January 14, 2019

September 04, 2018

A psychiatric research journal JAMA has recently published an interesting new study, which suggests that CBD might have significant antipsychotic effects for individuals who are clinically more susceptible to psychosis. The study is the continuation of a prior research development to figure out the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids. This study doesn’t just discuss the tranquilizing cognitive effects of CBD but also try to find the underlying reasons behind the production of these antipsychotic effects.

Even though CBD is used for its antipsychotic effects in MMJ treatments, but medical scientists still don’t know the neurocognitive mechanism behind that. This is also one of the reasons why mainstream healthcare sector doesn’t consider MMJ as a standard therapeutic protocol.

Scientists have already found out the regions of the brain that get disturbed in the instances of psychosis. In this study, researchers try to find out how CBD works inside the brain. Therefore, the hypothesis of this study was: CBD might reduce those particular neurological disturbances linked to psychosis. Researchers selected a group of 33 patients at clinical high risk of psychosis along with 19 healthy control individuals to conduct a blinded experiment.

Study of CBD
Study of CBD – Image powered by Medical-marijuana.news

A cohort of participants received 600 mg oral dose of CBD, some of them received no CBD and others only received a placebo. As per the prior research studies, psychotic reactions affect these three brain regions.

  • Striatum
  • Medial temporal cortex
  • Midbrain

So, the researcher only focused on assessing the activity of only these particular brain regions. All the participants in the study were given verbal learning tasks and researchers recorded their brain activity through MRI. The participants were divided into three groups.

  • High-risk psychotic patients who were given CBD
  • Healthy individuals who took no CBD
  • High-risk patients who were given a placebo
CBD for Medical
CBD for Medical – Image powered by Weedistry.com

The researchers found out that that the administration of CBD modulated the activation in the targeted brain regions. According to the recorded measurement, high-risk patients had activation levels somewhere in between healthy individuals with no activity and the patients who didn’t take CBD at all.

To put in simple words, CBD demonstrated attenuating effects in psychotic patients, as hypothesized by the researchers at the start of the study. Cannabidiol has helped in alleviating the disturbance spawned in the aforementioned brain regions. The result of the study is, in fact, momentous because it might have discovered one of the underlying mechanisms responsible for the medicinal benefits of CBD. The research will definitely affect the course of psychiatric studies. But on the other hand, it will also have broader implications for the topic of cannabis and mental health.

Besides that, the research will help in countering the assertion that the regular use of cannabis is the leading cause of psychosis. Many prohibitionists blame THC, another cannabinoid present in cannabis strain, for altering the endocannabinoid system to set off psychotic episodes. The new study has also vindicated the stance of MMJ advocates who talk about the therapeutic benefits of CBD at every given forum.

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