Gold Leaf Strain Review

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This well put together review of my own Gold Leaf reveals that it’s one of the easiest marijuana strains to grow.

Not only is the dry cured herb superb and the yields high. Gold Leaf is one of the most flavorful strains of marijuana, Says marijuana-strains.

The seeds sprouted immediately with an equal growth rate, the vegetative period was short and the flowering period was easy to follow. Gold leaf is a “cool change”. Keep on reading for the full review.

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Gold Leaf weed strain attributes:
EFFECTSEuphoric | Happy | Relaxed | Uplifted
ADVERSE REACTIONS Dry Eyes | Dizziness/Disorientation | Paranoia | Anxiety | Headaches
FRAGRANCEEarthy | Herbal | Pungent | Spicy | Sweet
FLAVORSEarthy | Herbal | Pungent | Spicy | Sweet
MEDICALDe-stress | Sleep | Energy
THC CONTENT %Up to 21%
CBD %Medium
INDICA / SATIVA %60% / 40%
INDOOR YIELD16 to 23 oz per 3x3ft
OUTDOOR YIELD28oz per plant
CLIMATEIndoors and sunny climate

Sprouting and seedling stage for Gold Leaf seeds

Gold Leaf Seeds

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  • 60% indica 40% sativa
  • High THC levels up to 21%
  • Consistently grows high yields
  • Robert Bergman’s own strain!
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Three Gold Leaf feminized seeds were germinated in warm water.

As soon as the roots started to show the seeds were placed in peat pods to finish germinating. The peat pods were placed on raised heating mats ensuring proper germination temperature.

The seedlings sprouted up in two days. Perhaps the quickest germinating seeds to date we’ve encountered.

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Light is now introduced 24/7 for one week. The light was a hundred watt grow bulb. The roots were immediately hit with root stimulant.

No fertilizers just yet. As soon as the peat pods showed roots extruding from the sides they were transplanted into 4 inch potters.

The grow medium was ProMix #5 with 10% worm castings. From there CO2 and an oscillating fan were introduced. They’re not in the grow tent yet.

Transplant Seed pod cutting into to root base on gold leaf feminized plants

Noticed that one of the young plants was not growing as good as the others.

Soon it was looking wilted and died.

Upon inspection 1/2 of the seed pod stuck at the base of the root stem. Happened just under the growing medium so the seed pod cut the stem as it tried to grow. Couldn’t realize until too late. Last rites were observed.

The Gold Leaf marijuana strain was transplanted into 3 gallon buckets.

Went a little small with the buckets to control plant height. Utilized the same grow medium as the seedlings. Introduced a fertilizer schedule.

Placed our two new plants into a 4x4x6 grow tent. Used a 600 watt grow bulb. Used a new light reflector literally covering the entire space. Went to an 18 hour light cycle.

Gold Leaf Strain Review Grow Techniques

Right off the bat I wanted to learn how heavy the pots were when fully watered.

From there I kept lifting the pots every day to realize how fast the water was releasing. When the pots get light weight that it’s now time to water.

I did not use a time schedule for watering.

When each pot was ready it got watered. They would be ready at different times. Found this to be a great watering system.

Found this to be a great Gold Leaf strain review technique when doing a final flush to ensure no over watering issues.

In the tent I let the cannabis plants grow in the vegetative state for 18 more days. Marijuana plant height is always an issue when growing in a tent.

From past experience we had to top some plants because they outgrew the tent height. This time I ended up with beautiful 4 foot tall marijuana plants.

Perfect height requirements for the tent. Switched the lights to a 600 watt super flower bulb.

Love the time the plant takes to grow tiny buds. Just love watching them grow every day. I made sure the marijuana sweet spot was realized every day.

Watching your plants continuously can keep you ahead of any grow issues. Problems are taken care of right away.

A great situation for the Gold Leaf strain review was the dry spell experience for the last two months of growth. This helped keep the humidity in the right place, 52%. it also was a great help in drying the plants at the proper humidity.

Growing Gold Leaf in a tent

Week 2 Gold leaf grow in tent
Week 2 grow in tent
Week 3 Gold leaf grow in tent
Week 3 grow in tent

Flowering the Gold Leaf Strain took 67 days.

I flushed the plants for two solid weeks. Started the flush when the first orange hairs appeared. The plants seemed to love it. THC production was superb.

I had to be careful lifting the pots to check for watering levels.

The plants are top heavy when the water is low.

This leads to a top heavy plant that will tip over easily.

I used a 43x USB microscope to look at the trichomes during development starting around week 5 of the flowering stage. Once I have the milky looking trikes I know its time to harvest.

The final step was to place the plants in a 24 hour dark period before harvest. I made sure the plants were super dry, no water. These techniques had the plants sticky, smelly and ready to harvest. 

Flowering stage

Week 8 of flowering

I dried the plants inside the tent utilizing the temperature and humidity controls allowed by this system. I hung up the plants with the stems attached.

Drying took seven days. The stems were removed. The buds were placed in jars to cure. The jars were opened everyday for an hour.

During this process the smell would become more intense daily.

Of course I vaporized some during the process. You could really tell the cure was happening as the taste and smell would increase over time. Kept abreast of how well the stems would snap to let me know dryness factor.

Two plants yielded 8 ounces of dry herb. You can really tell there is a sativa tone in the taste and smell. You can really tell the indica genetics with the large cola produced. This strain has the best of many phenotypes bred from great marijuana strains.

