Space Jill Strain

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Space Jill, a backcross of another famous hybrid is an uplifting and energizing plant that can easily give other sativas a run for their money. This bud is known for being a helpful medical strain that has changed the way many patients treat their chronic and debilitating conditions today.

Space Jill was created by TGA Genetics, and is said to be a recreation of Space Queen. This strain is extra special due to its Romulan genetics, and is also famous for its special mango and candy aroma that is distinct and instantly recognizable to connoisseurs.

This bud created a potent body buzz mixed with a high-energy sativa uplift, that will allow you to plough through your work like never before. Space Jill can be quite strong however, so in high doses, this bud can turn a user into a more paranoid version of himself, especially if he isn’t used to this bud’s strength.

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    Information about Space Jill:

    ORIGINSpace Queen
    EFFECTScreative – 10
    focused – 10
    energetic – 10
    uplifted – 3
    euphoric – 3
    dry eyes – 3
    paranoid – 2
    dizzy – 2
    headache – 2
    FRAGRANCEearthy, mango, sour, sweet
    FLAVORScandy, sweet, earthy, fruity
    MEDICALstress – 10
    pain – 10
    depression – 5
    fatigue – 5
    nausea – 2
    THC CONTENT %19%-28%
    CBD %1%
    INDICA / SATIVA %30% / 70%
    INDOOR YIELD11oz/ m2
    OUTDOOR YIELD15oz/ plant
    CLIMATEdry and sunny, away from frost outdoor climate
    RESISTANCE TO DISEASEresistant to common molds and mildew

    * 10 is the highest
    * 1 is the lowest


    Space Jill is one of the best hybrid strains for creative types to indulge in, as it can be very inspirational and motivational as well. The user is likely to feel clearheaded and open-minded when smoking the strain, and it will allow his ideas to flow with more fluidity than ever.

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    This plant can also make you feel more focused on a task, so it is ideal for those days when you have to breeze through an array of obligations. Space Jill can gave you an extra boost of energy which can allow you to feel more in tune with the things that you are about to accomplish.

    Space Jill Effects
    Space Jill Effects – Image powered by

    Space Jill can make you feel uplifted in terms of your mood, and you will feel very enlightened and less burdened by any kind of negative thoughts you may be harboring. This bud induces a sudden state of euphoria from the very beginning, making you feel elated and happy.


    Space Jill has at aroma that is recognizable to those who have smoked it before– Its sweet mango undertones are difficult to shake. This buds sour and sweet smell adds to the enjoy ability of the strain, and will make you wants more.

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    Space Jill also has a taste that goes hand-in-hand with its aroma, as it is fruity and sweet. This bud’s inhale will taste sour and earthy, and its smoke will taste sweet and like mangoes and other tropical fruits, making your head spin with its sweetness.

    Adverse Reaction

    Space Jill is most definitely going to make your mouth feel dry, which is likely to make you feel quite thirsty throughout your high. This strain is also likely to leave your eyes feeling dry and itchy, making them irritable due to dryness.

    Space Jill Adverse Reaction
    Space Jill Adverse Reaction – Image powered by

    Other adverse reactions you may be experiencing and smoking the strain include a feeling of paranoia and perhaps some dizziness. Space Jill is likely to leave you with a headache, especially if you have overindulged with the dosage you are not used to.


    Space Jill is a legit medical strain, that has helped many patients overcome their chronic conditions on a daily basis. This bud is an uplifting and energizing sativa, and can be used during the daytime, so it can be useful to many patients who need to stay medicated at all times.

    This bud is very effective in treating chronic stress, as it can allow you to feel more clearheaded and uplifted at the same time. Space Jill can be useful in treating chronic pain for the same reasons, all the while allowing the patient to feel relieved of their chronic aches and pains.

    Space Jill Medical
    Space Jill Medical – Image powered by

    Space Jill is known for being energizing, and can be used to treat chronic fatigue in many patients, and can be used ideally as a wake and bake strain. This hybrid can also help curb your nausea, especially in less severe cases.

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      Space Jill can be grown both indoors and outdoors and is highly resistant to common diseases and molds. This bud takes an average amount of time to finish flowering and grows into a tall and lanky plant.

      Flowering Time


      Space Jill grown indoors can yield an estimated 11 ounces per square meter and should be done in flowering around 8 to 9 weeks after planting.


      Space Jill grown outdoors can produce a yield of around 15 ounces per plant. This bud should be finished flowering around the middle of October when it will be ready to be harvested. When growing outdoors this variant prefers a dry and sunny outdoor climate, kept away from frost.

      Have you ever smoked or grown your own Space Jill? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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        2 comments on “Space Jill Strain”

        1. I’m growing this right now…I bred seeds of this strain back in 2008…I’ve had a 99% germination rate so far….the pheno I have growing smells like mango/candy/squeeze it! I’ll give you a few if you’d like, I have enough to grow for the rest of my life! I’ve grown about 30 plants of it so far and it’s very stable!

        2. This is my absolutely Favorote strain i’ ve ever smoked.. cant find any seeds anywhere… if you know of any, please advise!!!