Sweet Tea Strain

What do you get when you cross California Orange with Alcatraz OG? A delicious marijuana strain called Sweet Tea.

The Sweet Tea marijuana strain was first developed by the late, great David Bowman of Subcool Seeds/TGA Genetics.

Sativa/IndicaIndoor YieldOutdoor Yield Flowering Period
65%/35%1-2 Oz/Ft214 Oz/plant8-9 weeks (Indoors) and harvest will be ready mid-October (Outdoors)

Since its initial release, Cookies Fam and Seed Junkie Genetics collaborated to create a phenotype by crossing the Sweet Tea females with Space Queen males (aka The Dude).

This has since become the more prevalent Sweet Tea weed strain on the market.

Sweet Tea is a sativa dominant hybrid with a 65% sativa / 35% indica split. It has a THC content of 23% – 26% but offers a relaxed cerebral and physical high that even novice users can enjoy. It’s a highly therapeutic strain with 2% CBD and a robust terpene profile of myrcene, limonene, linalool, and the less heard of eucalyptol.

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    Sweet Tea Strain Information

    ORIGINCalifornia Orange and Alcatraz OG
    FRAGRANCEHoney, fruit, jasmine, and cream
    FLAVORSSweet, fruity, and earthy
    Dry eyes
    Dry mouth
    Excessive thirst
    FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORHarvest will be ready mid-October in the Northern hemisphere, and mid-April in the Southern hemisphere
    THC CONTENT %23%-26%
    INDICA / SATIVA %35%/65%
    INDOOR YIELD1-2 oz/ft2
    OUTDOOR YIELD14-35 oz per plant

    Sweet Tea Strain Effects

    Though your expectations may not be high for a marijuana strain called Sweet Tea, this is no afternoon tea at your grandma’s house. It’s more like a Long Island iced tea on your first day of vacation.

    It’ll have you kicked back in no time, but not in a lazy way.

    The high comes on almost instantly, flooding the brain with so much happy, euphoric energy you’ll be ready to get going.

    This Sweet Tea MMJ strain is ideal for morning consumption. It’ll boost your motivation, focus, and energy, ensuring a productive day.

    This is a win for anyone struggling with mood issues. The cerebral rush is kept in check with a calm, unassuming body high with just the right amount of stimulation to keep you from bouncing off the walls.

    The Sweet Tea MMJ strain also helps ease anxiety, stress, and depression by uplifting and calming racing thoughts. You’ll feel more social and giggly, simply happy to be alive.

    The physical buzz is relaxing without knocking you out and is adept at relieving aches, pains and tension. As the long-lasting high winds down, you’ll eventually fall into a sweet, contented sleep.

    Sweet Tea Strain Fragrance
    Sweet Tea Strain Fragrance

    Sweet Tea Strain Fragrance

    The fragrance sets out to induce feelings of nostalgia and romance; you’ll soon imagine yourself in a small cafe somewhere in Paris overlooking the woodlands. The swirling mixture of honey, fruit, jasmine, and cream is both refreshing and calming to the senses. An overflow of cedarwood, roasted nuts, and caramel brings a level of warmth, which combines with the fresher earth notes to create an aroma reminiscent of afternoon tea.

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    Sweet Tea Strain Flavors

    The Sweet Tea weed strain has a unique flavor profile that is perfectly suited to its effects. Though its combination of sweet, fruity, and earthy flavors is nothing new, it’s the way the flavors dance across the tongue that sets this one apart.

    The inhale is sugary with notes of orange, cherry, and florals and just a touch of honey. The exhale brings richer flavors of roasted nuts, caramel coffee, and subtle creamy chocolate.

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    Sweet Tea Strain Adverse Reactions

    Although the Sweet Tea strain is one of the better options for new smokers, it’s still got a pretty potent level of THC, so proceed with caution.

    When taken in large doses, it can cause you to be overwhelmed or paranoid and may even result in panic attacks.

    You’re more likely to experience these side effects if you have a lower tolerance to THC, are new to smoking strains of this potency, or are prone to experiencing paranoia or panic attacks.

    Overconsumption can result in these reactions, too. Avoid this by monitoring your doses and pacing your tokes. Sweet Tea hits immediately, so one toke is usually enough to get you where you need to go.

    If the effects don’t come on as quickly as anticipated, be patient before consuming more.

    The stimulating effects could keep you up all night unable to sleep if Sweet Tea is consumed too late in the day. Take this one as early as possible until you know how your body/mind reacts.

    Once you’re more familiar with the strain, you can experiment with taking it at different times. Other potential side effects include dry eyes, dry mouth, and excessive thirst.

    Growing Sweet Tea Strain
    Growing Sweet Tea Strain

    This 12/12 photoperiod plant grows at a reasonable rate regardless of chosen environment.

    Though its natural resistance makes it low maintenance, some care must be taken, especially during the flowering stages. The buds are dense and can be prone to fungi, but keeping your humidity levels low will reduce the risk of infection.

    The plant loves to eat; be sure to provide adequate amounts of nutrients to ensure optimal health.

    It will also do very well with regular topping and pruning. It thrives in dry, sunny conditions, and topping will ensure all of the buds have sufficient sunlight and ventilation.

    The plant responds well to training, and growers advise on guiding the branches outwards. This technique will serve you well both indoors and outdoors, as it will maximize your space and make the plants even easier to manage. 

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      The biggest obstacle when growing your Sweet Tea marijuana strain will be providing sufficient space. Indoor plants reach 2.30ft – 4.60ft, and outdoor plants reach 6.56ft – 11.48ft.

      Indoor Yield

      Flowering time is 56-62 days, and harvest time is +-67 days. Yields will be 1-2 oz/ft2.

      Outdoor Yield

      Harvest will be ready mid-October in the Northern hemisphere and mid-April in the Southern hemisphere. Yields start at about 14 oz/plant but reach up to 35 oz/plant under the right conditions.


      1. California Orange
      2. Alcatraz OG

      FAQ’s About Sweet Tea Strain

      Is Sweet Tea a sativa or Indica?

      Sweet Tea is a sativa dominant hybrid, with a 65:35 sativa/indica ratio.

      What is the Sweet Tea strain’s THC content?

      THC content ranges from 23% to 26%, making this a potent strain.

      How do I provide enough space to grow the Sweet Tea marijuana strain?

      Sweet Tea grows tall with wide, outstretched branches. If space is limited, you can train the plant to adapt by implementing techniques such as guiding the branches, topping, and pruning. You may even want to consider going the micro garden route.

      What should I keep in mind when harvesting the Sweet Tea marijuana strain?

      Sweet Tea has dense buds. Not only can this lead to limited light exposure and airflow, but it puts the plant at risk for mold and fungus. Keep your humidity levels low, watch out for overwatering and ensure your central and lower buds receive sufficient ventilation and light.

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