Gold Leaf trichomes on leaves

Cured Gold Leaf week 2
Cured Gold Leaf week 2

Week 2 cured trichomes

The best is when you squeeze a cured bud.

Wow does the sweet smell come out. People don’t just smell this weed they intake the odor.

We had people just leave a bud under their nose in order to keep smelling the greatness. Everyone loves the taste. It’s my love to see the surprised expression on people’s faces with how good the Gold Leaf tastes and smells.

Gold Leaf marijuana shatter

Gold Leaf marijuana strains makes a light colored shatter and rosin.

The trichome content ensures good yields. Our two week flush left very little green chlorophyll. The fantastic taste and smell of the weed comes through in the extracts. We asked some of our reviewers to sample the Gold Leaf. Consensus was fruity, sweet Bermese, northern blueberry, northern OG overtones.

Gold Leaf’s euphoric and relaxing effects will guarantee it’s user a good time, and will eliminate any stress or worries they might’ve had. If you’re seeking to uplift your spirits in times of stress, then make sure to check our Gold Leaf seeds in the ILGM seed bank where we’ve got both feminized and auto-flowering seeds!


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FAQ About Gold Leaf Strain

What is the Gold Leaf strain yield?

Gold Leaf yields 16 to 23 oz per 3x3ft indoors and 28oz per plant outdoors.

How much THC does Gold Leaf have?

Up to 21% THC.

How long does it take to reach the flowering stage of the Gold Leaf plant?

For a healthy Gold Leaf plant, it takes around 9 weeks to reach the flowering stage.

If you want to grow Gold Leaf yourself, download my free marijuana grow bible and order some seeds. All top quality marijuana seeds are available in my marijuana seed shop. We ship seeds to the US, CA and many other countries. For any grow related question please visit our marijuana grow forum.


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Gold Leaf Strain Review Review

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  1. Amazing smoke and resilient plant. I torture tested these girls. Just amazing results. People far and wide enjoyed her. I cloned at least a dozen from six moms. It was my first run of anything. I’m on the Last leg of my last of clones. Worthy.

  2. Grew 2 plants outdoors, got about 1 lb per plant. Nice energetic high, but not much for legs. Although I had to harvest about 2 weeks early due to caterpillars. Buds were airy, but that could have been my fault with overcrowding in the garden. Will try again next season

  3. Ordered 10 GLF seeds last monday and received them on saturday (yesterday). Less than a week turn around all the way from Cali to Philadelphia. So I’m impressed on the shipping side. Seeds are germinating now and will meet their sisters tonight or tomorrow. Im excited to breathe some life into this strain and see how it works out. Growing this for my partner and some Durban poison for myself. Will keep my grow journal updated for this plant.

  4. I grew gold leaf out doors this last grow season. It did not produce well . Is this more of a in door growing plant ???

  5. Will Enjoy Growing the Product I received and look forward to ordering again in the Future Thanks to all.

  6. Excellent Articles to view. My Orders Arrived in Great Shape and on Time. I will Recommend your Site to Friends .Thank you for your Excellent service. James Millwood

  7. My GL began flowering at 60 days from germination, all on their own while I tried to keep them in veg stage. I meant to veg them longer because my own errors made them small & short & I wanted them bushier before flowering, but they have a mind of their own & decided they’re ready, so I’m letting them take the lead. Switching to bloom-nutrients & 12/12 light cycle today & hoping for some small bonsai-buds to smoke on Christmas. These plants are on a little magical adventure all by themselves, I’m just along for the ride.. 🙂

  8. My gold leaf is 6 weeks and no Flowers nice and bushy and I have trimmed it back but still no flowers

  9. I generally veg for 4 weeks min. If you want a bigger plant, veg longer. You can veg a Cannabis plant indefinitely. I’ve had mother plants who were 2 1/2 years old!

  10. 2nd year Purchasing seeds from ILGM and i already have clones 3 weeks old . Great job

  11. Marco,

    Place unused seeds in the fridge in the packagin.

    And; Join our support forum at:, and we can give you a ton of suggestions. 🙂 We are not really set up for grow support here in the blog. IL:GM – Friendliest Cannabis website on the W3 😀 See you there!

  12. I’m planing to grow 4 of these plants (seeds are already on their way) using a top-fed Deep Water Culture (DWC) hydroponic system as the medium with 1000W HPS/MH as my grow light ( Taking care of the temperature and moisture of course. Any suggestions? How should I storage the seeds I won’t use yet?

  13. I mistakenly delayed the change in light timing from 18-6 to 12-12 two weeks later than I should have. With the assistance and great customer support from ILGM the two plants are looking great and flowering has begun. Dry humidity in the desert southwest has forced me to water spray many times during the day but that seems to be working well. Looking forward to harvesting in a few weeks

  14. Did it take 67 days from introduction to 12/12 lighting schedule or from first sign or pistils?

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  16. I bought 5 seeds and grew outside and it is nothing compared with 5 seeds of my homemade strain blue cheesy times OG kush that I compared with my plants came out way better in every way gold leave is all right on a scale from1-10 to my strain it is a 6 my strain 10

  17. My gold leaf is on its way! I got 5 seeds. This will be my first grow ever, I bought a 4.5 by 4.5 by 7.0 grow tent for indoor growing . I’m excited to get them will keep me busy during our winter here in Alaska. I here you guys are the best so I’m going with you.