Top 8 Highest Yielding Strains

May 30, 2021

When you’re a marijuana grower, you know it all comes down to the highest yielding strains, or our pick of the best outdoor strain for high yield. And if you know anything about growing, you also know that yield has a lot to do with more than just caring for your plants really well — it also has a lot to do with the top marijuana strains you choose to start with from the beginning.

Certain strains simply end up growing to monstrous sizes — which is ideal for many growers. These monster plants can achieve enormous yields at the end of their grow season.

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8. Super Skunk

Super Skunk Strain
Super Skunk Strain

You can expect a strong buzz as well as a feeling of clarity when you smoke this strain, and many claim it is one of the most pleasant highs you can get with any marijuana strain. Sometimes it leads to long-lasting couchlock as well. This is easily one of the best-known strains of marijuana there is.

Plant type Feminized
Sativa or Indica10% – 90% Indica dominant
THC LevelMedium at 16%
CBD (Medical)Low
HeightAverage (100/150 cm – 39″/59″)
YieldVery high (500/700 gr/m² – 18/25 oz/3ft²)
ClimateSunny / mediterranean
Good for Indoor, Outdoor, Medical, Beginner

It is 90% Indica, has medium levels of THC and low levels of CBD, an extremely high yield, and a short flowering period. It is a great plant to grow for beginners, and it is used to help people with ADD or ADHD, PTSD, hypertension, migraines, and anxiety.


7. Chocolope

Chocolope is a marijuana strain that is 90% Sativa and has incredibly high yields with high levels of THC (19%) as well as CBD. They grow quite tall — up to 87 inches — but are nonetheless best grown indoors.

Plant type Feminized
Sativa or Indica10% – 90% Indica dominant
THC LevelMedium at 19%
CBD (Medical)High
HeightTall (80/220 cm – 32″/87″)
YieldVery high (450/900 gr/m² – 16/32 oz/3ft²)
ClimateSunny / mediterranean
Good for Indoor, Medical
chocolope marijuana strain
Chocolope Marijuana Strain

The flavors found in Chocolope are earthy, woody, and coffee-like, and the resulting high is cerebral and creativity-stimulating. It is used in particular for migraines, but also for anxiety, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, and PMS.


6. Super Silver Haze

Another from the “Haze” marijuana group, Super Silver Haze is a tall plant that has an extremely high yield.

Its buds are known for their stickiness, and its high is known for its clarity and strength. It doesn’t wear off quickly at all, making it ideal for people who need it for the day to have a higher quality of life.

Super Silver Haze strain
Super Silver Haze strain

Although it seems to have some indications of an Indica, it is actually 90% Sativa. Super Silver Haze is best grown indoors. Smoking it will leave you with a sweet, piney, fruity, pungent flavor.

Plant type Feminized
Sativa or Indica10% – 90% Indica dominant
THC LevelHigh at 18%
CBD (Medical)Medium
HeightTall (80/220 cm – 32″/87″)
YieldHigh (±550 gr/m² – ±19 oz/3ft²)
ClimateSunny / mediterranean
Good for Indoor

Super Silver Haze is the cousin to the Silver Haze strain, which grows extremely tall. Super Silver Haze is therefore considered superior by many, given the fact that it doesn’t get so tall but still maintains its high yields.


5. Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a good all-around plant, given its medium size and its high yield. It is 80% Sativa in genetics and comes out with a high THC level (21%).

Amnesia Haze strain
Amnesia Haze strain

It is a relatively easy strain to grow for beginners, and although it reaches tall heights, it is not the monster size of other strains. It flowers in approximately 64 days, which is fairly average.

Plant type Feminized
Sativa or Indica20% – 80% Sativa dominant
THC LevelVery high at 21%
CBD (Medical)Medium
HeightTall (80/200 – 32″/794″)
YieldHigh (±550 gr/m² – ±19 oz/3ft²)
ClimateSunny / mediterranean
Good for Indoor, Outdoor, Medical, Beginner

It will hit you just ten to fifteen minutes after smoking and wears off relatively quickly, making it additionally ideal for many recreational smokers. It made people feel more social and uplifted in a cerebral way and works well for those who get migraines, nausea or suffer from depression or fear.


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4. Strawberry Kush

Strawberry kush strain
Strawberry Kush strain
Plant type Feminized
Sativa or Indica25% – 75% Indica dominant
THC LevelHigh at 17% – 19%
CBD (Medical)Low
HeightCompact (25/100 cm – 10″/37″)
YieldVery high (450/650 gr/m² – 16/23 oz/3ft²)
ClimateTemperate / continental
Good for Indoor, Outdoor, Beginner

It does not contain much for CBD but nonetheless is often used to help with symptoms such as a lack of appetite (i.e. during chemotherapy or other such treatments), anxiety, pain, or stress. It is also fun for recreational users, having a sweet sandalwood smell and a high that centers around the mind.


3. Sour Diesel

The Sour Diesel strain is another one that is both tall and high yielding, much like the Gold Leaf strain.

It is Sativa dominant, at 60%, with approximately 18% THC (as compared to the 21% of Gold Leaf). It also has a medium amount of CBD. This strain of marijuana can reach 71 inches in height, and its flowering period is a lengthy 68 days. You can, therefore, expect its yield to be extremely high.

