulging.

    Dream Berry Adverse Reaction
    Dream Berry Adverse Reaction – Image powered by Youtube.com

    Some people may feel dizzy while others may have a mild headache. Nonetheless, these symptoms are temporary and should be gone by the time the effects of Dream Berry wanes.


    The Sativa side of Dream Berry does not induce psychoactive effects. Still, it is more than potent enough to help people find relief from stress. Because of that, people with depression and related or similar illnesses may find comfort with its use. In essence, by enhancing the mood, it makes it easier to cope with the emotional and psychological stressors.

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    Once the heavy-hitting Indica properties kick into the body, it can lessen chronic pains and aches. For relief from physical discomforts, most medical cannabis users will want to smoke a little bit more than usual. Doing so may make it effective as a pain-reliever, but there is a trade-off. From couch-lock, most users eventually drift off to a blissful sleep. Hence, people having trouble can use it as a bedtime companion.

    Dream Berry Medical
    Dream Berry Medical – Image powered by Thecannabist.co

    One thing though is that Dream Berry is also an exceptional appetite booster. While it induces hunger, most people often end up sleeping and waking up starving the next day.

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      Being an Indica plant, Dream Berry has a quick vegetation period. It also does not grow too tall. Hence, it is possible for growers to cultivate it in the backyard or fenced garden without anyone from the outside noticing it. Of course, it does emit an unmistakable scent of cannabis. For that reason, most people opt to grow it indoors.

      Flowering Time


      In as early as six weeks, growers can begin the transformation from vegetative to flowering phase. However, it is best to let it be for a week or two before starting the process. Dream Berry is also adaptable to training methods such as Screen of Green to improve its production. Once ready, the estimated harvest should be around 12 to 14 ounces per square meter.


      Dream Berry likely loves plenty of sunshine. Under normal conditions, it should begin flowering before the start of October. During harvest, growers can pick up to 14 ounces of buds per plant.

      Have you ever smoked or grown your own Dream Berry? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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