Orange Apricot Strain

Orange Apricot is a hybrid strain that will have tokers the world over rejoicing.

This delicious, indica-dominant beauty is the offspring of renowned strains OJ Kush and Apricot Helix. Need we say more? If you need more convincing, this Orange Apricot strain review is sure to win you over.

Sativa/Indica Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
50%/50%1-2 oz/ft2 1-2 oz per plant54-61 days indoors, can be harvested by fall outdoors

The Orange Apricot weed strain is a balanced hybrid with an almost 50/50 indica/sativa split. Although,it’s considered indica-leaning; the plant displays its indica roots with pride.

Modest in height maxing out at 60 inches tall, Orange Apricot has medium-sized, thick, and compact sagittate buds. Delicate, burnt orange pistils and crystalline trichomes blanket these forest green nugs.

It’s no wonder this sticky goddess delivers THC levels reaching a staggering 24%. Even at her lowest, she packs a mighty punch with a THC level of no less than 16%.

Orange Apricot’s presiding terpene is myrcene followed by terpinolene and pinene. Not only do these terpenes enhance the flavor, they’re loaded with benefits, too.

One thing’s for sure the Orange Apricot marijuana strain is well on its way to surpassing its legendary parents.

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    Orange Apricot Strain Information

    ORIGIN OJ Kush and Apricot Helix
    EFFECTS Euphoric
    FRAGRANCE Fruity, citrus, orange, apricot, crisp earth
    FLAVORS Tangy, sweet, fruity, sour citrus, earthy, spicy apricot
    Concentration loss
    Dry mouth
    FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORCan be harvested by fall when planted in spring
    THC CONTENT % 16-24%
    INDICA / SATIVA % 50%/50%
    INDOOR YIELD 1-2 oz/ft2
    OUTDOOR YIELD 1-2 oz per plant
    Orange Apricot strain Effects
    Orange Apricot Effects

    Orange apricot helps with sleep, relieves pain, and stimulates appetites. The terpinolene terpene is a well-known sleep aid, so this is a must-have if you struggle with insomnia. Read up on other strains to help you doze off. 

    The myrcene tag teams with pinene to target chronic pain, tension, migraines, and nausea, while terpinolene and pinene tackle anxiety and enhance moods.

    Orange Apricot is also an appetite stimulant, so stock up on food before indulging.

    Get ready to be physically and mentally relaxed, finding peace with the world around you. Because it’s so relaxing, save this one for nighttime. 

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    Another ideal strain perfect for evening use, California Dream can induce a calming relaxation that will send you right off to sleep.

    Orange Apricot Strain Fragrance

    The fruity, citrus notes are the first to hit you. Before you’ve even inhaled that first drag, Orange Apricot makes her presence known.

    She releases an aroma akin to a tropical utopia – a teasing glimpse of the treasure she holds. As you light up, a fruity breeze wafts through the air. 

    A refreshing mist of orange, apricot, and crisp earth settles in. She’s truly a gift from mother nature herself.

    Orange Apricot Strain Flavors

    Some might call the Orange Apricot marijuana strain a delicacy. Tangy sweet fruits and sour citrus invigorate your taste buds from inhale to exhale.

    The myrcene comes through, offering gentle,  earthy undertones. Note the subtle, spicy apricot zest. You’d be hard-pressed to find another strain as pleasant and palatable.

    Orange Apricot Strain Flavors
    Orange Apricot Strain Flavors

    Adverse Reactions

    If you’re this far into the Orange Apricot strain review, then you already know it’s quite potent. Not only does the THC level average between 16% and 24%, but the dominant terpene is myrcene, known to intensify the effects of THC.

    If you are new to smoking weed or have a lower tolerance, it is vital to keep your consumption low. Orange Apricot has the potential to cause paranoia in less experienced users.

    Because of its relaxing effects, Orange Apricot can act as a sedative. You may get couch-locked,  especially when consumed in larger doses.

    You might struggle to concentrate once the initial cerebral high has worn off.

    Orange Apricot strain Adverse Reactions
    Orange Apricot Adverse Reactions

    To avoid finding yourself unable to complete tasks, limit your intake—Reserve consumption for late evening use.

    The most reported side effect is cottonmouth. It’s pretty standard for a strain of this caliber. Drink plenty of water and don’t panic – dry mouth is only temporary.

    Growing Orange Apricot Strain

    If you’re looking to grow your own, you’re in luck. Because Orange Apricot strain genetics are indica-leaning, this plant doesn’t require much space. Reaching 60 inches max, it’s as comfortable indoors as outside.

    The best part? Bringing your crop to harvest is pretty easy whether you’re an experienced gardener or not. 

    Most indica strains need at least 8 hours of direct sunlight to flourish.  Plant your crop in an area with limited shade.

    Sow your seeds in the spring to ensure your crop gets enough sunlight and time to mature. Additionally, your plant will adjust to weather conditions as it grows from one phase to the next. 

    When growing indoors, use a grow light. Orange Apricot is a photoperiod plant, so it also requires some exposure to darkness. For the best results, invest in a timer –  especially if schedule-keeping is not your strong point.

    Not only will this help you mimic the natural sun,  it also takes the pressure off you to watch that clock. 

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      The plant reaches a height of 30-60 inches indoors and outdoors and has a 54-61 days flowering period. Harvest time is roughly 59 days. 

      Indoor Yield

      Indoor plants deliver a yield of 1-2 OZ/FT2.

      Outdoor Yield

      When planted in Spring, you can harvest your crop by Fall. Expect a yield of 1-2 OZ/Plant.


      1. OJ Kush
      2. Apricot Helix
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      FAQs About Orange Apricot Weed Strain

      Is Orange Apricot a new strain?

      It’s unclear when Orange Apricot first hit the green scene, but descendants of this strain began showing up in the late 2010s.

      What inspired Orange Apricot?

      The running theory is that Orange Apricot got its name from Sarabeth’s orange apricot marmalade. This award-winning jam was described as being “in a class by itself” by Food and Wine Magazine, an equally fitting way to describe the potent strain. In addition to quality, Orange Apricot shares its flavor profile with the popular jam, which is known for its delectable blend of orange, apricot, and pineapple.

      What strains are similar to Orange Apricot?

      If you’re looking for a similar strain, your best bet would be to try Legend Orange Apricot (a cross between Legend OG and an unknown strain Orange Apricot F2) or Orange Apricot Bx1 (a cross between Orange Apricot and Legend Orange Apricot F2). Both strains have similar THC levels, terpenes, and delicious flavor profiles.

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