Best Skunk Weed Strains

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Skunk weed strains have an incredibly long history. The first skunk weed was bred in the 1970s, and today just about every strain has at least a little skunk heritage. There’s a good reason for that – skunk strains are some of the best growers in the whole world of weed.

Skunk weed is generally potent, easy to grow in any conditions, and quick to flower. That’s a grower’s dream

. Growers worldwide adopted Skunk strains as the answer to getting larger quantities of stronger weed in less time.

The only reason that Skunk hasn’t completely taken over is its scent. The original Skunk #1 plants were incredibly, impressively smelly.

That’s why there are so many Skunk hybrids. A Skunk strains list includes dozens of plants, almost all of which are bred to be less pungent. That means that skunk bud is incredibly diverse. Whether you’re looking for a standard Skunky indica strain or something a little more sativa-heavy, there’s a skunk strain for you.

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    Super Skunk Strain

    Super Skunk strain

    If you want to try a classic, Super Skunk is a direct descendent of Skunk #1. It was probably bred with a landrace Afghani indica to create an incredibly potent and adaptable plant. Super Skunk weed is an 80/20 indica-dominant strain that can reach a THC concentration of 20% on average. That’s enough to knock out even experienced smokers. Be prepared to hang out on the couch for the rest of the night.

    It’s definitely the descendent of Skunk #1 in smell and taste, too. It’s pretty pungent, with people describing it as a stinky cheese or some kind of dank mushrooms. The flavor matches and comes across primarily savory. However, there’s just a hint of a sweet citrus taste to keep the experience well-rounded.

    Growing Super Skunk is a dream, even for new growers. Feminized Super Skunk is easy to grow, and it’s resistant to most pests and problems. That’s why it’s so super. It’s ready to harvest in just eight weeks inside, or in late September if grown outside. Yields can reach as high as 21 ounces per square meter, which is a lot for such a potent plant. For the absolute easiest grow, you can also try Super Skunk Autoflowers. These are a little less potent but easier for growing indoors or in areas with short outdoor growing seasons. Both options produce small and bushy plants.


    Lemon Skunk Strain

    Lemon Skunk

    If you want a more balanced experience, look at Lemon Skunk weed. It’s the offspring of two different phenotypes of Skunk #1, so it shows how versatile its parent strain is. The result is a 60/40 sativa dominant strain that produces a well-balanced high. It’s also potent– THC can reach as high as 19% regularly.

    Smoking Lemon Skunk is a little more pleasant than its predecessors. It was specifically bred to emphasize the citrus notes in the Skunk genetics while minimizing the skunkiness. There’s still a hint of skunky undertones, but the bright citrus scent is much more powerful. The flavor is sweeter, too, leaning towards grapefruit.

    This is another easy grow. It’s ready for harvest in just 8 to 9 weeks inside, or early October if you choose to grow outside. It does tend to be a tall plant, so make sure you have room for upward growth. Otherwise, just give it light and low humidity, and you’ll get yields up to 18 ounces per square meter.


    Island Sweet Skunk Strain

    Island Sweet Skunk

    If you want a skunk cannabis strain that packs a seriously sativa punch, you have one perfect choice: Island Sweet Skunk. The result is an 80/20 sativa-dominant strain with a peppy, energetic high. Unlike the standard skunk weed effects, there’s no chance of couchlock. This strain is the offspring of Skunk #1, Sweet Skunk, and an unknown sativa. The combination is a delicious strain that can lift moods and help depression with its 19% THC content.

    Island Sweet Skunk is a tasty, tropical concoction that’s heavily sweet and just a little skunky. The flavor is citrusy with a hint of pineapple, and the skunky effect adds a pleasant depth.

    Just like other Skunk strains, Island Sweet Skunk is a sweetheart to grow. It’s easily able to handle wet climates, and it’s another quick grow. Look for harvests around 8 weeks in. It’s a tall strain, so many growers prefer to keep it outside. That will help it produce the yields it’s known for – up to 24 ounces per plant outdoors or 17 per square meter inside.

    Skunk strains are perfect for people who want to keep things simple. They’re potent, they’re productive, and they’re easy. If you want to learn how to grow these plants, download my free Marijuana Grow Bible.  Whether you want an indica or a sativa experience, there’s a Skunk weed strain for you.


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      Skunk Weed Strains FAQ

      When Did Skunk Weed Strains Originate?

      The first skunk weed was bred in the 1970s

      What are Some Common Characteristics in Skunk Strains?

      Skunk weed is generally potent, easy to grow in any conditions, and quick to flower..

      What Are Some Popular Skunk Weed Strains

      1. Super Skunk
      2. Lemon Skunk
      3. Island Sweet Skunk

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        1. Why doesn’t any web “expert” who describes “skunk” seem to know a thing about skunk weed? I resent growers or marketers using the word skunk in strains that are not in the least skunky!

        2. I grew 35 Skunk F1 in 1970 my grow teacher had beans with him. Skunk info is semi dead wrong as the original skunk was a Washington State British Columbia strain from its first. It most definately did not come from Holland.