Pineapple Jack Strain

The classic Jack Herer is a true A-lister. It has produced some of the most prolific legends of the cannabis community such as Galactic Jack and Jack 47. Its clear-headed psychedelic high, of course, it the main reason why it has been used as a genetic base by so many breeders.

Perhaps the motivation was to create a variety of Jack Herer, one that has a fruity scent. So, an unknown breeder did so by pairing it with Pineapple – a phenotype of Ed Rosenthal’s Super Bud (ERSB). The resulting hybrid came to be called Pineapple Jack. While the Indica heritage of ERSB is evident in the offspring, it still leans toward the Sativa.

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    Information about Pineapple Jack:

    ORIGINPineapple and Jack Herer
    EFFECTSHappy – 10
    Uplifted – 9
    Energetic – 7
    Relaxed – 6
    Focused – 6
    Headache – 2
    Dry eyes – 1
    Dizzy – 1
    Paranoid – 1
    FRAGRANCEPineapple, sweet, citrusy, earthy, skunky
    FLAVORSFruity, citrusy, pine, earthy
    MEDICALStress – 10
    Depression – 8
    Fatigue – 8
    Pain – 7
    Lack of appetite – 6
    FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORSMid to late-October
    THC CONTENT %16% to 20%
    CBD %Less than 1%
    INDICA / SATIVA %10%/90%
    INDOOR YIELD10 to 12 ounces per square meter
    OUTDOOR YIELD12 ounces or more per plant
    CLIMATEWarm climate

    * 10 is the highest
    * 1 is the lowest


    Pineapple Jack is anything but mild. Carrying THC levels of up to 20%, it can quickly overwhelm users. In moderation, its effects are intense but not crippling. It also acts fast in that moments after taking a toke, a reinvigorating high rush into the head.

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    For most people, the mental clarity it induces is remarkable. Although some may experience a slight buzzing sensation, it does not overwhelm the mind. Instead, it sharpens the senses and gives users the ability to focus on tasks.

    Pineapple Jack Effects
    Pineapple Jack Effects – Image powered by

    Pineapple Jack, apart from boosting energy level, is an excellent mood-enhancer. It makes users feel upbeat and generally pleased while staying productive. In a social gathering, the hybrid stips away inhibition. Not only does it turn one more sociable, but it can also make one a tad bit too chatty.

    Complementing the cerebral effects is its relaxing body high. It is pronounced but not at all sedating. Far from it, the calming sensation all around the body is what many people describe as uplifting.

    Pineapple Jack is an excellent wake-and-bake strain. It clears up the mind quick and puts users into action. While it is best used during the day, some people may also consider trying it out in the evening. That is because it has aphrodisiac qualities. In other words, it can be a bedtime companion for an evening of fun on the bed with a special someone.


    Pineapple Jack smells like its namesake with a sweet and citrusy note. After crushing the buds, its scent can be a bit pungent with a subtle skunky hint.


    Pineapple Jack has a complex flavor profile, the result of combining Jack Herer and Pineapple. While it is fruity and citric, its taste also comes with strong notes of pine and damp earth.

    Adverse Reaction

    Pineapple Jack is a forgiving strain. Adverse reactions are minimal, even when overindulging. Two of its most likely effects are dry eyes and having cottonmouth. It may also cause a slight headache or dizziness. But, because these symptoms are often mild, most users likely do not even notice its presence.

    Pineapple Jack Adverse Reaction
    Pineapple Jack Adverse Reaction – Image powered by

    Typical of Sativa dominant cannabis, Pineapple Jack has to potential to make some people feel a bit paranoid. As such, beginners or first-timers with this strain will want to use it conservatively.

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    Typical of recreational hybrids, its CBD content is on the low side. Still, it still can provide a reprieve from mild physical pains and aches. However, what makes Pineapple Jack invaluable to medical users is its uplifting high. In causing a behavioral change, it helps people battle stress and depression. Even if it lasts for only a few hours, the comfort it gives allows one to reset and regroup.

    Because of its energy boosting traits, some people also use it to fight ward off fatigue.

    Pineapple Jack Medical
    Pineapple Jack Medical – Image powered by

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      The choice of Pineapple as one of its parent strains makes sense when it comes to the growing traits of the plant. Pineapple Jack inherited the resiliency and sturdiness. Moreover, it is resistant to mold and mildew. As such, this plant is ideal for beginners in cultivating marijuana.

      Still, one needs to follow fundamental gardening procedures. Regardless if planted indoors or outdoors, growers need to be vigilant in maintaining the ideal environment.

      Flowering Time


      Home growers can expect the flowering period of Pineapple Jack to last from 8 to 10 weeks. Once it is ready for harvest, the estimated yield of this plant is around 10 to 12 ounces per square meter.


      The best environment for this plant to thrive is in a dry and warm climate. Harvest time falls at the end of October with each plant producing at least 12 ounces of buds.

      Have you ever smoked or grown your own Pineapple Jack? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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        1. A fabulous edibles. Pineapple Jack smells like its namesake with a sweet and citrusy note. Pineapple Jack has a complex flavor profile which is created form the result of combining Jack Herer and Pineapple.