Sour Diesel strain
Sour Diesel strain

Given its name, it should come as no surprise that Sour Diesel weed has a lime-like smell and an aftertaste that somehow resembles fuel or gasoline.

Plant type Feminized
Sativa or Indica60% – 40% Sativa dominant
THC LevelHigh at 18%
CBD (Medical)Medium
HeightTall (70/250 cm – 59″/71″)
YieldVery high (450/650 gr/m² – 16/23oz/3ft²”)
ClimateSunny / mediterranean
Good for Indoor, Outdoor, Medical

The high doesn’t have the Sativa characteristic of making you feel paranoid — instead, it energizes the user, making them outgoing and social. It is used especially for anxiety, stress, chronic pain, and nausea.


2. Northern Lights

Northern Lights is another extremely high yielding strain of marijuana, but unlike the Gold Leaf strain, it does not grow to such massive heights. Instead, it reaches heights of between 39 and 51 inches tall, making it fairly average in size.

Northern Lights
Northern Lights

It is almost entirely Indica, at 90%, and has a high density of THC (but not quite as high as Gold Leaf). Its yield is considered average to high, but when grown well (in a sunny, Mediterranean-like climate or an indoor one that is similar) then it can do really well.

Plant type Feminized
Sativa or Indica10% – 90% Indica dominant
THC LevelHigh at 18%
CBD (Medical)Medium
HeightAverage (100/130 cm – 39″/51″)
YieldAverage (350/450 gr/m² – 12/16 oz/3ft²)
ClimateSunny / mediterranean
Good for Indoor, Outdoor, Medical

The taste of consuming a Northern Lights product is often described as sweet, spicy, or even bitter. It has a medium amount of CBD and is often consumed to help treat symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, migraines, hypertension, PMS, radiculopathy, and even PTSD.

The plant is heavy in resin and dark green in color, and the high is relaxed, euphoric, comfortable, and sometimes lazy.


1. Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf is the number 1 in the top 8 highest yielding strains. This strain of marijuana has not only an incredibly high yield but also a very high level of THC.

Gold Leaf Strain
Gold Leaf Strain
Plant type Feminized
Sativa or Indica40% – 60% Indica dominant
THC LevelVery high at 21%
CBD (Medical)High
HeightTall (100/225 cm – 39″/89″)
YieldVery high (450/650 gr/m² – 16/23 oz/3ft²)
ClimateSunny / mediterranean
Good for Indoor, Outdoor, Medical

People like to smoke Gold Leaf because it gives you a euphoric, relaxed high, making it perfect for treating stress, ADD or ADHD, anxiety, and even insomnia. It is particularly well known for having huge colas.


FAQ About Highest-Yielding Strains

What are the highest-yielding outdoor strains?

The highest yielding outdoor strains are Super Skunk, Amnesia Haze, Strawberry Kush, Sour Diesel, Northern Lights, and Gold Leaf.

What are the highest-yielding Indica strains?

Super Skunk, Super Silver Haze, Strawberry Kush, Northern Lights, and Gold Leaf, are some of the highest yielding Indica strains.

What are some examples of high-yield Sativa strains?

Chocolope, Amnesia Haze, and Sour Diesel are some of the highest yielding Sativa strains.

Want to learn how to grow marijuana like a pro? Check out my blog for answers to all your growing questions!

What’s your favorite highest yielding strain? Tell us in the comments or ask any questions below.

Happy growing!


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    Looks like i am haze Lover. I am not a fan of couch lock strains.
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      Hi Richie, which sentence are Dutch? I can't find any :) – I❤️GM
      1. By HMAN ,01 Nov 2018
        No, he means it says Northern Lights. I saw that too
  4. By Scott ,14 Jul 2017
    What's up? I would like to chime in here. I currently have gold leaf, super skunk, strawberry kush and purple haze growing in Oregon. It's July 13th and they are all about five feet tall already. It's an oudour grow […]Read More
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      Awesome Scott! Those ladies are thriving. Perhaps you would like to post some pics on our support forum, people over there would love to see your grow in action.
  5. By India ,21 Jan 2018
    Hmmm Try the Church at 700-800 indoors, it packs a punch, easy to grow AND sooo easy to trim. I don't bother to look at anything wlse
  6. By eccentric ,08 Apr 2018
    Due to VERY high cost of power where I live I like to get my moneys worth so ONLY grow high yield high THC varieties. Hope my additions listed below helps. Like India, cant go past "The Church" at 700-800gm2 […]Read More
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  9. By Dan LaMay ,08 Apr 2019
    Im in Michigan total recreational and have cards since 09 and gro short SOG and the right genetics is a must. Veteran grower. I need high yielders. I end up with 3 ft girls. Luv some advice
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    Great advice and knowledge on the herb of choice for many people around the world 🌏 I have recently purchased some gold leaf seeds and they're all doing well... Thanks ILGM
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    My superskunk plants were not cosistent 1 is over 11 ft tall the othets didnt. Have shoet internodes like i expected 1 was wide leafed smooth leaf edges the others had seven leafs was ther sensi mixed with them dont […]Read More
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    I did your Gold Leaf this year and it`s the highest yield I`ve ever had. It`s a great strain!
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  17. By Emj ,06 Mar 2021
    WOW.....not sure why Big Bud is NOT on the "out yields" all others....

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