OG Kush Outdoor – Marijuana Strain Review

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Kush is one of the most common terms associated with marijuana, but OG Kush is a unique strain in and of itself. It is an indica-dominant hybrid and has both Kush and other varieties in its pedigree. A few OG Kush marijuana seeds will produce a nice, aesthetically-pleasing garden that will ultimately produce some interesting smokes later on.

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    OG Kush smoking effects

    OG Kush outdoor grow smoking effects

    You might think of indica-dominant hybrids as strains that tend to put you to sleep, but OG Kush actually has the opposite effect. The reason for this is that it contains a high quantity of THC that end up energizing rather than enervating its users. In fact, out of all the Kush strains, OG Kush has the highest amount of THC. So, if you’re going out to a party, then OG Kush is probably something you want on your team. But, if you’re just about to go to bed, you might want to let it lie. The smoke itself produces a very lemony, almost sour scent and flavor that helps distinguish it from other varieties of marijuana.

    OG Kush plant features

    OG Kush outdoor plant features

    The smell of the plant itself will provide you with a touch of pine in your garden. This is beneficial if you happen to be growing in a pine forest and can’t deaden the smell. OG Kush is also characterized by a great deal of dense buds that are actually quite easy to harvest. Harvesting generally occurs in October after a 9-week flowering period. When all is said and done, you should be able to end up with around 16 ounces of usable weed per plant. That’s not a particularly large amount, but with a THC content of 21%, you need a lot less to do the same job.

    The plant will generally reach average heights of around 40 to 60 inches. OG Kush marijuana seeds can be purchased in feminized forms so that you can increase your chances of getting female plants.

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      OG Kush medicinal use

      OG Kush outdoor grow medicinal use

      There are a number of medicinal effects that OG Kush can have on a variety of patients. Indeed, it is indicated for a lot of issues both mental and physical. It works as a general pain reliever while also limiting the effects of migraines. It works to produce uplifted feelings for patients suffering from depression and anorexia. It helps treat glaucoma as well as appetite loss and nausea related to chemotherapy. There are truly no limits to what OG Kush can do. Read more about outdoor OG Kush marijuana seeds or one of our other strains.

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