Northern Skunk Strain

Northern Skunk is strong indica dominant bud that contains an average amount of THC, yet still provides a potent sedative effect both on the mind and body. This strain was made by crossing two super-parents, so it is no wonder that it contains some of the most enjoyable effects you could possibly wish for.

Northern Skunk is an indica dominant strain that was created by crossing Super Skunk with mega-potent Northern Lights, resulting in a body heavy and cerebral strain. This bud is pretty to look at, with dark green leaves specks with colorful purple hairs, making it extra attractive.

This hybrid is an outstanding evening strain that will blow you away with its ability to relax you from head to toe, leaving your stresses no chance to manifest. Northern Skunk is perfect as a nighttime strain as it will slow you down, but it will also make you hungry, so you will still be quick to get to the fridge.

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    Information about Northern Skunk:

    ORIGINNorthern Lights mixed with Super Skunk
    EFFECTShappy – 10
    relaxed – 9
    euphoric – 7
    uplifted – 5
    hungry – 4
    dry eyes – 6
    anxious – 1
    paranoid – 1
    headache – 1
    FRAGRANCEearthy, pepper, pungent, skunky
    FLAVORSskunky, earthy, pungent, sweet, hash, pine, citrus
    MEDICALpain – 10
    insomnia -9
    headaches – 7
    nausea – 6
    muscle spasms – 6
    THC CONTENT %14%
    CBD %1.00%
    INDICA / SATIVA %80% / 20%
    INDOOR YIELD12oz/ m2
    OUTDOOR YIELD17oz/ plant
    CLIMATEdry and sunny outdoor climate
    RESISTANCE TO DISEASEresistant to common molds and mildew

    * 10 is the highest
    * 1 is the lowest


    Northern Skunk is one of the best indica-heavy hybrids available today, and it is no wonder that its popularity is growing by the day. This strain is all about making you feel food from head to toe, and will induce happiness like no other, instantly lifting your mood and making you feel more enlightened.

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    This strain will make you feel more relaxed than ever, and in no time you will forget anything that has been plaguing you, leaving you in a chilled out mood. Northern Skunk will induce a powerful state of euphoria that will keep you going and have you in the best of spirits all night long.

    Northern Skunk Effects
    Northern Skunk Effects – Image powered by

    Northern Skunk is very uplifting in nature, and its effects will kick in right away and with no hesitation, making you feel lighter than ever. This strain will most definitely make you feel hungry too, so be prepared to indulge in the great munchies, as it will further enhace your high if you do.


    Northern Skunk is fragrant and super enjoyable, with a wildly exotic presence that can fill up any room with its aroma. This strain is earthy and peppery at first, but after some time you will notice how truly skunky and pungent its aroma actually is.

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    Northern Skunk is an exceptionally flavorful bud, and its taste will make your tongue tickle with vigor. Its skunky and pungent taste will be most obvious on the inhale, soon changing into a hash and pine with a zesty shock of citrus, leaving your tongue coated with a film of sweetness.

    Adverse Reaction

    Northern Skunk is strong and powerful, so if you are not accustomed to the more potent types of indica, then it is best to dose it wisely. The most potent side effects of this bud however, is a case of dry mouth, mixed with a solid dry eyed sensation, making them a little itchy.

    Northern Skunk Adverse Reaction
    Northern Skunk Adverse Reaction – Image powered by

    If you are a novice user, this strain can make you feel slightly anxious and even paranoid, but mostly in high doses. Northern Skunk can leave you with a slight headache in the end, especially if you forget to hydrate, so you shouldn’t forget to do so.


    Northern Skunk is a very popular medical strain, for its many benefits and its high levels of THC. This strain is first and foremost perfect for the treatment of any kinds of chronic pain, and it will make managing any kind of back aches, muscle spasms and joint aches much easier.

    This strain is also widely recommended for the treatment of insomnia, as it will guarantee you and easier night of sleep. Northern Skunk can help chronic headaches as well, soothing them without delay and lasting for an extended amount of hours, unlike some prescription medications.

    Northern Skunk Medical
    Northern Skunk Medical – Image powered by

    Northern Skunk can cure nausea, allowing you to eat with a vigorous appetite, especially if you are chronically ill due to chemotherapy and radiation treatments. This is why its popularity has increased among cancer patients who struggle to maintain a healthier appetite.

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      Northern Skunk is easy to grow and joy to cultivate for both novices and veteran growers. This bud is happiest in dry outdoor weather, when graced with much sunlight and shelter from too much rain or the danger of frost.

      Flowering Time


      Northern Skunk grown indoors can yield an average of about 12 ounces of bud per square meter planted. This strain takes an estimated average of 8 to 9 weeks to finish flowering and be ready for a harvest.


      Northern Skunk grown outdoors should be ready for a fruitful harvest in the middle of fall, around the middle of October. This strain can yield an average of about 17 ounces of bud per plant during its harvest.

      Have you ever smoked or grown your own Northern Skunk? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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